So I'm finally back...please put the pitchforks and torches down...

Sorry for being gone from writing so long. I had chapter 3 half written since about a week after releasing chapter 2, but I've been so dissatisfied with the first two chapters that I was not able to write for a while, then I kind of forgot...but now I'm back and I'm writing a rewrite so I can be happy with this story, I'll leave the original story, just because I've been annoyed recently at a couple of stories I liked being rewritten and the original was taken down, so I don't want to do that.

Also, hooray to the one who guessed Daedalus's husband, and another got an almost correct, guessing 2 people, and one of them being right. but i'm staying silent on who it is, even if it's obvious now.

So, without further ado, here is True Happiness: The Rewrite

Dividing Line

Daedalus walked down the main road of the village, one arm holding a bag of groceries, the other rubbing her belly, which was just starting to swell. Her smile lit up, thinking how lucky she was to actually have a child, when so many of her kind were unable to.

Daedalus was a short woman, standing about 5ft 3in tall, with long flowing blue hair that fell down to her knees, and also fell in front of her eyes, almost hiding her slightly round face and beautiful bright eyes the color of chocolate. She wore a simple white sundress that came down to her knees. Also, behind her, hidden by her own special abilities were two pairs of wings that could stretch out five feet in each direction, but were currently folded up on her back. They were the wings of an angel, white and fluffy.

None of the other people she passed on the had these wings, and that was because Daedalus wasn't human. She was instead an Angel, a species that was nearly identical to humans, except for two things. The first was the more obvious, angels had wings, while the second was something that most wouldn't be able to tell at a glance. Angels had no chakra. They had a different energy, but it only allowed them to hide their wings, as well as the ability to create a small pocket dimension.

Angels had lived in a pocket dimension for millennium, having hid themselves away by creating the largest pocket dimension that a gathering of 100000 of them could, and then working together, filled that dimension with all they needed to survive. They had lived there for so long, until they had started to die. Angels had started to have a hard time with having children, and those that did have a child, many died in childbirth. By the time Daedalus had been born, there were less than a thousand Angels left, with her being only one of five children born in the last 10 years.

As she grew up, Daedalus was a very bright and happy child, but she was also forever curious. She had, by the time she was 15, created over a dozen different things that helped her people, small technologies that would make lives easier, but she always wanted to know about the outside world. The angels had never left since they had come to the pocket dimension, that having been forbidden. They were taught that the humans outside were monsters that would kill anyone for even the slightest of reasons, and that they were too dangerous to be around, but Daedalus didn't believe that.

When she had turned 16, a new Angel had come to power, an Angel called Minos. Minos was the only child of the previous king of the Angels, who had lost his wife in childbirth. The king had taught his son and always tried to make him care for his people, but Minos, as soon as he had heard why they were trapped in the pocket dimension, had hated humans. He desired nothing more than the complete destruction of the human race, and when his father died, and he took over as ruler, he immediately started plans to destroy the humans.

Minos was a genius just the same as Daedalus, and forces her to work on weapons with him, so they could destroy the human race, something Daedalus hated. She wanted to learn more about humans, not kill them. So when she was 17, with the help of her friend, Hiyori, who also wanted to leave, she left the pocket dimension through the exit that was forever blocked by a powerful lock created by Angel power. She had needed Hiyori's help because though both she and Hiyori were stronger than the average angel, the lock was meant to be only able to be opened by three angels of average power.

The only problem was, the moment the lock was broken, the exit activated, giving them no chance to use their Angel powers to chose a place to appear. The next thing Daedalus knew, she slammed down into the ground next to a dirt road and was knocked unconscious.

Daedalus was found there and taken in by an older couple, who had found her there as they traveled down the road, returning to their village from selling their villages excess produce in Konoha. They had nursed her back to health, and she had been shocked by their kindness. She stayed with them for a few days, and learned how she had been found. She had decided to trust them and tell them her story after they had helped her, and when she had finished her explanation, they had simply offered her a home. She had accepted happily, and was even officially adopted, becoming Daedalus Mitsuki.

Over the next few years she helped her new parents and the town that was a small farming town in the south of Hi no Kuni started to provide Konoha with food called Sorami Village. She traveled to Konoha with her parents every time as they dropped off the food supplies, and checked with people to see if there were any rumors about Hiyori, who hadn't been found with her. She also enjoyed learning of humans, and was even shocked to learn humans had a power similar to Angel power.

One day she encountered a Shinobi from Konoha when he came to the village on a mission. He was funny, and sweet, even if he was a massive pervert, and the two became close, when he had finished his mission, he promised he would come back and visit her sometime. She didn't get to see him for two months, but when she next saw him she was ecstatic. Over the next year the two of them grew close, and the man even introduced her to the new Hokage, Minato Namikaze. About a year after they met, The man asked her to marry him, and she said yes. The ceramony was held in Sorami, and while the whole town had joined in, only three people from Konoha could come to see her husband get married, his teacher, and the Hokage's wife and student.

She spent all the time she could with him, though he was very busy with his job as a shinobi of Konoha, and they rarely got more than a few days together every couple of weeks. When she found out she was Pregnant, she was overjoyed, having never expected to have children with the way her race was. When she told him, he too was overjoyed, and managed to get to stay with her for the rest of he pregnancy and the next two months after. Her first three children were born August 26th, and she and her husband had a hard time deciding names for them. They finally decided to name them Ikoros, Nymph, and Astraea. They spent the next two months raising their children, until they all saw a shinobi run into the village in a panic and tell her husband he was needed back in the village, giving him a letter, after he had read it, her husband had left, saying he would be gone for a while this time, and may not be back for a year.

