-There is quite some sexual content in this fic, but the only full on smut scenes are in chapters 19, 23 and 24


The voice actress did her utter best to perform as the three perverts watched the screen. They were creeping closer and closer as the main character was quickly losing her uniform and her lines got ever closer to moaning.

The latest work of Momozono Momo: Kaben Rider Pinky, had put in even less thinly veiled plot and more of the fanservice that had made Motohama buy this DVD in the first place. The 'plot' flirted with straight up hentai, but it had not received an age restriction (yet).

[Typhoon Lick.]

"That's a weird kissing technique," Issei commented.

"Who cares?" Motohama replied. The images reflected on his glasses. "This is amazing."

He brought his face even closer to the screen, smiling with his mouth half open. Issei was certain he saw some drool dripping out.

"He really outdid himself this time," Matsuda agreed. His eyes were glued to the screen as well.

Issei smiled a little. No wonder none of them had ever gotten a girlfriend.

But he had to agree with them. Momozono Momo was a genius who knew exactly how to awaken the pervertedness buried deep within people, or, in their case, not so deep.

The scene moved to another panty-shot. He had lost count somewhere around nine. And that in a solid five minutes, looks like Momozono was trying to set a new record.

"I heard they are planning an eight season of Magical Girl Milky Spiral," Issei said.

"No way." For the first time, Matsuda looked away from the screen.

"The ero-gods are smiling upon us," Motohama agreed, still not looking away from the tv.

"Yeah." Matsuda suddenly sighed. "But the school-gods are cock-blocking us."

"How so?" Issei asked.

"Don't tell me you forgot about that physics report?" He looked back at the screen just in time to see the next boob-groping.

"Oh fuck," Issei cursed. "Was that due to tomorrow?"

"Yeah," Matsuda sighed.

"Mom's gonna kill me if I fail," Issei said. He frantically looked for his bag in the darkness.

"Or worse…" Motohama said.

"Take away your porn," Matsuda finished.

"No way. She doesn't know where I hide it."

"Everyone knows you hide your porn under your bed. Especially your mom."

"I have to go," Issei said. He found his bag.

"Yeah, me too," Matsuda said, he seemed less concerned. "We can finish watching this on the weekend."

Motohama shrugged. "I already made my report, you're not taking away this divine piece of art from me."

"Traitor," Matsuda mumbled. "Come on, Issei."

"See you tomorrow, Motohama."

They left the house.

"See you at school tomorrow," Matsuda said. He had to go in a different direction.

"Yeah." Issei jumped on his bike.

He pushed down hard and the bike accelerated. The wind played with his hair.

Soon, he arrived at the park. Normally he would not go through it in the dark since this park wasn't safe at night (according to his mom), but he had a physics report to finish and his ero stash was at stake, so he turned and steered his bike through the narrow dirt roads.

Stupid physics report. Why was he even-


Issei slammed the breaks and sharply turned to the left. The bike came to an abrupt stop. Issei put down his foot to keep his balance.

His bike stood still now and Issei was breathing hard. He took a deep breath and then slowly let out it to calm down. Something massive had almost crashed into him. He hadn't seen it very well, but it was white and about the size of a very large man. Strange. Maybe his mom was right about driving through the park this late. But then again, she had warned him for drug dealers, not strange white shadows coming out of nowhere.

Anyway, he should get out of-

A gurgling sound made the hairs on his neck stand upright. It came from the bushes. The same bushes where the white shadow had emerged from.

Issei swallowed hard. Now would be a good time to leave. Yet, for some reason, he put down his bike and walked towards the sound.

He saw him a bit further. It was a man in his late twenties, with a black beard and greasy black hair. He was wearing black clothes stained with a disturbing amount of blood. The man leaned backwards against a tree, clutching his stomach with both hands as more and more blood leaked out of the gaping wound. With every breath, he slid a bit lower.

Issei crouched near him.

"I'll call an ambulance," he said.

"Don't bother," the man said. "I'm dead already. What's your name, boy?"

"Issei. Hyoudou Issei."

"I'm-" he coughed. Blood burst out of his mouth. The next moment, his head went limp.

Isei checked the wrist of the man. No heartbeat, as he had already guessed.

Should he call the cops? He should, right?

He stood up and took out his phone. Issei was halfway dialing the number before he realised how stupid that idea was. What would he say to them? That he had seen a white shadow? That he was driving through the park in the dark? Mom would not approve of that. Not to mention the whole mess would take time. Time he needed to finish his physics report. He didn't have time to be interrogated about white shadows at this hour. Besides, he hadn't seen anything.

"Sorry man," Issei said, putting his phone back. "There is a porn stash at stake."

He crouched back down.

Issei checked the dead man's pockets. There was something hard in his right pocket.

He had to shift the body a bit, but eventually he managed to get out a black phone. This one could not be traced back to him.

He pressed 'emergency call' and dialed the cops.

"There is a dead man in the park," he simply said. "Near the fountain."

"Who am I speaking to?" A tired voice asked at the other end.

Issei hung up.

At least they would find the body. The cops could sort out the rest without him.


He looked at his hands. He had gotten some blood on them by searching the dead man and taking his pulse earlier.

Issei wiped them on his pants, but for some reason, the spots kept burning. It didn't hurt, but the parts covered in blood felt warmer and itched a bit. It was a very strange feeling. As if the blood was infecting him on the inside.

He would have to sneak in at the back and wash his hands before mom noticed.

Issei went back to his bike.

He picked it up and got on it.

The rest of the way, nothing happened, but Issei kept his speed as high as possible and looked over his shoulder all the time. He couldn't shake the nagging feeling that someone, or maybe something, was following him.

He arrived home and went inside. His mother and father were watching tv so it was easy to sneak in through the back door and wash his hands in the kitchen. Then, he just walked into the living room.

"I'm home," he announced, trying to keep his voice normal.

"Welcome back," his dad said, not looking away from the tv.

They were watching some serious anime with not enough boobs to be interesting.

"Did you finish your homework?" His mom asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah. Motohama helped me a bit," Issei lied smoothly.

"He's a good boy," his mom said. "A bit perverted, but I guess that's a requirement if you're friends with our son."

"We should be happy our son even has friends," his dad added.

"Always so supportive," Issei mumbled. They probably knew he was lying. But he would finish it now so it was fine. His precious pornography was safe.

Issei went up to his room. The spots on his hand kept itching and burning even though he had washed away the blood. Maybe it was some kind of placebo-effect? Just the thought that there had been blood on them could be enough to make him feel that itch when it wasn't there at all.

A dead man in the park. He knew the park was dangerous at night, but murder? That was several bridges further than drugs dealing.

Maybe a deal had gone out of hand or something.

It didn't matter to him of course. He had more important things to do.

Issei flicked on the light and took out his half-finished physics report.

He sat down at his desk and sighed deeply. This would take-

Wait a minute. He knew this question. And that one as well.

His pen raced over the paper.

This was strange.

The answers all came very easy to him when just the other day he had struggled with physics. It also felt like his writing speed had increased.

Issei finished his report in five minutes and read it over. It looked good. Suspiciously good. Was he dreaming?

He rubbed his eyes.

Issei decided to go to bed early tonight. A good night sleep and everything would be back to normal, he told himself.

Yet that guy in the park would not go back to normal.

Could he have done more to help?

He had only arrived moments before the man died. And even if he had been earlier, it looked like that white shadow had killed the man and he did not want to fight whatever that thing was.

Issei fell asleep quickly. He dreamed about physics reports, boobs and, strangely, a red dragon.