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Warnings: (I know a lot of you prefer to know what you're in for from the start so here we go.)
-SOME Sad Subject Matter (*Should* reduce over time)
-Harry/Hermione (I bet you all realized that anyways...)
-Ron (and *maybe* Molly) Bashing (Hopefully! Relatively Mild)
-Dumbledore Bashing (Should Be Relatively Mild, He isn't intended to be Evil and or Manipulative in this one)
-Foul Git! But Not (E)vil! Snape. (Which is to say, he's a class A Jerkweed but he's not a happy, willing and utterly unrepentant Death Eater like in some stories)
-*Possible* (Though Unconfirmed) background Fem/slash relationship(s)
-*Possible* (Though Unconfirmed) Poly/Multi Relationship in future. (Unlikely, but figured I should warn you just in case it happens)
-Mild Offensive Language
-Mild Substance Use (Alcohol, Cigarettes) [Probably Background Characters]
-*Possible* (Though Unconfirmed) Mild Religious Tones/Themes (Probably Christian, though maybe some others in the background?)

THERE! That's all the warnings I could think of for this. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy these chapters. There's only about 4 of them right now, but I hope to update this story in the future.

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Everyone stood or sat there, still, looking at the professor. Snape stood rigidly, seething, staring irately at Fudge, who looked well and truly shocked at the man following his ranting diatribe against Harry Potter, Black and just about anyone else who had ever wronged him, before he turned to Dumbledore, whose light blue eyes twinkled behind his glasses undoubtedly conveying some silent message to the Potions Master. Snape remained still for a moment longer before he whirled about, robes swirling behind him, as he stormed out of the ward.

"My, my, fellow seems quite unbalanced," said Fudge, gazing after him sorrowfully. The dark cynical part of Harry's mind, which had been overactive lately, suspected the Minister was most regretful at seeing his ticket to better approval ratings turn into a raving nutcase. Fudge shook his head, unaware of Harry's uncharitable thoughts, then turned his attention to the Headmaster. "I'd watch out for him, if I were you, Dumbledore." He advised piously shaking his finger idly at the older wizard.

"Oh, he's not unbalanced," Dumbledore interjected smoothly. "He's just suffered a severe disappointment." Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes at that. The man had all but tried to strangle him in his hospital bed. He had no idea why the Headmaster persisted in seeing the Potions Master as some sort of misunderstood and lost soul or some such. However he wasn't about to speak up, drawing attention to himself in the process, in order to argue the point. That was an exercise in futility if ever there was one, Harry knew.

"He's not the only one!" Fudge grumbled sadly. "That damned Daily Prophet is going to have a field day! We had him, we had Black trapped and he still somehow managed to slip through our fingers yet again! All those vultures need now is for the story of that Hippogriff's escape, and I'll be made a laughing stock! Well …" He cut his whinging short, looking perhaps a touch embarrassed at his loss of composure. "I—uh, I suppose I'd better go and notify the Ministry then right?" He muttered to himself.

Harry looked to Hermione, cocking his eyebrow at the worried looking girl beside him at the irony of that last statement. How was it that the Minister himself was here at Hogwarts, after an ill advised and even more ill executed attempt to bring in a wanted criminal, and yet the majority of the Ministry he led was apparently unaware of the barest details on the matter? She just smiled weakly at him before they shifted their attentions back to the elder wizards.

"And the Dementors?" asked Dumbledore easily. "They'll be removed from the school soon, I trust?" Harry couldn't help but be frustrated when the Minister began bobbing his head eagerly. Really? He wondered. Those parasites have been haunting the school all year round. Nothing anybody could say would dissuade you. And now, Dumbledore practically whispers an objection and you all but trip over yourself to comply? Harry thought a touch acidly.

"Oh, yes, they'll have to go," agreed Fudge officiously, running his fingers distractedly through his hair. "Never dreamed they'd attempt to administer The Kiss on an innocent boy … completely out of control …" Harry couldn't believe that man. Now he realized it was stupid? "No, I'll have them packed up and shipped off to Azkaban tonight in fact. Perhaps we should think about dragons at the school entrance …"

Harry shuddered, again shooting Hermione a worried glance. Why did he have the sinking feeling that he'd be seeing Dragons some time in the near future?

Irritatingly the Headmaster seemed unfazed by the suggestion. "Hagrid would like that I'm sure," Dumbledore agreed, shooting a swift knowing smile at Harry and Hermione shepherding the Minister towards the door. Finally, as he and Fudge left the dormitory behind, their murmured conversation growing faint, Madam Pomfrey bustled over to the door and pointedly threw the lock again.

"Really, arguments in the Hospital wing, students running about at all hours nearly getting killed…" She muttered as she slowly made her way back towards them.

