Pinky and the Brain

A Worm fanfic.


Suika Roberts

Worm is Wildbow's.

Quotes from Worm are in italics.



"Go. You're done. Go after Jack."

I hesitated. There was a look in her eyes, dark. She wasn't meeting my gaze.

I turned, took a step, then turn back, grab her shoulders, forcing eye contact. "Finish fixing Glory Girl. You don't need your rules to be a good person, you are a good person."

She shakes her head, "No, I'm not."

I stare at her, panicked, needing to chase after Jack, but knowing I have to do something about her. One chance, show her that Glory isn't her only choice. Probably I'll never have to know if she rejects me. I bring my right hand up to her face, cup her cheek, and lean in, pressing my closed lips against her so soft ones, "You are."

She blinks, a hand coming up to her lips. A tiny smile contorts her lips, and I turn, and ran. Atlas was waiting on the rooftop as I ascended the stairs.

Too much time lost.



So, I started reading Worm in September 2013, after reading some Panacea/Skitter fic on ff.n, probably "Panacea for the Soul."

Reading Worm, however, I found very little support, both Taylor and Amy are too damaged, too broken, too adversarial. Neither of them are in any position to give up enough to make a relationship work . . . except right here, where Amy's about to hit the bottom, and Taylor's just barely above it, where ten seconds sacrificed have the tiniest chance to help.

5 Nov 2017: Started actually writing

23 Nov 217: 25K words written, posting first chunk.