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Life 1: Down the Devil Hole

In this world, there a three dimensions housing four races of beings. The dimension of Heaven ruled by God and is the home to the Angel Race. The dimension of the Underworld, governed by the four Great Satans and home to the Devil Race. The true dimension, or rather human worlds is home to both the leaderless Humans, and the Fallen Angels, lead by the Grigori. Most of Humanity do not know of the existence of the other three races bar a select few, which is for the best because human's are powerless when compared with Angels, Devils and Fallen.

"So why are we living here mummy?" A young boy with spiky brown hair and brown eyes, he was wearing a loose plain white t-shirt and grey shorts. He appeared to be around five years old.

"Because there was a terrible war that happened with Heaven," the boys mother replied. She looked to be in her early thirties sporting brown hair that fell down to her chin and tied back in a long ponytail that reached her waist, her honey brown eyes showing sorrow as she continued. "Your father and I left during the events and came here."

It wasn't the detailed truth, but her son still nodded his head, not understanding that there was more to the story.

"Are we going back?" Was the next question.

"No, we decided that we'll live here, this world is a place where we can live peacefully," she patted the boy on the head with a smile. "Now you best get some sleep my little Issei, it's late already."

Already being in a bed, the young boy gave a smile and nod.

"Alright mummy, goodnight." Pulling the covers up, the boy snuggled down as his mother left the room, turning off the light and closing the door.

Yes, peace was all she wanted for her boy, but the world sometimes isn't fair.


"To think there'd be some of your kind down here," the speaker was a man with ashen coloured skin. His pitch black hair held in a ponytail that reached his mid back and piercing violet eyes. From his nose down over his chin was covered with a black triangular cloth with the word Eden written across it in green. Dressed in a white button shirt and a black vest with dress pants he cut a rather handsome figure, if not for the neon green coloured shaft of light held in his right hand. Eight large black feathered wings also sprouted from his back.

"Why... are you doing this?" A man who looked to be in his late thirties asked through clenched teeth. Clutching a profusely bleeding upper left arm with a hand. He looked rather unassuming with spiky brown hair and a pair of glasses, wearing a yellow collard shirt and white pants. Though out of his back he was sporting two black coloured bat-like wings.

"Orders I'm afraid, I didn't want to do this considering you were living here peacefully. For some reason Kokabiel decided he wanted you dead," the man heaved a sigh, he really hated killing those who didn't deserve it, no matter what race they were. "I apologise in advance."

In an instant, the neon green light was jammed through the man's chest causing him to cough up blood and fall to his knees.

"Darling," a woman's shout drew the man's eyes to the other side of the room where a woman was holding a young child.

As he approached the two, the woman wrapped her arms around her sons head, but didn't look away from him.

"Hmm, facing death head on?" He then knelt down to the boys height, who had wriggled his head out of his mothers embrace. "What's you name boy?"

"I...Issei," the boy trembled.

"Issei huh?" A magic Circle formed to the man's side as he reached in and pulled out a red and green fluctuating sphere. Placing it against the boys chest, the sphere sunk into the boy and the room was filled with a Divine energy, different to the energy produced by the neon green shaft. Standing up the man walked to the other side of the room. "Take the boy back to the Underworld," the man spoke, surprising the mother. "Issei, my name is Shamsiel and what I have just given you if one of Gods good graces, I want you to grow strong so that one day, you can beat me and the man who ordered me to kill your father, Kokabiel of the Grigori." Spreading his eight wings, a glow appeared at his feet and he sunk into the ground, disappearing from sight.

The mother was surprised by the sudden change in situation. She had been preparing to join her husband in the afterlife with her poor son soon following but then the Fallen Angel spared her? For what purpose she couldn't fathom but right now it didn't matter. Using magic to store her dead husbands corpse, she would see him get a proper burial once she got her son out of harms way.

"The Underworld," she tried to keep her tears back as she looked down at Issei. "Looks like you'll get to see mummy's home world after all sweetie".


After arriving in the Underworld, the woman found herself outside of a town, she didn't know whose territory she was in, but it was still safer them the Human World right now. She walked through town, Issei walking beside her, looking around in wonder at this new place. He didn't know where his mother had taken him, but it was very different from home, the sky was purple even.

"Excuse me young miss, do you need a hand?" A deep voice asked.

