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Chapter 3 - Mesmerize's Recruiting Schemes - Take 1

The dim glow from the pale moonlight outside was all the light available in the crowded office. Mesmerize's form was hunched over an open drawer of a filing cabinet as she messily perused the files available. Her eyebrows were scrunched together in intense concentration and frustration, a few drops of sweat clinging stubbornly to her brow.

"Damn, this guy doesn't have a lot of candidates." Mesmerize glanced at the measly pile that was stacked upon the formerly empty table. Two files were lying messily opened. Mesmerize glanced back at the file in her hand before shrugging. "In the pile you go, heh..."

She closed the drawer and examined the office. "For a highschool career consultant, this guy's office is sure easy to break into. Bet Raggy would've hated the monotony of it. Not Villain enough my ass..." Mesmerize gazed at the three faces staring up at her, two females of the same age and a male who was slightly younger. Their school photos looked quite miserable and tired, as if someone had decided to drag them out of bed at an impossible hour and snapped it to enjoy their misery. School photos were a horror.

Mesmerize sighed, before she grabbed the files neatly and made her way towards the office door. She paused, took one last glance, then left. Leaving the office as empty as it looked before, with none the wiser.

The sun was rather high that afternoon. Not much of a difference, since everyday seemed to have the sun shining whenever someone looked up. Except for those rainy days where nobody would be able to see the brightly burning star no matter how hard they tried.

School had finally finished, allowing students to depart safely home in the glare of the afternoon sun. It was just like any other day. June found herself at the end of the herd of eager students as she stoically made her way out of the school gates. She ended up stopping at the sidewalk as she scanned her surroundings, separating herself from the herd.

It was by chance that June's blue eyes met with the stranger's across the street. A glance at their person, and she could tell that they weren't your average nut. No, this one had a posture that slapped the word CLASS across the face of whoever looked. Their straight posture, combined with their two-piece suit that accentuated her femininity, really had it coming for those that couldn't hold a candle against her. Even her bronzed skin seemed to add to her appeal.

All in all, June found her rather perplexing, and ended up staring at the superior woman. Unintentional, but it was a human slip to do so when awed.

The classy woman's eyes brightened, wasting no time in getting across the street to where June stood. The said girl could only look on in shock as she felt her already red cheeks heat up with her previous actions.

"And to think, I didn't even have to use my quirk yet." It took a few seconds for June to catch up on what the woman said, her mind focused more on how someone could pull off such a bright blue bob while wearing a suit. The woman chuckled softly as she regarded June, her pink eyes enchanting the doll-like girl even further. "So, kid, how about me and you talk a bit about your future? I'm sure you have some very interesting plans ahead…"

"I'm not a kid, I'm almost eighteen!" June then promptly flushed in embarrassment as she realized how out of character her outburst seemed, especially in front of this woman. But June quickly regained her composure and drew herself up to reply to the woman's question. Oddly enough, she didn't think as to why someone would ask her such a personal question. "My plans for the future? Well…"

June thought a bit, slightly hesitant on replying. She had no concrete plans for the future. Her dream though, was to become a Hero. Sure she had various interests here and there, but nothing was ever concrete. Even the suggestions of those around her weren't concrete, and her parents wanting her to choose something for herself wasn't exactly helpful. She looked at the woman in front of her, reevaluating her, and thought again. Would it be bad to snatch up this chance?

"I'll tell you what, hun! You'll make the bar in our institution!" Mesmerize, seeing June's hesitation, decided to take this opportunity to capture June's interest. It would be prudent to sweep up a recruit under the rug when she was presented the chance. The expression on her face resembling that of an impressed bystander.

"Bar?" June asked, losing her current train of thought. 'Did I hear that right? Did she mention an institution?'

"You're very smart! Outrageously so, that even our highest tier Professors' are impressed!" Mesmerize continued, plowing over June's uncertain voice, assuming it to be a rhetorical question. The blue-haired woman was animated, clearly she believed what she was saying. "And impressing our professors is no easy feat!"

"T-Thank you… ?" June flushed at the compliment. She wasn't getting enough of them to be straightlaced.

