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Chapter 2: The Birth of the 7C's

As the Chaos sets a smooth sail on the sea, Caitlyn can't help but feel the fresh morning breeze. She then walks to Zak's new captain's room. As she enters the room, she sees Zak asleep on his chair. Caitlyn then picks up a blanket to cover Zak from with the cold air; but before she can place it on him, he starts to mumble in his sleep.

"Dad! Dad!" Fully awake Zak yelled out at the tip of his lungs, making Caitlyn flinch in surprisement.

Noticing Caitlyn with the blanket in her hands, Zak apologize for his sudden outburst.

"So you're finally awake Cap'n? You know it's not very manly to scare your own crew member." Suggested Calabrass as he adjust his head.

"No this, can't be!" Zak expressed great disappointment for realizing where he is right now.

"You know you snore when you sleep? And talk in half-sentences when you wake up?" Stated Clovis whole turning Zak's chair forward to the door.

"Okay. Calabrass the talking sword. Clovis the not-really-a-ghost. And Caitlyn the water angel." Stated Zak confirming the people around him, also stating that he wasn't dreaming.

"Ok. You think you're dreaming a lot. Wake up and smell my farts, Captain! This is your life." Rebutted Clovis as Zak walks away.

Caitlyn then walks to Clovis, she bends down to his level, "Clovis, the Hero is just starting to get used to this whole situation you can't expect him to process it so quickly now can you?" Caitlyn stated correctly on assuming on Zak's predicament.

Zak glances at the two adoptive siblings, "Listen you two are nice, but I can't stay here, I have to go home! My parents-" Zak tried to clarify even more on his situation but Caitlyn interrupts him.

"As we have said before Hero, you can't simply leave the Bermuda Triangle." Stated Caitlyn while Clovis looked annoyed.

"I thought we already explained it to you. Maybe that was a dream." Clovis rhetorically stared with clear annoyance.

Clovis takes Zak arm to the door but only Clovis phases through the door while Zak is slammed to it. Caitlyn opens the door for Zak guiding him to the front porch. Zak takes a moment to look around his new surroundings. While Zak is in his moment of understanding his situation, Calabrass begins to explain that since there are seven seas in the triangle, there is also a lock that binds all the seas together. And for Zak to escape, he will need to unlock the first six seas before he can reach the final one.

"Just open seven locks? How hard can that be?" Questioned Zak.

Caitlyn explains that when Zak finds the locks, they will be enchanted with magic, then he will have to get past the designated guardians alongside some creature born from the nightmares of the seas. Clovis further states that there will also be the problem of Skullivar's general Golden Bones.

"I beat him once, he doesn't scare me!" Zak stated with confidence.

"Hmmm… perhaps, but Hero I don't wish to correct you, but most of the fighting was left to me and Sir Calabrass." Caitlyn contradicted Zak's statement with a bit of hesitation.

"She does have a point young Cap'n." Agreed Calabrass.

"So then help me again! Come on guys! I want to get out of this crazy place and get home."

"Yer gonna be needing a crew before ye go anywhere!"

"Then let's find one! There must be others who want to get out of here, right? Don't you guys want to leave?"

"Oh, I do! Yes, I do, I do!" Clovis cheerfully answered.

"I will follow and protect you from any danger, my hero! So yes!" Caitlyn replied enthusiastically.

"Yer not a real cap'n yet! You haven't mastered the power of the seven seas. If you're serious about this fool's quest? You're going to have to do some serious training!" Retorted Calabrass.

At that moment, Zak became enlightened with an idea. He walks to the head of the Chaos while Clovis cheers him on, but Caitlyn stares in worry for his next action.

"If I have to become the best captain in the Bermuda Triangle so I can get home, then let's get training!" Stated Zak. Zak then calls out for attention onto the sea so he can fight some unknown monster.

To this action, Caitlyn cautiously walks forward to Zak in case of an unknown danger, while Calabrass flat out calls him insane and idiotic. While the crew wait, an unknown monster begins to rise above the Chaos.

"You want to train, right?" The Kraken rises roaring for battle.

"Get ready, Calabrass. The training is about to begin!"

"That boy is crazy. I like it!" Clovis proclaimed with excitement while Caitlyn releases her water wings.

"What kind of superpowers you got for a giant octopus?"

"This isn't training! It's madness!" Calabrass retorted furious.

"Um… Hero, I think Sir Calabrass is right this is just pure madnesses." Agreed Caitlyn as flies right next Zak.