Harry and Hermione settled back on their beds, though it wasn't without a groan from the latter as she winced lying back. Harry supposed it was understandable, they'd not exactly been easy on themselves that evening. She'd probably pulled something or….

Apparently the nearly silent groan from his best friend had not gone unnoticed by the hospital matron however. Who Harry could swear had hearing like a bat's considering all the times she'd caught him trying to escape over the years. "Ah, that's right I still need to check you two over." She murmured changing course to head back to the first two occupied beds.

Harry was shaking his head, and was mildly surprised to see Hermione hurriedly shaking her head as well. "No, it's okay Madam Pomfrey, we're just a little sore from running, nothing too serious!" Hermione rushed to assure the healer, and Harry nodded agreeably. The less potions and other nonsense he had to deal with the better. Besides the two of them were alright.

Madam Pomfrey looked less than impressed, "Yes, which is why I could here you groan from across the room. Just a little soreness…" She said giving the girl a pointed look. "And what if you tore something which will have you sore for the next week? Would you rather that, or will you let me take a look and get it fixed so you can be on your way sooner?"

Hermione wilted, and Harry was again surprised to see how sad she looked at the rebuke. Madam Pomfrey nodded in satisfaction then turned to point at him, "And I'll be having no trouble from you either young man! Understood?" He nodded suitably cowed by the forthright woman.

She turned back to Hermione. "Good, now then, as you're the one who was making noise a minute ago, we'll start with you. Where are you hurting young lady?"

Hermione looked down then indicated a scuffed and dirtied spot on her side delicately. Madam Pomfrey nodded then drew her wand and began flicking it over the spot holding Hermione's arm on that side up out of the way.

"Hmmm," The Matron muttered her brow furrowing. "Looks like you scraped yourself up a bit. How and when did it happen?"

Hermione shot him a worried look. "Well, we all fell rather awkwardly when Professor Lupin and…Black confronted each other." She said carefully tiptoeing around the details of Pettigrew's escape and Lupin's transformation.

Madam Pomfrey glanced at her severely, her brow furrowed in concern. She'd likely heard a bit of what Hermione was holding back in her tone. "Fine, well, I'll need you to take off the shirt and sweater so I can heal it. Mr Potter, would you kindly grab those privacy screens? I'll need you to step outside for a moment as well—" The Healer stated firmly, only to be interrupted by Hermione.

"No, that's okay, it's just I—" Hermione blushed at the surprised and confused look from Harry, and the scandalized look from the Matron. "No—I just, I could really use my friend right now Madam Pomfrey, it's been—hard."

The older woman eyed her speculatively, her face softening slightly. "I understand that Miss Granger, but he'll be just the other side of the screen, surely that will be enough to—no?" She asked surprised at the way the girl's face fell.

Madam Pomfrey considered the downcast girl in front of her, then the young man on the bed on her other side. She pursed her lips, sucking her teeth thoughtfully. "Privacy screens Mr Potter, you can keep your shirt on Miss Granger, but not the sweater dear. It'll be a little harder, but if you hold up the side of your shirt which was injured I should be able to heal it without exposing you overmuch to your friend…"

Harry leapt to comply, confused by this turn of events. However if Hermione felt she wanted him around right now, he wouldn't say no. It had been a hard evening, perhaps harder on his friend than he had initially realized?

It took a minute for them to get the screens in position to successfully partition off the two beds they were occupying. The noise outside being silenced by the charms built into the screens. Finally Madam Pomfrey had Harry pull up a chair and hold Hermione's hand whilst she got to work.

"Alright dear, if you'll let me see the wound I can get this fixed in a jiffy." She assured his friend gently.

Hermione grimaced, before pulling off her ripped sweater and tossing it aside. Harry's eyes widened as he saw the relatively small blood stained patch of shirt on her side. "Hermione, why didn't you tell me you'd been hurt?" He asked before blushing at getting in the way of whatever Madam Pomfrey was about to say next.

The Healer didn't seem to mind as she waited to let Hermione answer him. "I um—well, we were busy and had other things to worry about…I didn't want to worry you." His friend admitted weakly.

He sighed nodding, it was true they hadn't exactly had time to sit down and take proper stock of things. What with time travel, rescuing Sirius and dodging out of control werewolves.

"Very well, if you could show us the scrape Miss Granger we can have it healed quickly…" Madam Pomfrey insisted and Hermione nodded, delicately pulling the shirt away from her skin and lifting the edge until it showed the affected area.

Harry thought he did quite admirably, he even managed to stifle the slight blush that threatened at seeing so much of his female friend's pale side, and the thin sliver of fabric from her bra where it was visible just a centimetre or so above the injury. The situation may have been serious, but he was still a very shy thirteen year old boy.