"So why not think about it?" Mesmerize grinned at the easy catch, waving the form that she had made up around the poor girl's face. Disorientated acceptance was by far the easiest way to catch someone off-guard, and it was far easier than any other tactics known to Villians' internationally.

"Uh…" June's eyes swayed as did the paper in front of her eyes, trying to catch a single typed word on the lone paper- was that even a document anymore? However, all her efforts were for naught as she couldn't seem to follow the flitting paper anymore.

Mesmerize had finally given June the contract, after teasing her a bit more with the fanning. A single look at it and she knew that it made her head spin with all the packed paragraphs. The font size might have been 8, a shrewd number that did not show mercy to the human eye. Mesmerize pointed at the line near the bottom of the page, a sight for sore eyes after the mosh mash of puny letters, and prodded a pen in June's hand as provocatively suggested to the said girl. "All you have to do, dear, is to sign the bottom right here!"

With the pen in hand, Mesmerize eagerly awaits for the teen to sign the fake admission form. However, June looked up at her with hesitance prominent in her eyes. "Um, are you sure that this is the right document for recruiting Heros? It looks… rushed…"

Mesmerize made sure to take a deep breath, she didn't want to explode on the girl that would potentially ruin this mission. Instead she gave June the brightest smile she could muster, making sure she dazzled her in some way. "Of course! It's 100% authentic! I just wanted to save the trees a bit, so that's why I have decided to use a much smaller font size,"

She realized she may have been a tad forceful in her answer if she saw skepticism in the younger's eyes. "Alright…"

June looked down at the lone paper, squinting to make some words out of the scrunched paragraphs before asking yet another question to the blue haired female. "Um, I didn't get your name either?"

"Oh, how silly of me, haha!" Mesmerize internally cursed herself for her minor slip-up. "My name is Maria Gomez, it's nice to meet you in person, Ms. Lennox!"

June was about to question on how she knew her name, without her saying anything, when Mesmerize decided to intervene. "I did say that you caught the attention of our Professors, didn't I dear?"

"Oh, you're right," June blinked. It did make sense, somewhat… She looked down at the paper again, and decided to sign the bottom line. It wouldn't be bad to try and take things in her own hands at times. She smiled as she gave back the clipboard that the paper was attached to, to the woman. "here,"

"Thank you for your cooperation, Ms. Lennox! You can most definitely count on that acceptance letter!" Mesmerize was most certainly ecstatic with how smooth this recruit went. Hopefully the others would go the same way. "On behalf of the institution, I thank you for your time!"

June gave her another smile. "It's fine."

They both had a few more pleasantries before June had to go on her way. Poor girl didn't known what she was getting herself into.

It was a normal day for Mariette, coming home from school, to heading out for the arcade for the third time that week. She wasn't a gamer. She didn't really like the time consuming atrocious things. But the point was, if she had so many late evening trips to the local arcade it was obvious that she was deeply troubled. It was around that time of month where her peers were endlessly chatting on where they would be heading out to in the big world, whether they were boasting about their extreme potential in Heroism or expressing their change in their everyday lives with heading up into the Government ladder.

Mariette scoffed, frowning at the tenth consecutive loss on the latest Street Cobbler Game. They were all whole bunch of them.

She stuffed her hand in her pocket only to find it empty, resulting in her scowling. She had better head on home if there was no lunch money to spend on the useless machine. And with great resistance, she dragged herself out of the arcade, scuffing the ground as she walked out.

The trip home wasn't long enough for her to savour whatever peace she could have, and entered the house. Almost immediately, her dad had called out from wherever he was. "That you, Mari? We have a guest, wash up and come to the living room!"

What guest could it be? She wouldn't admit it, but she was curious. They didn't have a lot of guests, but the few that had come over weren't your average ones. One time, there had been this weirdly dressed man, blue spandex with the most gaudy looking shades and brightly coloured flamboyant hair, who spouted his words with great vocals. He was interesting, but she could do without the annoying verbal tic that he had. Though she had wondered what had happened to that particularly loud man.