The Kraken begins to attack Zak, with it's tentacles, but he easily dodges the attacks. Caitlyn begins to distract the Kraken with her water whips, so that Zak can get one of the powers from the eyes. Calabrass suggest that he tries the Eye of Aeria. Zak then takes up his suggestion and summons the Eye's power. It transforms him into the similar fashion as the Eye of Blazz, but this time his sword turns into this, double sided axe with purple electric currents on it's tip and has a dark purple armor on his left arm.

"Alright! Let's see how you like whatever this does!" Proclaimed Zak as he charges toward the beast.

He grabs onto one of it's tentacle, uses it to jump up in the air to prepare his attack on it. But the attack, is only met with a hit on both sides as the Kraken is electrocuted so is Zak pushing him back onto the Chaos. Zak slides to floor as he is transformed back to his normal self. Caitlyn flies to his side worried about his injuries.

"Ah… Electricity when you're soaking wet? Not cool." Zak grunted annoyed.

"I think I knocked my teeth loose."

"Really, show me where it hurts?" Replied Caitlyn holding Zak's face close to her's, only making Zak's face red.

Calabrass glances in curiosity to Zak's reaction.

"Listen kid, Lesson 1: learn to choose the right power! Seven seas, seven powers. Eye of Beru, Sino, Dezer, Zite, Vapir, or Blazz… place your bets."

"Well, then…" before Zak can pick up Calabrass, he also states that each transformation will use some energy and Calabrass is not as young as he used to be. The Kraken rises once more for another assault.

"I don't know what to choose!"

"You're the one who wanted to train with a Kraken!"

As they argue, the Kraken grabs the duo with its tentacle while Clovis continues to cheer on for Zak to fight on.

"Why don't you stop instead of cheerleading?" Zak demanded a bit annoyed.

"Please, hold on Hero." Replied Caitlyn once again unleashing her water wings to fly.

"I love helping with fights." Replied Clovis poofing.

"A cap'n gives precise orders." Protested Calabrass.

"They'll be fine! We need the Eye of Beru!" Replied Zak as he transform again. This time his sword transforms into this circular blue shield with four nozzles at each end.

"Don't let that sprite do whatever he fancies!"

Meanwhile, Clovis poofs back and runs to one of the compartments of the Chaos stating he'll help real soon. He turns one of the machine that has a harpoon claw ready to fire. Caitlyn on the other hand begins to wrap the creature around her water whips to focus more of its attention to her instead of Zak. Clovis then fires the harpoon gun straight to it's open mouth catching one of the kraken's teeth. The Kraken begins to move pulling away from the harpoon. It drops, Zak to which Caitlyn releases her water whips to fly towards to catch him from falling also to this exact moment slamming them into one of the sails on the Chaos. They slide onto the Chaos's deck while they watch as the Kraken tilts the ship by continuing to swim away it.

"A pinch of pepper, lemon juice and there you go. Kraken for everyone!" Clovis explained what he put on the harpoon gun as he is joking around

"But, then how will we cut to pieces as it moves away?" Caitlyn curiously questioned.

"Hm… maybe a big giant knife. But hey." Replied Clovis as they all begin to scream out aloud with the speed the Kraken continues to increase.

"Doing just fine, huh?" Calabrass rhetorically rephrased Zak's statement.

"You're going to sink us!"

The Kraken descends down to the ocean making a whirlpool while the Chaos follows suit. As Calabrass says his goodbyes to the crew, Caitlyn closes her eyes, lifts both her arms, her hands flat out open. Simultaneously, the sea water begins to rise a bit up on the Chaos. At that moment Caitlyn closes her hand fast to form a fist, the sea water then rapidly responds by springing up and hold on to each of the Chaos's side stopping the ship from moving. As the others are amazed by this sudden action, they see Caitlyn struggling to hold the ship.

"Rr… too bad you don't have a sword right about now, because it don't seem the young maiden will hold onto this forever."

Zak knowing Calabrass to be right, he climbs out of the ship and dives into the sea. He swims towards the Kraken's face, and shoots at it's eye managing for the Kraken to let go of the connection between the harpoon and the Chaos. Releasing her hold onto the Chaos, Caitlyn falls to her knees in a sudden exhaustion. Zak shoots another round this time as a boost for to rise up to the ship while crash landing onto the deck.