Madam Pomfrey however looked and sounded worried. Humming under her breath as she looked at the small bloody mark on Hermione's side. "Well, it's a bit deeper than a scrape so I think we'd better do this with potions instead, don't want to risk a scar. But first…" She bustled over to her cart and picked up a small vial of clear liquid and a sponge. "I need to pour this solution on the wound to flush out anything which might have gotten into it. Don't want dirt or other pestilence getting trapped in your wound or you might get an infection when we close the skin over it." She explained.

Hermione nodded, worrying her lip, before turning her eyes back to her friend. She squeezed his hand in thanks for his support before looking away uneasily.

The healer poured a measure of the liquid into the sponge before pressing it delicately to his friend's side, causing the liquid to pool outside the wound where it began bubbling. Madam Pomfrey sighed wearily as the bubbling intensified. "Ah well, I thought that might happen, seems something got inside there Miss Granger it should take a minute or two to flush…"

And so they waited, and yet the bubbling did not quickly abate, eventually the nurse wiped away the solution from the angry red cut, before applying another dose….And another. Finally the nurse looked at Hermione sadly. "I fear whatever is in there is in pretty securely we'll need to try something else. Are you going to be alright my dear if we do that?"

Hermione nodded jerkily, looking just about ready to cry, worrying her lip steadily. Harry reached up and gently prodded her chin drawing her attention. "Hey, you're going to want to stop that, or Madam Pomfrey will have another cut to clean out." He teased, trying to lighten her mood. She immediately stopped chewing her lip, but couldn't seem to bring herself to smile. "It'll be alright Hermione, I know this stuff isn't very fun but Madam Pomfrey's the best." He said, trying to reassure her.

She blinked at him confusedly for a minute before shaking her head. "It's not that, it's just—" Hermione started before cutting herself off as the Nurse returned from her cart.

Madam Pomfrey stepped forward and looked seriously at the young woman. "Now, I'm going to need to start a diagnostic spell on you Miss Granger, it will tell me just what got in there and may in fact give me a better idea how to get it out."

Hermione nodded, and Madam Pomfrey raised her wand, incanting something Harry didn't quite catch under her breath. The tip of the healer's wand glowed white then a pure tonal note pierced the air and a few runic symbols Harry could not interpret began to draw themselves in the air next to her wand.

Three white, one red. Madam Pomfrey blanched and Hermione's eyes began to water. "Oh dear, well, let's try that again just to be sure. It's been wrong before my dear…"

"What's going on, Hermione, are you alright?" Harry asked, startled by the two women's reactions.

Hermione shook her head, but it was less a denial than trying to clear her head so she could speak. Madam Pomfrey incanted again, and the same symbols etched themselves in the air following the tone. The nurse did it one last time, only to get the same result, before sighing. "You said you got this injury when Professor Lupin confronted Sirius Black correct? Can you describe what happened. Include when you got injured if you could."

Hermione nodded weakly and began to speak haltingly in a small voice. "The Moon came out, Professor Lupin had forgotten his potion, and began to transform. Black turned into that hound and moved to attack him, when Professor Lupin started towards us, but he was too slow…" She began her voice warbling as tears began to fall. "They hit each other and tumbled towards us, I threw myself and Harry to the ground but felt something connect with my side…." Harry felt a sinking feeling in his gut but didn't let go of Hermione's hand, in fact he reached out to grasp her other hand which had finally released it's hold on the edge of her shirt.

Madam Pomfrey nodded solemnly, "I had suspected as much. Well, there's always the chance it's something else, I have one test I can perform which will tell me one way or the other."

Hermione nodded, staring at her lap, tears dripping onto the denim of her jeans. They sat in silence for a time, before the nurse returned with another vial, this one full of silvery liquid. "Now then my dear, this is a light solution of what Muggles refer to as silver nitrate. if you'll just swallow a small mouthful now…."

Hermione complied, releasing one of Harry's hands in order to grasp the vial, before tilting her head back and swallowing a small amount of the liquid. She handed back the vial to the nurse, and settled in to wait.

It didn't take long, it started as the barest tic in her fingers, then a slight tremble in her lips, but soon enough she was shaking all over and Madam Pomfrey sighed, before nodding stoically. "Very well," She began solemnly, in a voice which all but confirmed the fear taking root in Harry's heart. "Miss Granger, it is my very unfortunate and solemn duty to inform you that you have just tested positive for Lycanthropy. Is there anything you'd like to ask of me before I send my report to the Ministry, Saint Mungo's and the Headmaster?"

Hermione paused, "Could you ask the headmaster to bring my parents?" She croaked. Madam Pomfrey nodded.

"Of course dear, anything else?" She asked, Hermione just shook her head, and as the trembling began to abate, before she began to weep. Harry, at a loss for what to do, did the only thing that he could think of in that moment, standing up and stepping forward to pull her into a hug.

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