Daedalus had watched him leave, and had hoped everything was alright. Over the next few months she had discovered she was pregnant again, and was again overjoyed. She couldn't wait to tell her husband.

As she walked down the street, she wondered if she should tell him about her true origins, instead of just that she was an orphan taken in by her parents. She had never had the courage to tell him she wasn't human, as she had feared he wouldn't love her if he found out.

Still thinking hard, she wandered off the main street and down the small side street that her house was on. Walking along, she started to wonder what her next child or children would look like.

She was brought out of her musings when she reached for the door to her home, only to freeze as she noticed it was already ajar. Knowing her husband had enemies, and remembering that he had said some may come for her to get at him, she gripped the hilt of the kunai she had hidden in a carefully concealed pocket on the side of her dress and pushed open the door with her foot, only to then step back in surprise, dropping the bag of groceries, before taking a better grip on the kunai and drawing it and pointing it at Minos.

Minos, standing over the dead body of her adopted father, just smiled creepily, and spoke. "Well, well, well, so this is where you're been, living among these filthy humans." he kicked the corpse of her father, glaring at it, before looking back at her with that same creeps smile "And where is Hiyori, I've been looking for the both of you for a while now, after all, we need all the angels we can get to exterminate these pests." he glanced again at her father's corpse.

Daedalus didn't care to answer his question, just glared at him, and kunai in hand demanded "What have you done to my children, and mother?" Her glare was so fierce and her look so cold that even one of the infamous Biju might have been frightened by it, she marched right into the room, and put her kunai right against his neck.

Minos just smirked. "Your mother? Ah, the human woman?" his smile made her blood turn to ice. "I killed her." That brought tears to Daedalus's eyes, the two had been so kind to her, they didn't diserve to die because of her.

"As for your children?" He actually had the gal to laugh at that. "The first Angel children born in over 25 years." and he gestured with his hand, and from another room, five other angels came out, three of them holding her children. "They are with my assistants."

"LET THEM GO RIGHT NOW!" Daedalus roared, her kunai pressing at Minos's neck pressing in just a bit more, drawing blood.

He just smiled all the more. "Now, now, we wouldn't want to have to punish your children for your disobedience." This caused Daedalus to freeze. There was no way she could kill even one of Minos's angels without the others harming her children. She dropped the kunai, going almost completely limp in defeat.

"Much better." Minos said, the creepy smile never leaving his face. "Now it's time to return to Synapse, after all, we need your skills to help make weapons." She just glared at him, but followed allong, wondering how she could save her children.

Dividing line

Along the dark street of Synapse ran one shadowy figure leading six little girls carefully along. Daedalus had broke out her daughters and was now trying to lead them out of Synapse. It had been almost seven years since she had been forced back to Synapse, and in that time, she had given birth to three more girls, Michiko, Maya, and Oregano. She had also had all six of her daughters taken from her to be trained as weapons by Minos. She also knew that when the girls were old enough Minos would use them to try to make many more angels. She knew she couldn't allow that, so she had pretended to go along with Minos, acting meek and obeying him while all the while looking for a way to save her children.

She had gotten her chance tonight, and had broken out her children, none of whom even knew who she was, something that truly hurt her. The children had taken little convincing to get them to leave with her, and she was leading them to the exit to Synapse.

She reached the exit, now guarded by two angels at all times, and pulled a device out of a pocket of her dress. She pressed a button and threw it at the two angels, and as it hit the ground in between them, a field of electricity launched out of it, knocking both guards out.

Bringing the girls up to the exit, she gave each of them a hug, and a kiss on the forehead, before she gave a letter to Ikoros, telling her it would be for a man called the Hokage, and then used her angel power to send the girls through, knowing that she couldn't go with them, or Minos could find them again. She gave the exit one last look, and then tearfully turned and left.

Dividing Line

one thing that the angels didn't know about the pocket dimension that they had created long ago, was that with such power put into it, it left a powerful imprint of it's creators in it. The imprint was capable of seeing not only what happened within the pocket dimension, as well as the experiences of those who used the exit, but also the places where a portal would open from the exit, and it had watched as the angels had faded. It had watched the first two try to leave, only for one to come back a prisoner. It had watched as the children of the one who was a prisoner were brought up as weapons. It had also seen how the prisoner had lived with the humans.

It now saw where the children were being sent, because Daedalus couldn't fully control where her children were being sent. A secret base under Konoha run by a certain War Hawk.

For the first time there was a consensus between the hundred-thousand minds that made up the imprint, none wanted to se the girls go there, where they would be treated much the same as they had. The imprint shifted the exit portal, though it couldn't shift it enough to put it where it was meant to go, it could shift it somewhere where the girls would get help.

To a training ground right above, usually reserved for the Hokage.

Dividing Line

So this is my rewrite for True happiness, as you can see there are a few changes, mostly I tried to give Minos a true motivation like he does in Sora no Otoshimono, and I may even make him turn good in the end like he does in the manga, but I'm not sure about that

I also added Oregano to Daedalous's daughters, because when rereading the manga in preparation for my rewrite I really got a better sense of her character, and now I want here at least there, though I'm not sure if she will be with Naruto.

And finally, I also decided to give a lot more details so I had a better story, because I realized that the stories I liked the most didn't require prior reading of stories to enjoy, but rather could be standalone pieces if they weren't based on a story already, so I tried to put in enough explanations no one needed to have read the manga without it being info dumps.

There are also quite a few minor changes, hope you like it, I'll have the rewritten chapter 2 out either tonight or next Thursday, just because I'm busy with a family thing tomorrow, and work from Sunday to Wednesday, and I do 12 hour shifts, so I have little time and energy when I get home.