Clovis phases up to congratulate Zak and Caitlyn but he has a sudden urge and throws up on porch side. Zak at that moment sees Caitlyn and goes to check on her.

"Hey, are you alright.?" Asked Zak as he kneels to her level.

"Yes... I'll be fine…" Caitlyn replied breathing in and out.

"Not bad for a beginner, huh?" Zak questioned to Calabrass on his thoughts.

"One more attack and ye would have spent all my energy. While the blue maiden, may have helped stop the whirlpool she's still exhausted from all that energy. That was both careless and dangerous." Calabrass retorted sternly.

At that moment the Chaos tried to start up it's engines but it begins to rattle broken noise.

"Arr, and you went and scuppered the old tub. He's panting like a queasy musk ox! It's the clutch!"

"A clutch? On a sailboat?"

Staggering to stand up, Caitlyn almost fell back down but Zak caught her before that happened. "There… there is an island… just over that north side." Caitlyn pointed still pacing her breath.

"Confound it. That's the lighthouse in the mythic bazaar of Marituga. That swarming haven of monsters, thieves, and villains. Arr…" Explained Calabrass.

"And candy!" Added Clovis on his own thoughts of the island.

"Ay! They make a good caramel, they do. Then use it too steal teeth from birdbrains!"

"Awesome! There's gotta be someone who can fix this. Set a course for… over there, Chaos! We'll get you fixed!" Ordered Zak the Chaos set sail to the island.

Now managing to stand on her own two legs Caitlyn now returned to a steadily normal pace of air.

"I thank you, for your assistance Hero." Caitlyn smiled very happily at Zak, causing him to chuckle awkwardly while rubbing his back head.

The island had this giant tall coral-like tower, with the top having a crystal on it. At the bottom it's shows many buildings and a port side with a staircase leading to the main civilizations. Zak found the place to be spectacular and was relieved to be on dry land. Calabrass is still skeptical and doesn't trust the city. While Caitlyn looks at everything with so much fear that she puts on her hood, and holds onto one of Zak's arm.

"Um… what are you doing?"

"Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention big sis is shy in public." Answered Clovis on her action.

"What, but what about meeting all of the Bone's soldier you didn't freeze up then?" Interrogated Zak.

"That's because they were the enemy, and I just don't do well with the public." Replied Caitlyn tightening her grip on Zak.

"W… well why don't you stay on the Chaos, then?"

"N… no it is my sacred duty to be with you, to protect you if need be." Retorted Caitlyn.

"Alright then…" Zak embarrassed just goes along with it. "Come on, Clovis? The candy isn't gonna come to you."

Clovis jumps down on the dock alongside a chain that is bound on his right foot. As he runs toward them the chain follows and pulls him back onto the Chaos.

"Oh, that's right. Clovis can't leave the Chaos because his soul is anchored to the ship himself, if he wasn't bound to Chaos then his soul will disappear." Explained Caitlyn.


"Believe me, it's better that way! That's one less chance we get spotted!" Calabrass added to his own delight.

Feeling a bit remorseful, Zak just walks away with Caitlyn still attached to his arm. They walk to see the weapons and food stands. The structures above the stands are impressive to Zak, but to Caitlyn the surroundings are terrifying to her. As they continue to walk, they past a duo, one very large, beefy looking, with various clothing from different time periods, also wielding a giant sword on his back and a young woman in a purple and blue ensemble, her hair is dark pink tied into a six-tipped starfish-like ponytail. The Viking notices that Calabrass is taking and notifies his companion.

"Princess, the sword speaks! It speaks!" The Viking reported to the princess by pointing at the duo as Zak buys a belt to carry Calabrass.

"Not very discreet. First chance we get, we steal that sword." The unknown princess smirked smugly.

"Crogar always ready to rumble."

Zak rest the fit of the belt and it is a perfect match. He then sees Caitlyn glazing onto the stand, a doll that's half rabbit-looking and half dog-looking to which she just glares intensely. Zak putting two and two together puts his belt on his back. "Do you want it?"

This gained the attention on Caitlyn to which she nods yes as a response. Zak then smiles and pays the store clerk with two coins. At that moment Caitlyn quickly grabbed the doll and held it to her chest very tightly, very happily.

"Just so you know, you can speak out on what you want and don't have to keep it in."

"Yes, I thank you for this purchase, Hero." Caitlyn smiled very brightly making Zak blush a lot, and Calabrass roll his eyes.

"That's impossible…" the princess got a good look at the Caitlyn gave an appearance that she knows who she is.