A bit startled a being addressed, the woman turned to come face to face with a tall, broad shouldered man with electric blue hair hung around a rugged face with a trailing blue beard. He was wearing what looked to be leather armour, gauntlets and greaves over a chain-mail shirt and hide pants and boots. Her eyes widened as she recognised the man.

"Lord Roavunctus," she breathed.

The man, Roavunctus, rose an eyebrow at the women.

"I suppose I should know why I am known," the man nodded. "However you have me at a disadvantage?"

"Oh, sorry, my names Aik... Averiko, Averiko Marchosias," the women spoke her name.

"Marchosias?... the eldest daughter of the Marchosias line. But we all thought..." Roavunctus was stunned. "You escaped to the Human World didn't you?"

"Ye...yes I did," Averiko nodded. "After the battle that took the life of my parents... I couldn't take it any longer."

Noticing the pain in her eyes, Roavunctus understood.

"It was indeed a horrible time," Roavunctus sighed. "My Eldest son left the Underworld just before the actual fighting got under way."

"Raijunctus," Averiko muttered.

"Yes, how did? Did you meet him in the Human World?" A light of hope sparkled in Roavunctus's eyes.

"Yes, but he died up there," Averiko said sadly.

"Oh I see." A weight seemed to drop on Roavunctus. "Might I ask your relationship to him?"

"I was... I was his wife," Averiko smiled firmly.

"W...Wife you say." His eyes then trailed to the boy at the woman's side. "Then that boy?"

"Yes, he is our child," Averiko picked Issei up and smiled at him. "Issei, you see the blue haired man there, he's you daddy's daddy, that makes him your Grandpa."

"Granpa?" Issei tilted his head in a childishly cute manner before smiling. "Granpa."

"In..indeed lad." Averiko handed Issei to Roavunctus, the man's eyes tearing up. "I'm your Grandpa, call me Grandpa Roa."

"Granpa R... Roa," Issei tried before nodding. "Granpa Roa."

"It was fortuitous that you landed in this town of all places," Roavunctus grinned widely. "Come, I'll see to it you a set with accommodations."

"Just a moment F...Father," Averiko halted. "Before I left the Human World, I brought Raijuctus's body with me."

This stopped the Blue haired man cold.

"I... I see," he gulped "That couldn't have been easy of you... I suppose first thing we should see too is a burial." He placed Issei down, confusing the boy, so he pattered him on the head "Do not worry lad, I just have to go make some arrangements, I'll be back to pick up you and you mother soon."

With that Aiko Hyoudou died with Reiji Hyoudou that day, Averiko Marchosias decided she would raise Issei in the Devil Underworld, and Roavunctus Bifrons, current Head of the Bifrons Clan was going to help his Grandson in any way he could.


"Reminiscing about the past?" Averiko was pulled from her thoughts as she stood on a small hillside just a small ways outside the town, in a small cemetery where they laid Raijunctus to rest.

"It has been eight years Father" Roavunctus stood behind the young woman, her facial feature had returned to her more devil nature, all female Devils being naturally young looking despite their age, her soft brown hair framing her face and falling into a similar long ponytail to what she had when she donned her human disguise, though her eyes, which were a honey coloured brown in human form, was now a glowing gold colour.

"Indeed, a surprise to say the least when my sons wife happened to land herself in the town I was enjoying my retirement in" the man gave a chuckle "And to think it was a member of the Marchosias that my boy married".

Roavunctus bared no ill will toward his son for abandoning the Underworld before the war broke out, he had stated as much to Averiko before. However, the event had caused the Elders to dismiss all of the work the Bifrons Clan put out during the war. This caused Roavunctus to disassociate himself from the Underworld Government, hence his presents in a smaller town, this of course made the Elder's reduce the status of the Bifrons Clan.

"Yes, the chances were slim that I'd meet another Devil in the Human World" Averiko smiled fondly "And that we could have little Issei"

"Speaking of the lad, where is he?" Roavunctus asked "I'm going to be busy for the next week so I wanted to tell him he can ease back on training for the week."

Something Roavunctus was determined to do was to make Issei strong enough to defend himself, especially after Averiko had explained to his what exactly happened during his son's last moments. If one of the Cadre Leaders were involved, then caution must be had, against Kokabiel especially. Roavunctus has had the pleasure of meeting with the war mad Fallen before, his power is something not to underestimate.

