i laugh
i laugh at the stupidity and craziness of the human race
we spend hours trying to prove something
and forget that you can't make a horse drink
we forget that their stubborness is equal to ours
if they require proof, they won't believe
even if you give it to them
because proof is relative
the reasons you believe
can't just be transferred to them
they have to find their own reasons
and they'll find their own reasons not to believe

i laugh.
i laugh that even though i knew this all along,
even though it was inside me
i was caught in the game
my competitive nature
my own pride
forced me to continue, to show i was right.
i have to show, i have to prove
it's just not _fair_, i know i'm right.
why can't they see what is so clear to me?

and i laugh
because the answers i had
i never even really shared
i showed them flaws in their arguments
but i never showed the love
the kindness, the joy
that is so central to what i believe
that is so central to who i am
i forgot that the truth i carry
doesn't need to be proved
for the fact that it is a truth is enough

i laugh at myself
and yet, down my cheeks
run tears
regret, weariness, sorrow, and relief
are carried with them