Alright I feel like enough time has gone by that you guys at least deserve to know what has been holding me back from publishing new chapters for OP Yes Please.

I was in a rather nasty car wreck at the beginning of last month, that in addition to fucking up my body something fierce, also has caused me no end of legal and financial drama. The local highway patrol had been illegally chasing a guy down a back road at A 105 MPH, and caused him to slam into me at said speed. Needless to say this hurt. A lot.

I also was forced to deal with the medical bills and bills for a new car, as the guy they had been chasing had no insurance whatsoever.

So yeah fun.

Anyway, a number of weeks later now that I am all healed up and the medical and legal bills have largely been handled, and I am ready to start writing again. I go to work and get a paperclip sized peephole put through my right hand's middle finger by a shattered pallet that decided to collapse on my hand.

The hand that I write those new chapters with now has a hole in my favorite finger. (BIRDY NO!)

So yeah chapters are going to be delayed a bit longer.

On the plus side I now have a Beta Reader everyone give a big round of applause for my good friend...SCRIBBLE NOVICE. With his help chapter's should be more regulated and read better, he is also a writer himself so go check out his stuff.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++LINE BREAK+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

P.s. = I would also greatly appreciate if a certain (not going to name names) someone would stop sending me PMs calling me a retard and to go kill myself, it is getting rather depressing at this point. I get it, you don't like my writing, i'll work on it.

To everyone else have a good day, this has been Nuntius.