"Oh, something to do with those carriages that arrived this morning?" Averiko questioned.

"Yes, apparently they found out my being here and want to see me" sighed Roavunctus "What about I've little clue."

"Then go, I'll tell Issei for you, he's in town anyway" giggled Averiko.

The aforementioned boy was having a small issue of his own. He was dressed in a grey t-shirt with black pants. The day had started out pretty normally. He got up early and went about his morning training. Something his Grandfather had wanted to do was make sure Issei knew how to draw upon his Magic as he held within him two distinct powers. From the Marchosias Clan he has the ability to tame, control and commune with wolves, also along with having enhanced senses and a minor transformation ability. From Bifrons comes the ability to create a Ghoul, a dead construct created from his blood and magic, also the ability to reanimate the dead (incidentally something he had yet to try out, apparently the Underworld isn't really that dangerous a place.) After he finished his morning training, he decided he'd head into town for a breather before returning to more training. It was here he ran into said issue. Walking alongside him was a child, a young boy. He looked to be around seven or eight with crimson red hair and dressed rather immaculately in a grey shirt and shorts with a red tailed coat that had dark yellow embroidery upon the shoulders. Currently the boy was eating an ice cream (something Issei had a minor issue within considering they were in hell, the place of fire, brimstone and apparently soft serves) which Issei had purchased for him after finding him wandering around the streets earlier.

"So Ddraig, what do I do?" Issei asked in his mind.

[Your guess is as good as mine Partner] a deep reverberating voice spoke back.

Two years into his training, when he was around seven years old, his grandfather discovered something. The gift given to him that fateful day by Shamsiel was in fact one of God's famed Sacred Gears, only those with human blood are born with these gifts. A Devil can only appropriate one should they have one that was removed from a human and having it placed in them. Even more amazing was that the Gear Shamsiel had gifted him was among the thirteen strongest Sacred Gears, a Longinus Gear. This particular one housed the soul of an ancient powerful Dragon named Ddraig, the Red Welsh Dragon. A monster so powerful God feared him and sealed him away into one of his Sacred Gears.

"Thought so" Issei sighed "So kid..."

"Oh, sorry sir, my names Millicas" the boy bowed "Thank you for the ice cream."

"No problem, my names Issei" Issei ruffled the kids head, causing the boy to smile "So where are your parents?"

"Hmm, well Mother is still at home, Father said he has to attend a meeting with a person in this town" Millicas explained "He told me it was boring grown up stuff and that I should go into the city to play."

"What a laid back Father" Issei sweatdropped "Okay, when do you need to be back by?"

"Father said around four" Millicas grinned.

"It's a little passed one now... guess I'll hang out with the kid" Issei made up his mind "What do you say to hanging out with me for the day."

The boy looked surprise, before nodding his head with a smile.

"Hope Gramps doesn't beat me up for this" Issei heaved a sigh.

He needn't have worried because it appears his Grandfather was busy too. Apparently some important Devils had arrived in town to speak with Roavunctus, who had somehow become the de-facto Major of the town, mostly on account of his rank. So Issei spent his remaining week keeping the young boy company. He figured he'd make sure the kid wouldn't end up in any sort of trouble, despite how harmless the town was. He relegated to training he decided to perform on his own to the night, it wouldn't do to take a week off only for the old coot to pole axe him for laziness when they resumed. Millicas also had a penchant for wandering, trying to find adventure in every which way conceivable, Issei had to take the boy everywhere around the town. He was happy to see that Millicas was fine with just looking around. Seemed the boy never got out much, which Issei assumed was normal for the young children of High-Class Devils. It was getting on to four when Millicas surprised him.

"Hey Big Brother, I told my Father about you." Issei had gained the title Big Brother on the second day, something Iseeie was relatively weary of. "He wants to meet you and thank you for keeping me company over the last week."

Issei wasn't exactly sure, but he felt something was gonna change in his mundane life (well as mundane as life could be being a Devil and holding the conciousness of an Ancient Dragon inside you)as he followed Millicas.