Shaking the random thought out of her head, refreshed, she went to greet the guest that her dad had mentioned.

If she was expecting anything normal, they had immediately gone out the window when she had set eyes on the clash of colours she was immediately met with. Why was her hair blue? It didn't even match with her eyes and bronzed skin…

The guest had turned her attention back towards her dad, her eyes glittering. "That's your daughter?"

"My one and only!" Mariette looked at her dad, slightly concerned. Again, she thought, how her dad knew all these colourful and weird people. It just didn't make any sense.

"She certainly looks like you," The bronzed woman acknowledged her presence with a nod in her direction.

"You jest," Her dad waved it off, like it wasn't an important topic. "she's more like her mother, and with every passing day she grows up like that woman!"

The woman scoffed. "How in the seven hells did you two get together anyway?"

"That's a long story," It was the first time that Mariette had seen her dad smile cheekily like that, it almost creeped her out. Almost.

Luckily for her, the woman changed the topic. "Save me the romantic sob, where is your wife now?"

"Somewhere in New Orleans?" Was it okay for him to just blurt out family matters to someone that they barely even knew? Or maybe she was the only one who was kept out of the loop of who their new guest was. "That's what she had written up in her annual letter,"

"I bet she's already left you for another man," The woman snorted.

Mariette boiled, interrupting the lackadaisical conversation. "Just who are you, coming in here and spouting crap about other people's families?"

The room was quiet with two pairs of eyes boring into Mariette, she wouldn't back down. Not when her family was being bad mouthed in front of her. The blue-haired woman immediately turned back towards the man in front of her. "She certainly has your temper,"

Her dad smiled at the bronzed woman. Even though it was a tad strained. "I'd appreciate you watch your words when in front of her, she doesn't take too well if it concerns anyone close to her,"

"Don't ignore me!" Mariette interrupted, glaring at the two adults present in the room.

Her dad turned towards her, giving her a smile while motioning her over to the empty seat beside him. "Come sit here, Mari, after all, I need you to introduce you to someone that you will see more often in the future,"

She opened her mouth, but was immediately cut off with an uncanny stern order. "Sit, Mariette,"

At a loss of what she could do, she grudgingly plopped herself down unceremoniously. She didn't even bother hiding her glare from the suspicious woman. Her dad didn't waste time in introducing the blue-haired woman. "Mari, this is Mesmerize, she will be one of your instructors starting the new school year,"

It took a few seconds for the sentence to sink in.

"What?!" Mariette whipped her head towards her dad, eyes wide. A sudden rush of anger swept through her, as she shouted angrily. "You can't just decide what my future High School is going to be!"

"But both your mother and I will be more at ease if you were somewhere where we know you would be safe from harm's way," He sighed.

"Hey, hey, you can't just label that place as safe," Mesmerize snorted, crossing her arms as she leaned back in her seat. She brought up one leg to rest on her other, staring down at the man in front of her. "safe is the last thing that should be on your mind,"

As if she hadn't spoken, Mariette's dad continued. "I've already taken care of your documents, and I'll take care of explaining everything to your mother, you just relax and enjoy your new school life!"

"Speaking of mom," Mariette interrupted, looking more than frustrated. "you can't just pick and choose without mom's consent!"

"Like I told you, Mari, leave explaining things to her to me," He smiled. "you just focus on getting a good husband, alright?"

Mariette burned a deep scarlet. She had gotten up, run out of the room, calling out from behind her. "Why should I find a suitor!"

The following stomps and loud slam of the door had indicated that the said girl was now in her room. Probably blowing off steam. Mesmerize raised a brow at the scene. "You really think that you should have done that?"

"I prefer my future son-in-law to have some sort of backbone to support my precious little princess," The man smiled, though it had gone slightly cold. "I hear that it's that time of the month for El Picaro?"

"You really do know the ins and abouts of everything, despite not being there," Mesmerize huffed, eyeing the man critically.

"Take care of my adorable Mari-chan, okay?"

His tact with ignoring everyone is still legendary, Mesmerize noted. But that didn't matter, since she managed to score yet another unfortunate student for El Picaro. Two down, and one more to go.

