The Man with Two Faces

"You!" Siria exclaimed in complete and total disbelief. "But," she paused. For as much as it couldn't possibly be, it was. In fact, it made more sense. It made perfect sense for it to be Quirrell. He had been at Diagon Alley the date vault seven hundred and thirteen had been broken into. Quirrell wasn't terrified of the book on vampires; he was scared about breaking into Gringotts. Snape hadn't tried to bully Quirrell into helping; he tried to bully Quirrell out of pursuing the Stone.

She wanted to ask "But why?" but knew it was probably for the same reason she thought Snape was trying. Instead she asked him "But you teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Why would you want the stone for Voldemort?" Quirrell ignored her and snapped his fingers. Ropes sprung up and wrapped around her. He turned his focus to the mirror.

"I thought it was Snape." She called to him.

(Book: 288-291 Siria learns Snape tried to save her, Quirrell let the troll in, & it was Voldemort threatening Quirrell)

Siria's mind was racing.

Yes! Break the mirror! Dumbledore is smart enough that the Stone is probably trapped in it. If Quirrell breaks it, he'll never get the Stone. How can I convince him to break it?

Siria shut her eyes. She knew that what she wanted more than anything was to have the Sorcerer's Stone so that Quirrell could not. If she got the Stone though, it would be an eleven-year-old against an experienced teacher with Voldemort on his side. Her heart hammered in her chest. It was deafening. The ropes binding her fell.

(Book: 292 Quirrell calls her over, & her reflection drops the stone into the pocket of her shorts. Quirrell asks what she sees.)

"I see my family" she told him. "At least, I think it's them. There's a woman with my eyes, a man with my hair, and, further back, there's even a man with my knobbly knees." It was not hard to tell Quirrell this because she had seen it before.

(Book: 293-295 Siria sees Voldemort on the back of Quirrell's head. He tells her that his is what he's been reduced to [feeding off Quirrell and unicorn blood]. Voldemort knows that Siria has the stone in her pocket)

"Sirius will be happy to hear you're up." said Dumbledore. Siria blinked around before her heart leapt.

"The Stone!"

"Calm yourself, Siria." He placed an arm on her shoulder. "Or Madam Pomfrey will throw me out."

(Book: 295-299 Dumbledore explains what happened, tells Siria to always use "Voldemort," about how her mother's sacrifice kept her safe)

Siria smiled weakly. "I should have known," she confessed. "Sirius had said someone smarter than him said I had to live with the Dursleys. It was you, wasn't it?" He nodded.

(Book: 299-302 Siria learns Snape and James detested each other, and James had saved Snape's life. She learns how she got the Stone, so on. He leaves, Ron and Hermione visit her, Hagrid visits too, and gives her the photo album of her parents. He leaves.)

For hours, Siria flipped through the photo album in her bed of the Hospital Wing. Smiling strangers beside her parents, waved up at her. There were a lot of Sirius with her father, and almost as many with Sirius, her father, and two other men. Though Siria snacked on the heaps of gifts around her, she seriously doubted being able to finish or pack them all. She wondered, if she wrote to Sirius, if he would be able to come and collect them.

The doors of the Hospital Wing creaked open. Hurried steps nearly collided with her bed in a rush to sit beside her. Warm arms wrapped themselves around her and smashed her face into the warm chest they belonged with. "Merlin's Beard!" Sirius cried. He kissed the top of her head and looked down at her. "Siria, what were you thinking? You could have been killed!" Sirius pulled her back into the tightest hug she had ever received. Muffled by being meshed into his shirt, he couldn't make out her reply.

"Sirius Black!" Madam Pomfrey snapped. Sirius looked like a child in trouble at her before he let Siria go and simply sat on her bed. Madam Pomfrey tucked her head back into her office, but Siria could feel the stares. Siria looked to Sirius. For as angry as he had sounded a moment ago, he looked relieved and something she couldn't put her finger on.

"James would have been proud." Sirius confessed. "It was the perfect amount of brave, but reckless." Siria wanted to ask if Sirius was proud, but felt that would be asking to be told he was. He peered over at the album in her lap. "Hagrid hadn't said why he wanted the photos, but I should have known." There was a smile on Sirius's face, but it felt a little sad to Siria. "I can duplicate any of the ones in your room you want." He told her. She nodded. Sirius placed a large, warm hand on her head.

"When Dumbledore told me what happened… I was an immediate mix of relieved you were okay, proud you had taken the risk, and furious he had let you." His silver eyes looked past the window. "Siria…" seemed to be all the more he could say on the matter.

"To be fair, you and Hagrid agreed there is no place safer than Hogwarts and you would have done the same."

"I'm also a lot older and more experienced."

"I'd be willing to bet eleven-year-old Sirius would have gone with me, if he could have." She told him.

"Hmm." Sirius sighed, "That is a rather safe bet." He tucked her hair behind her ear and looked at her face as if he had never seen it. Sirius gave a genuine smile that wasn't the least bit sad.

"You have to take care of yourself, when I'm not there. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come back." He confessed. Siria's heart sank, but also felt very warm. She had never known someone to be so worried about her. Unlike being tickled, the pleasantness outweighed the feeling of guilt for having made him worry so much.

"Next time, I'll tell Professor Dumbledore. If I think something's up, I'll write to him straight away." She promised. He would hold her to it. They shared a quiet moment, going over the photo album, before Sirius had to leave. With a flick of his wand, Sirius had most of her remaining tokens of admiration packed and ready to greet her when she returned to Grimmauld Place.

(Book: 303-309 She gets to go to the end of the year feast, where it's Slytherin's colors. Dumbledore gives his speech.

Ron— 50 points for the chess match

Hermione— 50 points for "cool logic in the face of fire"

Siria— 60 points for nerve & courage

Neville— 10 points because of the courage it takes to stand up to our friends

Gryffindor wins!

The exam results drop and onward to the Hogwarts express, then King's Cross, and the Dursleys)