"That was nice"

Scully whispered, as she stepped back from Mulder and carefully sat on the edge of the bed.

Mulder was looking down at William, whose tiny arms and legs were stretching back and forth like a frog and was making faces. Mulder was in awe of the small human in his arms. His son.


"Mmm, sorry. I'm just glad he looks like a Scully. You lucked out kid, your mom is gorgeous!"

Scully looked up at them, and smiled.

"I don't know... I think that bottom lip is all you"

Mulder grinned and slowly sat next to Scully, trying his best not to jostle William too much. Scully reached over and ran her thumb across William's cheek and Mulder held one of his tiny sock covered feet in his hand.

"You think? Hmm, maybe. Have you eaten? I'm sure your mom left a casserole in the fridge, you should really eat something, Scully"

After all the well wishers, and assuaging Maggie Scully's concerns about leaving her daughter and brand new grandson alone, on the first night. And making sure William was comfortable. It occured to her that she actually was hungry. Motherhood was already making itself known. Dana Scully had someone else to worry about now.

"Not really. I guess I could heat a bowl of something up in the microwave. Do you want some?"

"Just a bite"

Scully returned to tell Mulder the food was ready, and found him relaxing in the beige rocker, with William asleep in his lap. Picture perfect. She could almost believe that they were a family, and that they had met and fallen in love like everybody else... but they hadn't. Running from her past, led to an assignment that would change both of their lives forever. She thought about all the different variations that they went through.
Co-workers, former FBI partners, friends and then lovers. It was never easy, but it was always worth it. And she would do it all over again, in a heartbeat. Because of William.
And because Mulder was her constant, her touchstone... and her one in five billion.

"Food is ready"

Mulder looked up, to see Scully standing in front of him and holding out her hands, to take William. He really didn't want to hand William over, but he knew he couldn't hold him forever, or keep him safe. And he and Scully needed to eat.. and probably talk.
Scully placed William back in the crib softly, and pulled Mulder away by the arm.

"This is really good"

They were sitting at the kitchen table, staring at anything but each other and taking small mouthfuls of the casserole Mrs Scully had cooked and left in the freezer.

"Mom wasn't the best cook, but she aced the dishes that she found easiest to cook for us kids"

Mulder made a sound of approval.

"Mulder? Should we talk... about... the kiss?"

"I thought it was one of our best"

Mulder smiled. And Scully stiffled a giggle.

"Oh, it was. Does it mean that you're staying, with us?"

Scully nodded towards the other rooms.

"I think we should just enjoy our time together..."


"I want to spend as much time with you and William, before we discuss tomorrow... or the day after that"

Mulder reached over, cutting her off, and brushed his hand over her fingers.