"When the lad mentioned having someone keep him company, I thought it would be you Issei," at the meeting spot, Roavunctus shook his head with a chuckle, next to him was a handsome man with crimson red hair and blue-green eyes. Looking to be in his early twenties and wearing a white shirt and pants, a black vest with gold trimming and a purple coloured cape with gold and grey shoulder-pads, he was by far the most regal looking Devil Issei had ever met.

"Such a small world Roavunctus, isn't it," the regal Devil laughed. "I take it this is young Issei?".

"Yes, my Grandson," nodded Roavunctus.

Approaching Issei, while lifting Millicas into his arms, the man smiled disarmingly.

"So your Issei Hyoudou," gazing at the boy thoughtfully, the man nodded. "And apparently now Big Brother, thank you for keeping my son company".

"Oh, err... your welcome?" Issei wasn't sure what was going on.

"Ahh, my apologies, I'm Millicas's father, Sirzechs," the man nodded his head.

"Oh, nice to meet you sir," Issei returned the nod. 'Wait a second, why does that name seem famili...' Issei came to a realisation. "Wait a second... as in Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the current Four Great Satans?" Issei was truly speechless.

"Indeed I am," Sirzechs chuckled, "Tell me Issei, are you aware of the situation you're isn't right now?"

"Situation?" Issei was puzzled, then tilted his head. "You're talking about me being related to the Marchosias and Bifrons clan right?"

"Yes, you see right now the Marchosias Clan's head is your Mother while the head of the Bifron's Clan is your Grandfather," Sirzechs explained. "I've spoken with both of them at length and they've said that they have little interest in returning to their previous titles."

Issei nodded, he knew that already, his father was the heir to the clan Bifrons before leaving the Underworld before the start of the Great War. His mother on the other hand became the Head of the Marchosias when her parents were killed during the Great War, however because of what happened she chose to leave the Underworld as well. Roavunctus and Averiko had told him when he was old enough to understand.

"Of course, I've no intention of placing pressure on them to return, but when they told me about you I was intrigued," Sirzechs gave an easy grin. "You are in a very unique position, because you are the heir apparent to both Clans."

"Is that possible?" Issei was a little shocked. "I mean Gramps has explained to me a little on how the Clans work but I thought I would be the heir to the Bifrons Clan on account of being first born and my Dad being from the Bifrons Clan."

While not strictly patriarchal the Devil heritage of two first-born heirs having a child such in the case of his mother and father, generally goes that the child would be the heir to the fathers Clan first, while the second born would be the heir to the mothers. This was mostly regardless of gender unless the Clan themselves otherwise stipulates.

"Normally that's the case, but due to you Fathers untimely death and the fact your Mother and Grandfather have both passed the right of succession down to you, your now in a position to be the head of both Clans," Sirzechs explained.

Issei was stunned, he wasn't expecting anything like this.

"I had originally come to this town to ask Roavunctus to return to the head of the Bifrons Clan," Sirzechs began. "As your no doubt aware, the Great War took a major toll on the Seventy-Two Pillars. With only Thirty-Three Clans left, of the Thirty-Three the Bifrons Clan has had their status revoked due to Roavunctus stepping away from the Clan while the Marchosias haven't been able to declare a head due to the fact Averiko was still alive," Sirzechs continued. "I've spoken to them both at length and they've deferred their right as Clan Heads to you, making you the Heir to both Clans."

Issei didn't know what to say, he just stared wide eyed at the regal Devil, not sure what to think.

"Of course, the decision to actively take the roll of Clan Head is ultimately up to you, but I would like for you to do it," Sirzechs grinned. "That way two more of our families will be brought back." Placing a hand on Issei's shoulder, the elder Devil continued. "You don't need to make the choice now of course, you should meet with your extended families first, get to know those you might one day chose to lead, Roavunctus will be able to teach you about the Clan's themselves. When you have reached a decision, your Grandfather knows how to contact me."

"How long do I have to make the decision?" Issei questioned.

"Hmm, well I'd like to say as long as you want, a year would be nice if you can make it then," Sirzechs answered. "But don't rush too much, it is your future after all."

It wasn't long after that Sirzechs and Millicas left the town, leaving Issei to contemplate exactly what it was he was going to do for the future.

"Gramps, did you tell him about Ddraig, and the fact Kokabiel might be after us?" Issei asked after he Lucifer seat holder and entourage had left.

