AN: So this is where Tours and various side-quest stuff will go. Things that are part of the game, but not overly mentioned (and Episode stuff, Gladio's might go in here, not too sure yet, and Prompto's I think might go in main story since it's mostly from his P.O.V... . Anyway, anything that I don't want to put into the main story but which will be referenced in the main story will go here.

That being said... This takes place before the guys arrive in Galdin, like between retrieving the Regalia and heading to Galdin... Update: So now that you can undertake more than one hunt at a time, that's what I'm going with for why they have a 'stack' of posters. In truth it's only the ones you can get from Takka and Longwythe right now...

First up: Hunting for cash in Leide.

Prompto flipped through the small stack of posters, organizing them by danger level and whether they were daytime hunts or night ones. If they were efficient about it, they could take care of a number of daytime ones then the few night time ones, it'd only take a day! They didn't have much experience in Hunts like these, but the jobs were easy enough, even the nighttime ones. Perfect for newbie hunters, he figured. Which they were, if unofficially so.

"Hey Noct, wanna earn some Gil? This one's close by and it looks super easy!" Prompto had twisted around in his seat and held out the poster in question. It was one he'd picked up from Takka while they were in Hammerhead. It asked for them to slay five 'spiracorns' which from the poster picture, Prompto thought looked like the demonic version of a Unicorn. From the blackish gray fur, to the demonic red eyes and spiraling horn (which is clearly where they got the name 'Spiracorn' from). Actually, they kinda looked like someone bred a Thestral with a Unicorn, almost, but not quite. They were certainly skeletal enough to be mistaken for such.

The reason they had to hunt them, though, was because they were causing property damage and attacking people that got 'too close', so they needed to be taken down. He didn't like the idea of killing such... er... majestic creatures, but they were becoming dangerous and not at all harmless. Definitely nothing like the Thestrals or Unicorns back on Earth. Noctis took the poster from him to look over.

"Sure, sounds easy enough. Specs, can you go to this location?" Ignis agreed, if only because they really could use the money right now. They pulled up as close to the spot as they could, and were able to see the target from the roadside.

As the fight progressed, he found himself liking the things less and less. The four friends managed to fight fairly well together, not quite as well as a more experienced group would, but well enough against these Spiracorns. No one even got gored or really horribly injured by the sharp horns.

Prompto even managed to shoot one at just the right point (with a magic-enhanced shot) to break off a horn of one of them. Noct and Gladio dealing the most damage, while Prompto and Ignis were acting as support or distraction mainly. Though really, Prompto felt like he was dealing the least amount of damage and not being much use to the group. However, he kept these doubts to himself and even managed to sing/hum a little victory song that he couldn't exactly remember where he heard it, before or some time in the last twenty years.

"So, that went well... Think we could take on a couple more? There is one just across the road a ways behind Hammerhead..." Prompto suggested brightly, vowing to himself to be more useful in the next one.

"Maybe we should hand in the hunt before going onto the next, if we're heading that direction anyway." Was Ignis' input. They all just kind of shrugged or grunted agreement (Gladio making a sort of grunt of agreement or simply not caring either way and not shrugging), so they piled back into the Regalia to return to Hammerhead and Takka's diner. The reward was small, but it was to be expected for a relatively easy Hunt.

The next hunt was much the same, with Prompto feeling pretty useless with his guns dealing less damage than Ignis' daggers or Noct's array of weapons. He wasn't even going to think about how much worse than Gladio he was because it would just be depressing. The man swung a giant meat cleaver for crying out loud. He could probably deal with the whole thing alone.

As it was getting late by this point, the four headed back for Hammerhead, where they turned in the hunt, then headed out into the Weaverwilds for that nighttime hunt before calling it a day. By the end of it he felt much like Noct did about mushy deserts.

"Eugh, that was gross! How could something like that even exist? It's an abomination and an affront to nature!" Prompto had been going on about how horrible it was for a while now, while the friends were sitting at the camper's table in Hammerhead. The reward was barely worth the effort, really, but helping Hammerhead was totally worth it.


Ugh, I suck at combat scenes... . Blegh. Yeah so this has been resisting all efforts to be written, but I wanted the first drabble/chapter of side-stories to be something before Keycatrich. Because the second one of this, which sadly was easier to write, will take place just after Chapter 3 of the game starts. I say sadly because of wanting to write them in order of chapter they pertain to... I already have most of the next 'chapter' for this side-stories thing written out... setting is just after they reach the Alstor Coernix Station. I'm going with it being near night when they arrive thus they stop for the night there.

-small chapter, but meh, fighting scenes... we all know how the fights go, so I don't mind making this one small... .