Love Line




This is a Jenna/Issac fiction, with a little of other couplings, and written due to "suggestions" by Rain Child, and despite what the 'Child thinks, *I'm* crazier than the child of rain! Bwahahahahahahahhahahaha... oh, yeah, onto the blasted Disclaimer, which always states that I do not own Nintendo, Camelot, or Golden Sun... Although my ideal Golden Sun GC would keep it's graphics yet add voices and some FMVs to aid the story.. oh, you want to read my story... oh well............................


Jenna ran down the path that she usually walked to get to her house. Anyother day, she would be walking.

But she couldn't walk.

While he had been sleeping, she had tied his shoes together with Garret's shoe strings, and now ran for dear life.

But she couldn't stop laughing.

When he woke up, he'd fallen out of the hammock, and promptly fell onto the ground, dragging Garret with him. Somehow, they knew it was her, and chased her to her house, and even further beyond that.

But she was having fun.

What was once bitter resentment and anger had become joy as he chased her. Garret had already given up the ghost, having ran out of breath long after passing Kraden's hut. But he still hounded her, wanting to catch her and "return the favor."

But he wouldn't catch her.

Ever since she had known him, she always felt something for him. Call it what you will, friendship, lust, love, companionship, but she felt something every time he chased her. It was almost... longing for something.

But she could wait to find out.

They had all the time in the world. Ever since the boulder fell and killed her family, he had cared for her in a way that her grandparents couldn't. He knew what she liked, when to leave her alone, when she wanted to talk.

But she knew these things of him, too.

They had been together ever since that dark day. And he even hinted that they would be together forever. Living in Vale had taught her that this was a serious possibility. And if all went well, they would live together in harmony soon...

But all things happen at the right time.

Sighing, she saw that his mother had called him away for something. And she saw too late that she was running towards an old friend...

"Oaf! Jenna, what are you trying to do, kill me?"

"Sorry Kraden! I was running fro..."

"Never mind. Could you go get the others? It's time to learn your lessons today."

"Yes, Master Kraden."

Running the other way, she ran towards Garret's house. After she got him, she would have to get her love.

Her Issac.


End of Chapter


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