"Yes, Lord Sirzechs was surprised. He said he'd look into the matter regarding Kokabiel himself when he got the chance," Roavunctus answered. "He did say it wouldn't matter either way, it might just make you more acceptable, being a Devil in possession of a Sacred Gear."

"Pheww, this is gonna be a long year isn't it," Issei muttered.

"Yes, yes it is," Roavunctus closed his eyes and nodded in agreement.


Over the course of the next several months, Roavunctus began teaching Issei about the ins and outs of the Devil Hierarchy structure. As it stood at the top of the structure was the Four Great Satans; the four strongest Devils in the Underworld. Consisting of Sirzechs Lucifer from the Gremory Clan, Serafall Leviathan of the Sitri Clan. Next was Ajuka Beelzebub of the Astaroth Clan and finally Falbium Asmodeus from the Glasya-Labolas Clan. Beneath them sat the Council of Elders, Twenty-Five Devils that governed the every day affairs of the Underworld, though most of the important decisions ended up being left to the Four Great Satans. Then their were the Heads of the Thirty-three Clans with their Heirs below them. This was subject to the structure of individual Clans however. An instance would be the Gremory, Sirzechs is the oldest son of the Gremory but when he became the new Lucifer, it would have passed back to his father Zeoticus. Zeoticus however had taken up a position on the Council of Elders and thus could not be the Head of the Gremory Clan so the job will fall to his second born child, his daughter Rias Gremory. Similar workings are shown with the Sitri, Astaroth and Glasya-Labolas Clans due to the positions the first-born have and the fact that the original Clan Heads were now part of the Council of Elders.

"Once all this is cleared up and if you decide to become the next heir I have been offered by Lord Sirzechs to become a member of the council, bringing the number up to Twenty-Six" Roavunctus explained. "He also extended the same branch to your Mother, but she said that she's too young to be called an Elder."

Issei sweatdropped at this but decided not to comment.

Another thing Roavunctus did was introduce him to what was left of the two Clans. Bifrons was the first.

"You left the Clan all those years ago, forsaking us to an existence below our stature only to come back and state that the whelp of that traitorous Elder Brother is to be the next heir," the man shouting held a rough regal countenance, around six foot four with short, windswept dark blue hair hair and a bristly beard that trailed his jawline, and a moustache that rounded his mouth and connected to the chin making a goatee. His eyes were a narrow, sharp golden brown and was dressed in fine magenta coloured robes with golden accents.

"Inside voice Invuctus, Father must have a reason," this came from a man with a more softer regal appearance. Standing a fraction shy of six foot, his light blueish green hair fell straight down the sides of his face in two fringes while falling to his shoulder-blades at his back. His eyes seemed to be closed and he was wearing sky blue coloured robes with aqua coloured accents. His eyes seemed to open a little wider as he took in the boy next to Roavunctus with interest, barely seeing their deep brown colour.

"I care little reason for this travesty, my son Incirctus should be the Heir to the Bifrons legacy," announced the bearded man.

The two speaking where the younger brothers of Issei's father. On the Human Realm side known as Reiji Hyoudou, Raijuctus Bifrons was the eldest son of the Bifrons family. Due to his desertion during the Great War the placement of leadership was left to Roavunctus. But because of the fact that the Council of Elders felt the need to downgrade and insult the Bifrons Clans attribution to the war Roavunctus decided to vacate his title of Duke and the placement of being a Lord because of the judgement facing his clan simply because his Eldest left before the Great War began.

"Indeed I have not fulfilled any of the desires sought to me by the clan since out exile," Roavunctus began, he's regal, awe-inspiring voice quickly silencing his goatee'd son. "Unlike others, I bore no ill will to my Eldest's desire to leave before the war. However, leave he did and die he may have, but he left behind his legacy. It is why I have chosen Issei Hyoudou to become my heir to the Bifrons Clan"

"Then what of my son? Should he not be given the same opportunities?" Questioned the Invuctus.

"You are aware of how ascendency works right Invuctus?" Though posed a question, it was obviously a statement given by the younger member of the duo. "Should our Father deem a Blood Relation worthy of taking the reins, we shall always follow what is laid before us."

"You're saying we should follow this child Acenctus?" The amount of disgust was palpable.

"We both should help to further guide him," explained Acenctus with a nod.