"What is it princess?" Asked Crogar.

"It would seem that we have two objectives to gain from that boy the sword and the sea maiden." Answered the princess fully aware who the targets are. The duo begin to follow Zak and Caitlyn very cautiously.

Elsewhere, at the lair of Skullivar, he is furious that Golden Bones has not just lost the Eyes of the Seven Seas but the sword Calabrass the Great Key and the Sea Maiden due to Zak's interference.

"I'll find him master Skullivar. Spies have reported that he reached Marituga. I'm going to tear the sword, the stone, and the maidens powers from their-"

"See to it. Or my skeleton army will have a new general."

Back at the streets of Marituga, Zak and Caitlyn walk in an alley asking questions on a mechanic not noticing the unknown princess aiming her crossbow at Zak. Suddenly, a strange robot eye appears in front of Zak, ordering him to follow it. The princess shoots at Zak, but misses hearing the shot Caitlyn looks at the shot on the wall and turns on the opposite side not seeing no one on top of the roof. Caitlyn catches up to Zak but the duo continues to follow them in another rooftop.

Zak and Caitlyn are lead to a store filled with various tools, invention. To Zak's reaction he is amazed; to Caitlyn's reaction she stands near Zak with her doll by her chest. Suddenly, one of the inventions pop out with limbs attach on the sphere, on the front of the robot is a tv screen in an oval shape.

"Everything you see was lovingly hand-fabricated by the greatest enginox In Marituga." The robot gave a very dramatic introduction.

"Awesome! A talking robot!"

"What's a robot?" Asked Caitlyn.

"You know, those mechanical talking figures that are made out of metal. You never seen one?"

Caitlyn nods no as her response.

"Correxal, I am no talking robot, but a talking Wahoolian." The strange tiny green alien corrected Zak by opening the face of the robot.

"An alien? Wicked spacey."

"Ah, he's so cute."

"I'm Caramba! Wahoolian Inventor, savior of the planet Earth! Welcome to my antorx." Caramba introduce himself very cheerfully.

"Savior? Looks like all you've ever saved is a pile of space junk!" Retorted Calabrass.

"There's a Vorg invasion force somewhere in the seven seas ready to contradict you… and have my head!" Caramba expresses both his pride and fear of others who knows of him.

"They're the meanest, cruellox and most terrifying extra-terrestrials in the galaxy!" Caramba further stated on the Vorgs. Only confusing the trio on his fear.

Caramba gets back to the topic, about the trio finding an engineer.

"Yes. Can you fix a ship?" Asked Zak as he shows a device for Caramba to check.

He sees the device and is excited to see it stating the device to be a perfect blend of magic and science. Caramba ask them where their ship is.

"Why?" Zak questioned him suspicions on his motives.

"I'm looking for a way to go home, Sea-onaut! But I don't have a chance given this zbluargs floating around here! But your boat looks like it has some major clapox under the hood!"

"Sorry, I'm not following you. Zbluargs? Clapox?"

"Oh, I get it he wants to join us to be protected by his enemies. Well, your welcome aboard the Chaos, Sir Caramba it will be an honor to have you aboard our ship." Explained Caitlyn on what Caramba wants.

While the trio are discussing with Caramba's earth language skills, they fail to notice the Viking and Princess on to top of the rooftop. Calabrass still hesitant on this strange alignment suggest they leave, but Zak tries to convince him otherwise. At that moment, Crogar drops down shouting Ragnarok for battle, knocking out both Caitlyn and Zak to the ground. Caramba hides in his robot suit, while Zak and Caitlyn are left alone to deal with the strange duo. Zak gets up and fights one of the two, but the princess manages to disarm him and take the sword throwing Zak across the floor. Crogar then picks up Caitlyn.

"Have a seat. Don't move. Good boy." Duo, then runs away with their objectives captured.

"Calabrass! Caitlyn!" Yelled out Zak as he runs out to try and find the duo.

"Hey! Give me back my sword and friend!"

Caramba stops him saying he won't catch them. Zak ask him if Caramba is serious about joking his crew and leaving the triangle to which Caramba agrees by a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, as the duo continues to run Caitlyn wakes up kicking and screams to let her go on the Viking's shoulder, Calabrass states that they should bring them back to Zak as they have no idea who they're dealing with. But the princess retorts that she knows who she's dealing with and names both of their true names.

"Okay, so you read a book. Big deal. Both I and the girl already picked the boy!" "We will see about that!"