Mesmerize was feeling exhilarated one second, because she had pinpointed where her final target was, which was under a tree in a nearby park of the current neighbourhood that the target lived in. Though in the next second, the exhilaration had died. Withering up and blowing the remaining skeleton in the wind. The reason why was because her existence felt endangered by the sloth of a man!

Yes, it was Hunter, his pink hair had become iconic throughout El Picaro if anyone needed the man. But that did not explain why he was laying down beside her next target, Nemuro Mado.

Nonetheless, she would get this job done, without getting riled over the pink-haired abomination. That would be unsightly, and could potentially lose a student candidate. So Mesmerize took a deep breath and headed towards her destination.


"You're Mr. Mado, am I right?" Mesmerize greeted warmly, completely ignoring Hunter in the process as she assessed the youth. Her posture loose and confident, only betraying the slightest flinch when Hunter looked up to her briefly.

"And what if I am?" Nemuro drawled out as his hooded, disinterested gaze fell on the well-dressed Mesmerize. His slouched posture only slightly irritating her.

Hunter's lips twitched.

"Oh good! I'm here on behalf of an institution that has accepted you on the basis of your various tests done!" Mesmerize responded cheerily, hoping to garner more of an active interest as she flashed a charming smile.

"... I don't remember any sort of test to get in any institution…" Nemuro's eyes didn't even blink as he replied.

"Really, you could do better," Hunter decided to add in his two cents as he played on a mobile phone, trying to hide a smug look on his face. Mesmerize avoided looking at him and continued as if she hadn't heard him. "The tests were conducted without your knowledge in order for us to have a more realistic approach to your Quirk and overall performance!"


"Well, what will it be?" Mesmerize asked, growing anxious the longer Nemuro's disinterested gaze sat on her.


Hunter smirked. "You're in for a really tough one. " Mesmerize ignored his comment, only a slight twitch of her left eyebrow betrayed her composure. She never liked Hunter and currently his smug attitude was getting on her nerves. Also, that phone in his hand looked oddly familiar…

"..." There wasn't even a blink of an eye from Nemuro. Actually, he looked creepy with that blank face focused on Mesmerize.

"You'll have the best meals to eat every single day if you decide to board with us!" Mesmerize implored beseechingly, her hands starting to wave frantically. It looked incredibly silly, which was a direct contrast to her professional image. "There will be plenty of open spaces for you to enjoy a wonderful scenery!"

"..." Was he asleep?

"That's the best you can do?" Hunter remarked snidely, his gaze flat as he watched Mesmerize's ridiculous flailing. This of course made her huff before she tried one last bribe. "We have the best facilities for you to take a nap in!"

"I'll... think about it," The relief on Mesmerize's face was evident, which only made Hunter pity her further. Especially since she made a quick retreat, leaving behind a stack of papers behind for Nemuro to sign. Hunter shrugged and stood up before speaking. "You gonna sign those?"

Now, Hunter had to quickly make his way to Mesmerize's quarters in order to place her phone back on charge. It was surprising that she didn't realize it was hers.

Omake: The Wickedly Wild Weekend - Part 1: *A terrifying visit to the amusement park featuring Raggy, Hunter and Skywalker*

Valparasio de Goias was beautiful this time of year, especially outside the Brincar Brincar Brincadeira amusement park. It was still early, which was evident by the crowd of people were waiting outside the gates. Brincar Brincar Brincadeira was the biggest amusement park located within the Goias municipality, and one of the most popular. Many of the people were eagerly waiting for the amusement park to open, anticipating the fun to be had. Unfortunately, Skywalker couldn't find it in himself to be excited.

"Don't be so down." Hunter remarked from beside him, fingers tapping away at a phone screen. "You're actually quite fortunate you aren't such a heavy sleeper like I was." Skywalker gave a half-hearted glare to the pinkette, only slightly curious as to what Hunter meant. Luckily, Hunter continued when he saw the piqued interest. "I was a pretty heavy sleeper before I met Raggy. She took it upon herself to wake me up one day and when I failed to respond, she decided to throw oil on my bed and set it on fire...With me in it..."

