Chapter Two is here, though I recommend reading Chapter Eight of Shots of Magic first, since this takes place at the end of that chapter and before Chapter Nine (which is yet to be started on).

Prompto had been shooting worried looks Noct's way throughout the day, since the morning when they had driven back to the checkpoint at Insomnia's border and throughout their return to Hammerhead and trip to the Outpost. No one else seemed to think they could take a moment and just vent or anything about the fall of their home. They expected Noct to push through and be fine, just hours later. Like he hadn't just lost his last parent (Prompto had never asked about Noct's mom, it always seemed rude to bring up any question about her absence. He heard some rumors and such about her dying when Noct was young) and his home all in one night.

They had fought alongside Cor the Immortal against Imperials, and the man was incredible in battle. He'd even complimented Prompto! True, Prompto wasn't bad in a fight, but he was raised mostly civilian this time around (last time he'd grown up in a civilian house, but was expected to save everyone all the same) and hadn't been experienced at fighting in this more muggle way. He had, however, managed to get his trusty gun to shoot a number of spells, such as a weird mix of the Lumos and Patronus charms to ward off daemons as night fell and they showed up.

He decided to call this new move 'Starshell', since it looked like a miniature sun as it hung in the air and weakened/injured daemons. He'd also 'invented' his move, simply called 'Piercer' which was the magically-supercharged shot that could possibly even penetrate Basilisk hide. Gladio and Ignis had their own cool moves, and Noct usually called out a move or other for them to use if they didn't use them themselves. He'd follow up on their moves to deal extra damage, though Starshell seemed like something that couldn't really have a 'follow-up' anyway.

Well, they got two Royal Arms, one was easily accessible in the open air and above ground, the second not-so-much... Prompto didn't usually mind underground passages, but he'd make an exception for the place they found their second Royal Arm in. Crawling with funky-looking Goblins. He honestly missed the Wizarding Worlds Goblins. They were at least civilized and didn't attack you all the damned time. It didn't matter what time of day it was down there either, as there was no sunlight.

When they finished there, it was to another 'job' Cor wanted them for; Taking out the Niff base that was about to cut them off from the rest of Lucis. Noct went on alone to fight alongside Cor and he put his all into providing a distraction so Noct would get through this with as few enemies to worry about as possible. If the other's noticed this, they said nothing. Once they had finished (and apparently they'd spent the night and most of the following day underground), they continued on to Duscae Region once Cor took off again.

Seriously, Cor the Restless suited him better than 'Immortal'. Maybe he should be called the 'Restless Immortal'? Both fit the man to a tee. He was getting side-tracked. Anyway, they set up for the night at the first gas station they'd encountered. He had seen a sign about Chocobo's and practically begged his crush-and-best-friend-ever to go see them, despite Gladio's protest about not making Iris wait too long. But as it was too late, they'd go in the morning, since Noct had agreed to it. Now he was sitting at the table, unable to sleep for the time being, when Noct came up to him, also unable to sleep it seemed.

"Hey." The darkly dressed prince spoke, sounding surprised to see anyone still up. It was late after all and they hadn't slept since the day before.

"Hey." Prompto gave Noct a once-over and could tell that something was definitely bothering his friend. "Wanna go somewhere for a bit? leave those two behind and get an incredible view of the region?" His question surprised Noctis, for he turned dark-blue(almost silver in certain lighting) eyes on him.

"How? Can't exactly drive off in the Regalia without waking them." He jerked his head towards the camper they'd borrowed for the night, of which there were about a half-dozen at this pit-stop for travelers not wanting to drive through the night.

"Well, I told you about Sirius, yeah?" He got a slow nod from Noctis, who clearly didn't see where he was going with that. Prompto felt a grin, slightly roguish and rather like he was about to pull a good prank. "And you remember about how he could sneak around without getting caught?" He waited for the proverbial light-bulb to go off as he stood and moved back a bit. Noct took a little longer, before he too stood and looked at him in slight dawning awe.

"You mean... You can turn into something too?" The way Noct's voice said that had Prompto fighting off shivers that had nothing to do with cold or anything. His grin widened and without verbal reply Prompto shifted. It was fluid, and almost instantaneous. One second Prompto was there, the next it was a 15' 6" Winged Snake. What would be called the Quetzalcoatl back on Earth, which was vastly different to the Quetzalcoatl found on Eos, which he would come to learn eventually. Noctis had jumped back when he saw the snake in front of him, but there was no fear or disgust on his face which Prompto was so relieved about.

"Woah... Prompto? That's you?" Noct was coming closer, looking rather in awe and Prompto couldn't help but preen and bask in the feeling of being the cause of this in his friend. His hooded head lowered itself and he nodded, his indigo eyes gazing at Noct. That was one thing he'd been surprised about, how his eye color for this form having changed to match his current human-ones and not the poisonous Avada green of his previous life. After letting Noct examine him for a bit, Prompto shifted so his back was facing Noct and his wings were spread out, a clear invite to Noct.