Crogar then takes the sword on one hand ask if he can open oysters really fast. The princess orders him to not "play around" with the sword. Zak then approaches the duo, with Caramba as a piggy back ride bys Caramba using his suit to make his legs longer. Zak grabs both Caitlyn and Calabrass, with Calabrass on his hand and Caitlyn being carried in a bridal manner.

"Finder keepers, fish stick! Hah!"

"Fish stick? I am an Atlantian princess!" The responded with her crossbow by aiming at Caramba's legs and shooting it.

Losing his balance, Caramba falls with Zak and Caitlyn.

"You've no right to wield Calabrass and be at the side of the sea maiden, you street rat!"

"And you do, mini-mermaid?" Retorted Zak.

"It is Crystal Coraline Lejune." Stated the princess.

"Like I care! I'm Zak and Calabrass is mine. And Caitlyn… uh Caitlyn well she's her own person and she decided to stick with me." Zak retorted with confidence at the beginning. This statement gain a happy hug from Caitlyn, which causes Zak to blush again.

"And you, the… Viking? What's your thing?" Questioned Zak just keeping his focus on the duo.

"Crogar's thing… is clobbering!" Answered Crogar unsheathing his giant retracted airplane sword.

At that moment, Caramba flees away leaving the duo to face off against the princess and the Viking. Calabrass suggest that he shows the brute how they do things to which Zak agrees. Zak calls out for the Eye of Blazz, but instead of his fiery form he got a earth form which consists of his sword transformed into a giant stone shield and his left arm turns into a stone armor.

"Woah… Hold on. What?"

"It's the eye of Dezer, the Sea of Sands.!" Explained Calabrass.

"Uh that's not what I asked for."

"No, but it's what you need!"

Crogar then charges shouting Ragnarock, he manages to land a hit but Zak's shield is to durable so the hit just bounces off.

"This is not a game, boy." Shouted Crystal as she fires shot at Zak. He blocks the shots but at that moment Crystal does a front kick at Zak. Then, Zak's earth form turns off leaving him a bit exhausted. Caitlyn then lifts her arm to a well and water comes flowing to her forming a sphere around her. Caitlyn stands between Zak and Crystal, ready to fight.

"You do not know what both the sword and maiden means-" Crystal tried to explain but is only met shots fired from Caitlyn water sphere.

"It means my ticket home. That's all that matters." Retorted Zak.

Both Caitlyn and Crystal are both equal in combat with both easily blocking the next ones move from each other. But Crystal, doesn't have time to deal with her so she jumps up and drop kick Zak focusing all of her attention on him.

"Why is Calabrass and Caitlyn so important to you Crystal-whatever? He's just a sword and she's just a friendly girl!" Zak questioned Crystal's motives but is only responded with rapid punches.

"Whaddya mean,'Just a sword'" Calabrass questioned with annoyance.

"Calabrass is the Great Key. The only one that can open the Triangle's secret locks. A destiny he claimed before he was cursed and turned into a sword. And my name is Crystal Coraline Lejune!"

"Hold up. You were like a real man?" Zak expresses his one confusion to Calabrass.

"With the finest mustache in the seven seas!" Calabrass answered proudly.

Caitlyn tries to stealthily approach Crystal from behind but she is grabbed in a bear hug by Crogar restraining her from any movement.

"Calabrass is returning to the hands of a true hero! While, the Sea Maiden will also return to her home where she belongs."

"My home is where the Hero goes I go, also with Clovis and Chaos as well." Caitlyn stated very proudly.

At that moment, Zak manages to grab some dirt and throw it at the princess's eyes. The distraction manages for Zak, to grab Calabrass and point him at the princess throat.

"You heard the maiden, we stick together no matter what!"

Crystal says, to look behind himself. Zak not falling for an obviously trap he tries to ignore it but in an twist of irony Crystal was right because behind Zak, was Golden Bones and his skeleton soldiers.

"So we meet again, young captain."

"You know each other?" Asked Crystal in confusion. "Well, then perhaps my colleagues and I should leave you two alone to chat!"

At that moment, before Zak could swing an attack Crystal grabs the sword and escapes with Crogar and the captured Caitlyn. Zak tries to follow the duo, but he is grabbed on the collar by Bones. Bones then order his soldiers to capture them or they'll face the consequences of failure from him. Continuing to run away, Crogar and Crystal are surrounded with skeleton soldiers. Crogar holds onto Caitlyn with one arm so she can't escape, while he uses his other arm to fight off the skeletons.

