*Warning* This story is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended. Take caution in reading: sensitive topics, abuse, prostitution, adultery! No flames please, you've been warned!

Chapter One: The Other Woman

"You're leaving tonight?" Tanya demanded as she barged into my room.

"Yes." I said blankly as I packed an overnight bag.

"You're going to her, aren't you?" She crossed her arms.

"Mind your business." I said.

"You're my husband! You are my business!" She yelled.

"Tanya, enough." I shoved passed her.

"What if I slept around like you do? How would that make you feel?" She followed me down the hall.

"I don't care what you do Tanya." I said.

"Have fun with your whore!" She snarled.

I spun quickly, "Don't talk about her like that. She's not a whore."

"She's fucking a married man, she's a whore." Her voice was low.

I turned and slammed the door in her face. That fucking woman drove me insane. I can't believe my luck, marrying a shrew like Tanya only to meet the love of my life six months after that. The world was cruel.

I drove to the penthouse in the city, the home I shared with Tanya resided on the outskirts of the large city.

The penthouse I purchased for my beloved was a spacious four-bedroom home, fully furnished to her liking and serviced so she didn't have to lift her beautiful fingers. I made sure she was living in the lap of luxury.

I opened the door with my key and set my bags beside the table. Kate, her full-time maid, was waiting for me. She knew I got here at around this time every night.

"Where is Isabella?" I asked.

"She's out on the patio reading Mr. Cullen." She said.

"Good. Take my bags to the room." I said, walking up to the private patio.

I found her sitting in the hanging swing, reading a large travel book. I smiled and felt my cock jump under my slacks; she was completely naked in the swing, her long legs dangling over the side.

I walked to her but she ignored me. Which drove me insane, which is why she enjoyed doing it.

"I don't know how I feel about you, sitting here on the patio completely naked for all to see." I said.

She smiled and looked up at me from under her long lashes. She dropped the book onto the end table and got up from the swing. Her chest pressed against mine.

"Maybe I want everyone to see." She whispered.

"I'm a very jealous man. I don't want to share what's mine with the world." I told her.

She lifted her left hand, "I don't see a ring on this finger."

I growled and grabbed her a little too roughly around the waist, throwing her over my shoulder. I kicked open the doors to our bedroom and threw her on the bed. She squealed as I bit the skin on her neck.

I grabbed both her hands and held them above her head, "You know I love you?"

"I know you love me," She said, her chin lifted high, "But you're married to another."

I sighed, "I know, Bella, I know and I'm working on it."

She rolled away, crossing her arms and staring at the wall. I bit the inside of my cheek, wanting to grab her and slam her back down for turning away from me, but I also understood why she was upset. I sighed and scooted towards her.

"Bella, I'm really trying to sort everything out. Why can't you be happy with the way things are? You know I love you more than anyone else, I would buy you anything you want any time you want it. You outrank everyone in my life." I told her.

"I can't be happy with the way things are because I will always be a whore in everyone's eyes! I will never hold any sort of status in your family! I will never have their respect. And what of the children we have? They will just be your illegitimate children who have no right to your family's status. I can't accept that." She yelled.

Anyone else would have slapped, including Tanya, if they talked to me in such a manner. But not Bella, the woman I loved; she was far too important in my life to be slapped. Instead she received a gentle caress of my hand.

"I know, Bella. And I promise you, that you will hold status and respect in my family's eyes. As for anyone else they don't matter," I leaned into her, "And the children we have will be entitled to everything that is rightfully theirs. They will grow to lead the family as I have."

She sighed dramatically and fell against me, "It's not fair."

I chuckled at her youthful display, "Yes, it's not. But I plan on changing things, so don't you worry your pretty little head about this temporary situation."

She looked up at me, "And what do you plan to do about it?"

I tapped her nose, "You don't worry about it."

She rolled over onto her stomach, her face pressed into the pillow. I let my hand drift from her ankle to her inner thigh, I could feel her heat. I laid against her body, my lips against her ear.

"I brought you a gift." I whispered.

She turned her head, "Where is it?"

I chuckled and reached into my pocket. She sat up, interested in the gift. I usually showered her in lavish gifts; I loved spoiling her.

She smiled as I opened the blue box, "Ohhh! Tiffany earrings! They're beautiful! I love them!" She gushed.

She took out her current diamonds and replaced them with the new ones. She looked in the mirror, turning and twisting her head appreciatively. She jumped back into my lap and kissed me, her arms wrapping around my neck.

"I had them specially made just for you," I brushed her long hair aside and kissed her slender neck, "No one will ever have the same earrings as you, my love."

She chuckled and pressed her hands against my chest, I placed my hands on her hips. The kiss deepened, tongues tangling and tasting one another. I squeezed her toned ass as I fell on top of her.

We broke apart so I could take my shirt off then immediately connected again. My cock jumped as her hand squeezed the front of my pants. She unzipped and pulled my cock free of its confines. She stroked it a few times before rolling me onto my back.

She straddled me, rubbing her hands along my chest. She leaned down and ran her lips against the scars. I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her back up to my lips. I kept a tight hold of her hair as we kissed again.

She jerked away from me, looking down at me and smiling. I chuckled and began twisting her nipples with my fingers. She threw her head back, gasping; she ground her pelvis against my stomach.

I grunted when her small hand wrapped around my cock, stroking up it vigorously. After a few minutes, I grabbed her hand and halted her movements.

Her lip lifted in the slyest of grins, "Aw, what's wrong? Going to cum to early?"

I growled and gripped her hips tightly, my fingers digging into the bone. She gasped then a sly grin appeared on her face. Her hands roamed up my sides. She leaned up, lips against my ear.

"I love driving you crazy," she whispered before licking my earlobe.

I chuckled, "Well, you have a way of driving me completely insane with need."

I grabbed her legs and jerked them over my shoulders before thrusting deeply into her. She gasped, her eyes rolling back.

"Oh, Edward," she gasped.

I growled loudly and pulled myself to my knees, pushing my cock deeper into her tight pussy. I gripped the headboard, my legs shaking as I tried to keep myself from shooting my load into her.

Her hands roamed slowly down my back and squeezed my ass tightly. I chuckled and licked her long neck; nibbling and sucking the soft skin there. I liked to leave marks upon her beautiful skin to show everyone that she is mine.

I lifted up to look down at her, "god, I love you."

She smiled, her hands moving around my neck and pulling me into a deep kiss. I pulled away from the kiss and started thrusting as hard as I could. Her legs wrapped around my hips moving with me as I thrusted.

I knew when she was close; her moans would become squeaky and her body would stiffen. I loved to watch her eyes roll back and her hands grasp for anything to squeeze as she came. I gripped her thighs as I started feeling my own orgasm build up in my stomach.

"Edward!" She squealed loudly, her entire body rearing off the bed.

Her orgasm pushed me over the edge; her sweet pussy milking everything out of my cock.

We stayed connected for several moments afterwards, breathing heavily. Our foreheads touching.

"I love you Isabella."