An ominous chill ran up Skywalker's spine, his face going slack with horror. "W-what?" He stuttered out. His eyes darting around, looking into the crowd of faces for Raggy as he considered the consequences of making a hasty retreat before she came back. A softly uttered curse from Hunter - apparently his highscore wasn't high enough - stopped that train of thought in its tracks and caused Skywalker to stare at Hunter. It made him wonder, why exactly did Hunter stick around with Raggy?

Hunter made no further conversation despite the heavy weight of Skywalker's stare and so it stayed silent until Raggy made her reappearance. Her chirpy return managing to startle Skywalker enough that he flinched, but Hunter had no other reaction other than to grunt an acknowledgement. Raggy brushed her gaze over the both of them in a brief manner and nodded in satisfaction.

"Since we are all appropriately disguised -" Skywalker couldn't disagree more. 'Does Raggy even have a fashion sense? I mean has she even realised that her friend - with his awful, pink hair - is wearing a green hoodie and yellow shorts!? To top it off, a yellow headband is the only thing that is keeping that curly amalgamation on his head from blinding him! He looks like a neon horror!

Now, moving on to another fashion disaster which is, unfortunately, me. Raggy woke me up so early with her horrifying wake up call…' Skywalker shivered in remembrance of how he was woken up… though he was counting his lucky stars that his wasn't as bad as Hunter's. 'That I didn't have time to do my hair. I am even wearing the same suit as yesterday! I look almost exactly like my alter ego! I'm surprised no one has recognized me by now... In fact, that comment from Raggy should've tipped them off... Actually, why did she say that in the first place!?'

"- Skywalker?" Raggy's face was almost directly in Skywalker's face as she tried to garner his attention. "Skywalker!? Are you alright? Skywalker?" Her expression was that of concern, but the self proclaimed ladies man was focused on some other details. 'Woah... She smells really nice! Is that Cranberry? And rose... There is also a sort of woodsy smell… Oh, look! Her dress isn't fixed yet. I can see her bra...'

"Hehe he."

A bewildered look crossed Raggy's face as Skywalker let out a few perverted chuckles. A few members of the crowd glanced over, but their attention was quickly diverted back to what they were doing previously. Hunter, quickly pinpointing the reason for Skywalker's laugh, frowned briefly before sighing. "Raggy, have you realized you are missing a few buttons on your dress?"

"Hmm?" Raggy looked down and picked at the fabric while Skywalker stiffened. "Yeah, Skywalker pulled at the buttons. He was really excited to meet me." One of the members of the crowd who was 'discreetly' observing ended up choking on his own spit as he heard this, his buddy half-heartedly patting his back. "I was too lazy to fix it last night and my minions are horrible at sewing."

Before anything further could be said, a loud ding resounded from several speakers before the cheesy theme song for Brincar Brincar Brincadeira sounded. It was horrible and cringe worthy, yet everyone present seemed to gain an anxious, excited energy. "Well newbie, it looks like it's time to start your training!"

Skywalker gulped.

Hunter tapped away on his phone.

Brincar Brincar Brincadeira Park was the best amusement park located within the Goias municipality. People from all over would come to visit the park in order to experience its unique park features. Of course, Brincar Brincar Brincadeira owes its success to an excellent marketing campaign that 'slightly' exaggerated the park's awesomeness…

One of the biggest attractions of the Brincar Brincar Brincadeira amusement park, was the Lobster Mobster ride, which oddly enough, was based off a villain called Mobster Lobster. 'A really 'creative' naming choice.' Not even Skywalker knew much about him, only that it was a ridiculous guy in a lobster costume equipped with a suit. Still, he found it unusual that someone would base a popular ride on a mostly unknown villain.

The Lobster Mobster was just as ridiculous as the villian's costume, designed with varying colors of lobster pink, vermillion red and rose white. There was also a horrible, metallic green color present… And not to mention the shape of the ride... The whole thing was hurting Skywalker's eyes and he wasn't even sure where one end began and where the other ended.