"Now Calabrass, give me the Eye of Vapir!" Crystal demanded while raising the sword upward. But nothing happens.

"Why have I not transformed?"

"If ye know the prophecies, ye should also know that only a real cap'n, my cap'n, can invoke my powers!" Calabrass explained while Bones approaches from behind.

"Skullivar will be pleased. The sword, the Seven Eyes, a would-be captain, the false imitation of a maiden, and his rebel scum, all in the same day."

"I am no scum and he is no captain! Look at him, he's a disaster!" Angrily Crystal retorted.

"You know it's not nice to judge someone on their appearance especially when it comes to the Triangle… " Replied Caitlyn as she continues to straggle her way out of Crogar's arm. "See where at in impasse right now we're all enemies to Skullivar and his merry man. So you have two choices right now, the first you either surrender and be taken as a prisoner to Skullivar, or second option you help us and we eliminate our current situation and we promise to take you and your companion out of this triangular maze and the Hero will honor the deal I swear it. So what's your decision?" Asked Caitlyn while being seriously intense.

"Fine! Show me why the Maiden trust you so much, 'Captain!'" Crystal agrees to deal and throws Calabrass to Zak.

Zak catches the sword and attacks Bones, freeing himself from his clutches.

"Yeah, this is better. Wanna break some bones, Cal?"

"Sorry boyo… No more energy…" Calabrass replied closing his eyes.

"Dude? Since when does a magic sword take a nap! Cal!" Zak groaned in frustration.

Continuing to be surrounded by more skeletons, Golden Bones orders his soldiers to capture them while he charges right in front of Zak ready to finish him off. But before, Bones can deliver the finishing blow he is order by Caramba on the rooftop to stop or else. Laughing at Caramba's threat, Caramba jumps and transform into a ball and rolls over the soldiers and pounces on Bones throwing him off a ledge. Everyone is amazed by Caramba's action even Caramba is surprised.

"Epic, Caramba! But, you're going to have to work on your vocabulary if you wanna hang with us." Chuckled Zak.

"No gruklem!" Caramba happily replied.

"Still think I'm dumb little minnow?" Zak Questioned Crystal.

"I… think we are doomed." Replied Crystal as she points toward the ocean view.

Up in the sky there is a group of skeleton soldiers riding on top of skeleton pterodactyl. Zak then suggest that they all run. As Zak and Caramba runs, Zak runs back and grabs Caitlyn hand pulling her off of Crogar's arm and then runs away holding her hand.

"We must follow them! If Skullivar gets the key or the maiden, we are all doom! And we made deal with them so there's that." Crystal stated to Crogar.

As they all continue to run the pterodactyl still flies around the area. Zak then states if they reach the Chaos they'll be safe.

"Your ship is called the Chaos? Hm. Fitting." Crystal mocked the name of ship due to Zak's action.

"I'll pretend that means "Cool" in fish language." Zak Replied sarcastically.

As they reach the docks, Caitlyn looks up at the pterodactyls still circling around their area.

"Wait are those robot pterodactyl? If I wasn't gonna fill my shorts, I'd think that was really cool."Marveled Zak.

"Yer a strange boy, Zak." Calabrass stated weirded out.

"Well, I think he's… unique." Caitlyn stated happily while Zak blushes catching the attention to Crystal.

"Do you have a boat?" Zak asked to Crystal to which she replies no.

"If you want we can take you on ours… if you pay for this candy." Proposed Zak as he grabs a bag of candy.

Crystal runs with as she gives money to the clerk but has hesitation on being on the same boat with Zak.

"Hero, I believe I can distract the soldiers on the sky. But…"

"But, what?" Caitlyn looks down on her hand still being held by Zak.

"Oh right… sorry about that." Zak flinched in embarrassment.

Caitlyn smiled happily as Zak let's go, she bends to her knees and springs ups with her water wings flying towards the pterodactyls distracting them.

"Big guy, you think you can clear a path all the way to the bay?" Zak shouted at Crogar.

"One thing Crogar likes more than sea snails: bashing boneheads!" Crogar replied with his sword ready for battle.

The group runs as Caitlyn tries to gain more of the pterodactyls attention. But some of them turn their attention at Zak. Crystal manages to climb aboard one of the pterodactyl and flies in the sky to support Caitlyn. Some of the soldiers fire laser beam at Zak as he dodges the shots. Back at the Chaos, Clovis sees what is happening at the bay.