The next family to visit was of course the Marchosias. After the disappearance of Averiko the clan went into a sort of political limbo, though Roavunctus had offered to go in her stead, Averiko thought it for the best that she faced the remains of her family, her three younger sisters.

"So you actually did decide to come back," the woman speaking was dressed in a elaborate violet coloured sun-dress. Her dull greyish brown hair was done up in a tight bun.

"It's good to see you after all this time Elder Sister" this came from a women dressed in a bland indigo dress, she had dark brown hair, cut hime style across her brow and hanging short to her shoulders.

"I'm so happy your alive Big Sis" the only one of the three sisters not currently of the risen platform of the audience chamber, was instead hugging Averiko's left arm. Deep brownish red hair tied up in too buns and with a greyish purple dress that went only to he knees, Issei was knocked a little of kilter that the youngest of the four sister, which he knew was still over a thousand years old was acting like a teenager.

All three sisters shared the same glowing gold eyes Averiko had.

"It's good to see you all after so long" Averiko smiled, trying to calm her exuberant younger sister.

"So then, we have been told that the child next to you is your own?" the sister dressed in the violet dress, Ailenko spoke "And that not only does he share blood with the Bifrons Clan, he also wishes to claim to right to rule both Clans?"

"Issei was only asked by Lord Sirzechs if he would take up the leadership of both Clans" Averiko replied, eyes narrowing at the tone her sister was using. "He has been given a year to make up his decision, I have already agreed to make him the heir to the Clan."

"You come back after all these years, and think that you still have the right to decide what happens in this family" Ailenko rose her voice.

"Sister, please" the sister in the bland indigo dress, Azerehko placed a hand on Ailenko's shoulder. "Elder Sister never had the right of Clan head revoked from her."

"So your saying we should just agree to let her son, not even born for a century have her way?" Ailenko asked with a growl.

"What's the matter Big Sister Ailenko, Big Sis is the Clan Head so she should decide," the youngest sister, Arienko spoke "Besides, your own son Ayelith is barely fouty-five."

Ailenko glared at her youngest sister.

"Regardless, this boy has not only Elder Sisters approval, but also the approval of a current Satan" here Azerehko looked over Issei, causing him to gulp. "He doesn't seem too bad, he is able to hold himself with etiquette and poise even in a tension filled room such as this, despite his age."

This cased Arienko to stop hugging her sisters arm before moving around Issei, before stopping in front of him.

"Hmmm," she hummed in though before pointing at Issei. "No calling me Auntie," she declared suddenly, making Issei jump "I'm Big Sis Arie got that?"

"Err, yes Ma'am" surprisingly, despite seeming like a perpetual teenager, she still had a commanding voice similar to his mother.

"Not Ma'am" she wagged her finger while shaking her head.

"I... I mean yes Big Sis Arie" Issei repeated.

"Good boy, Big Sis is happy" she proceeded to wrap her arms around Issei's head, smooshing his head against her rather impressive D-Cups. "Now to introduce you to Averika."

"Averika?" Averiko questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, my daughter, she's the cutest thing in the world, I named her after you a bit Big Sis" Arienko grinned widely.

With that, and considering Ailenko had stormed out of the room at some point, the meeting was adjourned. Issei was thankful for it too, he needed some rest.


Laying in his bed at home, Issei felt the last two months sink in.

"I'm glad Lord Sirzechs gave me a year to decide" Issei spoke to Ddraig.

[A choice such as this is ill advised to rush] the Welsh Dragon responded [Choosing to be a Heir to a Clan means you are wilfully choosing to eventually lead the Clan, and you will have two Clans to see too as well.]

"Ahh, so that's why aside from helping with some of my stuff you've kept you opinion to yourself." Issei smirked.

[It'll be useless for me to say anything about a Dragons pride and the fact that leading is what we should do] Ddraig snorted. [I am well aware this is Devil society and that is what you are, so ultimately the choice is up to you] pausing a moment, Ddraig then added. [Rest assured however, that should you decide to take up the rank of Clan Heir, it would do well for my own Draconian Pride.]

Issei let out a chuckle, in the end Ddraig was a true Dragon, powerful and prideful. Regardless of the decision he'd make, he was sure that the Welsh Dragon would always have his back.

[Of course, we are partners after all] Ddraig growled [Now sleep, you'll no doubt need the energy.]


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