Raggy was nattering on about something, but the fashionable Skywalker wasn't focused on what she was saying. It was most likely something about being suitably dramatic. Instead, Skywalker found himself being dragged along as they moved along with the line. Hunter was on his right while Raggy was on his left. It actually felt like some sort of pincer maneuver, which didn't help to dissuade the vague feeling of Doom he was experiencing.

In fact, ever since he met Raggy, that incessant feeling hasn't been leaving.

... He was just being paranoid, right?

"Hunter, do we have everything?" Raggy's voice startled Skywalker slightly, his eyes flitting quickly towards her. When the words registered within his mind, the ever present feeling of Doom just seemed to have solidified. Again. Worst of all, Skywalker couldn't make a tactical retreat. Although that Employee's Only door there in the front was looking tempting...

"Ah." The very eloquent Hunter replied, his eyes focused on the phone in his hand. It seemed to satisfy Raggy because she turned her attention back to the incredibly long queue in front of them, only to swivel her head back and glare at Hunter. She had noticed her phone in his hands and poor Skywalker felt even more trapped. "Hunter, are you playing my game again!?"

"You were taking too long with my tomatoes…" Hunter replied bored, tapping away vigorously. "Also, you haven't been online for three days." Raggy only huffed and crossed her arms, before deflating and muttering out a 'fine.' Hunter, in an attempt to molly Raggy, tapped at the screen before displaying it towards her. Raggy leaned forward. "Look, I managed to upgrade your warehouse twice."

The Employee's door, with its shiny, red paint, was drawing ever closer with each step forward. Skywalker could actually feel himself vibrate with nerves, not that it was noticed. The moment they were near the door, Skywalker glanced at the two 'disguised' villains and noticing their lack of attention, darted through the door in a few heart pounding moments. A few seconds of silence, and... Nothing happened.

"Hey, you're that villain!"

... Crap.

"Huh." Raggy glanced at the door, flabbergasted, and wonderingly said. "You know, I thought he wasn't paying attention to me. He certainly had that vacant look on his face when I was going over my plan. But I guess he listened to it after all..." Hunter, an expression of doubt that was quickly replaced by false boredom, shrugged and continued playing on the phone. "Ah."

"Maybe he won't be so hard to teach after all..."

Hunter rolled his eyes.

"Uh... Um..." Skywalker's right eye twitched as he stuttered, trying to format an appropriate response. It was just his luck that he'd end up getting caught immediately after leaving his 'captors'. There was only one thing to do in this situation: bluff his way out. "I'm… not a villain?"

The employee didn't look convinced. "Really?" Skywalker nodded his head rapidly. "Well, I guess it makes sense seeing as the villian Skywalker wouldn't wear his hair in such a horrid fashion-" Said villain flinched. "- and his suit never looks like it came from a mud pit. So obviously you can't be the villain Skywalker, just a second rate cosplayer. "

A brief period of silence followed as Skywalker suppressed a disgusted grimace at the cosplay comment, while the employee stared intently at him. "Are you kidding me!? Did you really think I'm that fucking stupid!? Seriously!?" Skywalker flinched when the employee threw his hands up. "Everyone with half a brain can see that you're the villain, Skywalker!"

That remark actually made said villain wonder about the intelligence of the people outside.

"OK, so you got me. But you have to understand why I am doing this." Skywalker threw his hands up in a placating gesture as he inched his way to a console located on the farside of the room, although his comments and actions only made the employee very suspicious. Actually, the employee was suspicious from the start and the actions Skywalker seemed to do only reaffirmed it. "There's these pretty bad people out there and I need to do something about it."

The employee's face was scrunched in a disbelieving expression. "Right. Very bad people, huh." The employee lurched forward swiftly while pulling out what seemed to be... A cattle-prod? "The Compendium of Action will not tolerate villains and their Action of Villainy!"