"Look he and big sis are being chased by blood-thirsty pteros that would otherwise be totally cool… ahh We have to help Zak!" Clovis cries out as Chaos send the planque to Zak.

Zak running down the steps sees the planque and jumps on top of it flying and attacking the pterodactyls. While on the ground Crogar and Caramba deal with skeletons. As he rides the planque he flies between Caitlyn and Crystal.

"You are full surprises, Zak Storm. I see why the Sea Maiden trusts you." Praise Crystal.

The pterodactyls still persist and continues to attack the trio. Zak manages to destroy to pterodactyls. While Caitlyn whips the soldiers off the pterodactyls back. Crystal manages to fire one the soldiers on a pterodactyl but at the same time he tumbles on Crystal dropping her off the pterodactyl. As Crystal falls to the ocean Caitlyn flies downward to catch Crystal.

"Did you learn how to fly the same place as Zak Storm learned how to wield a sword?" Crystal angrily inquired.

"I'm sorry, but I just met Hero how would I know the same place he trained at wield a sword Lady Crystal?"

"Never mind." Crystal groaned in disappointment.

Zak and Caitlyn then fly towards the Chaos landing safely onto the deck. Zak gives Clovis the candy bag as promised. Clovis then thanks Zak calling him the best captain. Crystal rolls her eyes at that statement while Crogar and Caramba make it to the ship.

"We sorta make a good crew don't we?" Zak chuckled at the thought.

"Yes. I believe we do make the good crew." Caitlyn replied cheerfully.

Bones and his skeleton soldiers surround the Chaos with Bones ordering them to surrender now.

"Okay, Caramba, you fix the boat, we'll handle the rest." Ordered Zak.

As Caramba heads down stairs to fix ship, Bones offers Zak the chance to end this conflict by giving him the sword, ship, and his loyalty for his life. Bone's even sweetens the deal by promising that Skullivar will return Zak to his home. Processing the information Caitlyn and Crystal interject by stating it to be bluff, that Skullivar cannot perform such a miracle. Zak ask Calabrass on his thought but he states that Zak is the captain it's his decision.

"I want to go home. Bad." Caitlyn looks worried on Zak's decision. But I could never look my mom and dad in the eye if I sold out to you! Plus, when I finally do go home, so do my friends!"Answered Zak making Caitlyn remember his words.

"Very, Very poor decision boy. Ready to attack, at my command!" Angrily yelled Bones.

"Dude, I don't think you caught the part about my friends. I have a living sword, a maiden who controls the sea, an Atlantian princess, a bone crushing Viking, an almost ghost, a living ship, and…" Zak stops making a dramatic silence leaving the people in confusion, while the ship begins to charge it's engines. "Finished!" Shouted Caramba.

"And the fastest Wahoolian mechanic in the entire universe!" Zak finished his sentence as he transforms into the Eye of Sino.

Zak then jumps up and send frost wave to Bones and his soldiers invading them in ice.

"Chaos let's get out of here!" Yelled Zak.

"Please." Caitlyn added to the order. To which Chaos complies very happily.

Finally getting some distance from the island a Zak ask Crystal and Crogar if they don't want to stay on the ship then he'll take them back.

"Why would you want us to stay? We tried to steal Calabrass and kidnap the maiden!" Crystal questioned Zak's offer.

"Yeah, but we all sort of kicked major butts in that fight. And I'm never going to do this on my own. I need a crew."

"And a crew you shall have, Zak Storm." Accepted Crystal.

"Great! Um… Corystalinajune." Replied Zak trying to pronounce her full name.

"You may call me Cece."

"Deal, Cece!"

"We should all give ourselves a name! How about the 'Courageous Corsaiers?' or the "Treachery Team?!" Or-" Clovis expressed his ideas while Cece interjects.

"Hold on, we all have a name that starts with a C: Crogar, Caramba, Caitlyn, Clovis, Cece, Calabrass, Chaos and… hm… Zak does not start with a C. It does not work."

"Captain starts with a C!" Shouted Clovis while spitting out his candy.

"Oh I get now." Caitlyn joins in discovering the name of the team. "So Hero, how do you like the name 'The Seven C's?'"

"Seven Cs. Let's do this! The seven seas are waiting for us! The Seven C's, full steam ahead!" Zak proudly shouts as the Chaos sails quickly to the next adventure.

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