Noctis seemed to realize what he wanted, for he came up to him and wrapped his arms around Prompto above the wings and his legs were on either side of Prompto's body. Prompto shifted slightly, just to test out if this was a comfortable position before giving Noct a look which said 'hold on' and with a burst of magic and muscle took off into the air. Had Prompto been able, he'd have laughed joyously at Noct's somewhat loud scream at the sudden movement which Noct cut off fairly quick. Flying had been incredible when he first tried it, despite his thoughts about just how cliché it was. He hadn't really liked Quiddich as much as the rest of the school, but had loved just flying free like that.

Prompto had a location in mind, but for now he wanted to show his friend some truly amazing scenery. He'd not done this often back in Insomnia, as the city never slept, it honestly kind of reminded him of that one city in America... the name escaped him at the moment, as it had been so long since he'd last thought of the mundane side of Earth. The feeling of flying was therapeutic for him, and the fact that Noct was there with him made him think of this as an almost-date. He was rather strongly reminded of Aladdin. With him whisking his beloved royal away for a moment of reprieve.

All too soon he angled towards the large arches behind and above the gas station and set them down gently. His muscles felt pleasantly strained, in the way of a good workout after too long inactive. When Noctis removed his arms from Prompto and there was room enough, he shifted back with nary a staggering motion. There was a look of definite awe in Noct's eyes, and it chased away all sorrow or burden's from the eyes of his best friend.

"That. Was incredible." Was all the eloquent prince said, though Prompto could hear the emotion behind it, bordering on the level of Assassin's Creed fanboying almost. He grinned.

"Right? I love flying. Used to only be able to fly on a broom for Quidditch, but it was always exhilarating and so freeing that I'd sometimes sneak out past curfew just to fly around for hours." He was never one to keep his interests to himself, so he gushed about the joy of flying for a while. When that was done and the two were sat down looking out at the Duscae region in all it's moonlit glory, Prompto put on a serious expression.

It was one he rarely showed to anyone, even Noct. It was one that was often on Harry's face towards the end, when they were hunting for pieces of the mad-man's soul to destroy him.

"Noct. The reason I brought you up here is because you need to grieve. For all that we've accomplished since Galdin, there's still the whole thing with the Empire. I know from personal experience how bad of an idea it is to not vent properly when you have the time." He held up a hand to silence Noct who looked about to protest. "No, listen. Everyone's pushing you to move on, grow up and get things done, and that's all well and good at times, you also need to step back and grieve over everything that happened."

He took a breath. "Noct, when Sirius died, no one took me aside and asked if I was okay. No one thought to have me speak to a psychologist or mind healer, instead I was given some information about a damned prophecy that I was to fulfill, indirectly told Sirius' death was my fault, and then shortly after shuffled back to the Dursley's and left alone. The year before was much the same, only I was kept in the dark because it 'wasn't safe' to give me any information, while it was clear my 'friends' knew what was happening at least more than I did, no one even mentioned how the Ministry was running a smear campaign against me.

"Anyway," He was getting side-tracked by his own anger at the Wizarding World. "Pushing aside those feelings and not being allowed to deal with them ended up with some rather explosive meltdowns that I only recognize as such in hindsight." Prompto gave a small, sardonic smile which dropped quickly. "I'm here for you buddy. You don't need to hold up any pretense around me." He hoped Noct would open up to him.

He'd wait for as long as he needed for his friend. He'd help Noct like no one had helped him when he needed it most. If they had, he might have had a reason to go back, he'd never have met Noct or known anything about this wonderful (if inhabited by the oddest monsters EVER) world he'd found himself in. Back in Insomnia, he'd have helped Noct with video games or movies or something, but out here, with Insomnia fallen to the Empire, chick flick moments were the only option.

Noct would always be worth the wait. He didn't care that that sounded overly sappy or dramatic. When Noct started, Prompto offered only his full and rapt attention and soon the two were screaming and crying and letting out all the pain of loss, of betrayal (at the hands of Niflheim), and beginning to heal each others hearts.

By the end of Noct's venting session, both young men were emotionally drained, but lighter for it. He shifted back and took to the air once Noct was securely on his back again. They landed at the same spot as they took off and went to bed, neither aware that the other two had noticed their absence and were awake at their return. The morning would see them back at it, with the two younger of the group unaware or ignoring the pointed looks their companions shot them through out the drive.


So feels... also, yeah upon posting of the seventh chapter of the main story Prompto has shifted into a kitten-Nekomata in front of the guys, but lets say that it was kind of forgotten or pushed aside from their minds from the obtaining of the Axe of the Conqueror and the taking down of Niflheim's base blocking the route to Duscae... He'll mention both forms in Chapter 8 at some point possibly... or not. Got through that chapter with no mention of the animal forms. Meh, next chapter then...