This time it was Skywalker with a disbelieving expression on his face, which allowed the employee to land a hit on him. Or not... The Cattle-prod wielder tapped his Cattle-prod weapon on an... invisible, solid surface? Maybe a barrier of sorts?... Skywalker, seeing his confused expression, smirked. "If you actually thought an attack like that would work on me, then you obviously haven't been paying attention to my prowess in battle. I'm no push-over." Skywalker's smirk disappeared, as he glanced at the console in consternation. "In fact, you're no match for me."

With that said, Skywalker efficiently knocked out the employee with the use of his quirk by pulling his back and using the momentum it generated to fling his opponent into a wall. As this occurred, the villain had not diverted his attention from the console. "This thing looks ancient! How does it even work? Its like it's from the pre-nuclear era! In fact, this thing is so cliche, it even has its own big, red button that says do not press!"


"... I wonder what the big, red button does?..." Curious, Skywalker pressed the button and glanced at the cameras as he anticipated what the button could do. Only to frown when he noticed nothing happening. So, he pressed it again. And several more times before he gave up. "Huh, guess it's either broken or a joke. Ah well, I'll just pull this ridiculously long, lever."

It took toggling with several different levers and buttons on the console before Skywalker decided that the console was broken, as nothing had happened. Shrugging internally, Skywalker turned around and noticed a second door. "Oh, maybe this can help me sneak out!" Only to retract that statement when he realized it was a small broom closet that was converted into some sort of creepy shrine that even fangirls would envy, featuring Mobster Lobster.

"A part of me is dreading the implications of this, but the other part is just screaming 'coincidence'..." Skywalker narrated out loud, as he closed the broom closet door while he slowly inched away from it. "I think I should leave..."

Hastily exiting the employee room, Skywalker quickly but discreetly made his way through the crowd- in the opposite direction of Raggy and Hunter. Well, the last direction he saw them in. It was when he had distanced himself from the line that lead to the Lobster Mobster ride that he realized someone was following him. Or to be specific, someones.

Frowning Skywalker increased his pace, he didn't like the look of those three. He was sure the woman with sunglasses was glaring at him from behind her lenses. Coupled with her Bob-cut and black boots, she reminded the ladies man of a pre-quirk era fashion journalist called Anna Wintour. In fact, that's what Skywalker decided to dub her now.

Skywalker ended up stopping a few meters from the park's entrance, noticing two people standing at attention and silently wondered to himself on how he hadn't noticed this when he first entered. Only to startle when one of his pursuers called out to him. "Stop! In the name of the Compendium of Action, stop right there!" It was obviously Anna.

'Huh, I'm starting to dread the implications...'

"Sorry Anna! But I can't do that!" Skywalker yelled back, garnering some confused looks from the civilians around. Those looks abruptly changed to horror once they processed the words the woman spoke, although Skywalker had no idea why. Apparently these people were famous, who knew.

'Anna' did not seem to like her new moniker, as the scowl that was on her face deepened. Skywalker frowned inwardly as he evaluated his situation. So, he was outed as a villain, there was some sort of organization after him and all of this was occurring in the middle of a highly populated area. Seems like a normal villain scenario. Although, he would really have preferred it that he had time to do his hair before he set out this morning...

The haunted house looks fun.

Skywalker ignored the cries of 'stop' and 'run' as he made his way into a really big haunted house attraction. He was actually impressed by the size of it, seeing as it was twice in width as it was in height. 'What a really generic name, just Haunted House. With its current size 'The Haunted Manor' would've been more appropriate...' Although a quick glance at the interior made him frown. 'The layout is very disappointing. Not very well thought out.'

In front of Skywalker was a small hallway that lead to two single-file staircases that went up and down respectively, followed by two adjacent doorways that went left and right. A quick deliberation later saw him choosing the basement staircase and not a moment too soon. As soon as he climbed off, 'Anna' and her groupies made their appearance. "The Compendium of Action demands that you stop, Villain!"

'What a ridiculous name.'

"Villain! Heed me! Give up!" Skywalker snickered as he ran down the surprisingly empty basement, 'Anna' right in his footsteps. A strange crackling sound from behind him caused him to stumble as he turned to see what it was, only to be flung through a pillar as a controlled explosion hit him. "Be careful with that, AL! We don't want to bring this house down on us!"



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