Jaune sighed aloud as he laid down on his bed, staring at nothing. Ren was helping Nora make grenades and making sure that they don't accidentally go off. Pyrrha absentmindedly cleaned her weapons as she stared at Jaune with worry.

"Jaune," Pyrrha asked. "Are you alright? You've been staring at the ceiling for an hour."

Jaune sat up and looked over at Pyrrha. He gave a small smile and said. "It's nothing major Pyrrha. It's just." He gave a frustrated sigh. "I wanna know what my semblance is." Nora and Ren stopped and looked at their leader. Jaune got up and started pacing "We're a semester into the school year and I'm still no closer to finding out what it is when I first started looking!" Jaune stopped and let out a heavy sigh. "It's just so . . . frustrating because it feels like its right in front of my face but I can't see it." Jaune then closed his eyes as he tilted his head up.

Pyrrha walked over and place her hand on his shoulder. Jaune looked back to see his partner give him a reassuring smile. "It's alright Jaune. Not everyone discovers their semblance so soon, and, uh." Pyrrha hesitated as she looked at the door to see if anyone's listening. "I didn't discover my semblance till the final round of my first tournament and I had my aura unlocked since I was 10."

Jaune's eyes widened at the new information. The resident ninja of the group added his two cents. "I have to agree with Pyrrha. I had my aura unlocked for about 9 years and I had my semblance for 5 years."

The bomber interjected. "I actually got lucky. I discovered my semblance when I got hit by lightning a couple months after my aura was unlocked. I didn't know how it worked exactly until I punched an Ursa major."

Ren let out a tired sigh and muttered. "I swear my heart stopped that day."

Meanwhile, Jaune was smiling at his friends opening up to him but then he had a flat look on his face. "Something wrong?" Pyrrha asked, wondering what happened to his mood.

Jaune walked over to the door and opened it. All of team RWBY fell down in front of Jaune. "Must you always eavesdrop on us?" He said, annoyed at their antics. Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren gave a small glare at their sister-team.

"It was all Yang's idea!" Ruby shouted out in panic. Said blond looked at Ruby with shock/anger. Weiss and Blake simply rolled their eyes

Before anything else could happen, an announcement sounded out. "Would teams RWBY and JNPR report to the headmaster's office, I repeat Teams RWBY and JNPR report to the headmaster's office," Glynda said through the speakers throughout the school.

"What did you do this time, Ruby?" Weiss demanded.

"ME?!" The little reaper yelled, completely surprised and angry. "Why do you think I did something wrong?! I was with you guys the whole time!" She said as she pointed at her team.

"She's got you there." Yang pointed out.

"Let's get going before into more trouble," Blake said, being the rational one of the group. Everyone agreed and they headed off toward headmaster Ozpin's office.

As they passed other students, many of them were talking about a possible new student.

"It's just one guy. Is he going join another team?"

"I wonder what weapons he uses; I didn't see any on him."

"He actually looked pretty handsome. I wonder if he'll take me out if I ask."

The two teams looked amongst each other in confusion; none of them have any idea on what they're talking about. "Think this new guy has to do with why we're called up?" Yang asked; her curiosity getting the better of the brawler.

"It's possible." Blake agreed.

"Oh oh," Nora exclaimed. "What if he's from another dimension and he'll show us a world where Jaune Jaune's super awesome?!" Everyone stared at Nora like she's crazy which she is a lot of the time.

"As nice as that thought is, let's hurry up. I don't wanna be in trouble." Jaune said, getting everyone back on track.

They arrived at the elevator and went up in two groups, JNPR went up first. The doors opened up to show the floors are made of glass, showing the guts of the tower. The team stepped out and looked around in amazement. They heard someone clear their throat and look over to see Ozpin, Ms. Goodwitch, and a third person.

The third person is a teen with a thin frame but it's hard to tell with the big, blue coat he has on. The coat is unzipped, letting them see the black shirt underneath tucked into his jeans. The jeans itself has several holes in them, the larger ones patched with cloth from other pants but on the inside of the pants instead. The teen's eyes couldn't be seen because of the aviator-like sunglasses he has on. His hair is so short it doesn't look like it needs to be combed at all.

"Professor Ozpin, who's this?" The leader of the team asked.

"I'll tell ya after the other team gets up here." The newcomer answered. Glynda was ready to scold him but held her tongue. Shortly after, team RWBY exited the elevator. The second team looked around with the same wonder as the first group. "Alright," The teen continued. "Now that everyone is here; I can do this." He then snapped his fingers and everyone was blinded by a flash of light.

Once it died down, the two teams and professors saw they were not back the headmaster's office. The new room was very large and had steel walls with no paint, lights at each of the corners, a door on one wall, a large bookcase on the far left corner, and several couches nearby with tv in front of said couches.

"Ok," Yang said with uncertainty. "Why did he bring us here?"

"It can't be to kill us." Jaune said, "He could've easily done that back at the tower." The two teams were surprised at his reasoning.

"Well said Mr. Arc. Good analytical skills." Ozpin complimented.

Jaune rubbed the back of his head and smiled sheepishly. "It's common sense, really." He then looked annoyed. "Sometimes I wonder if people don't have any common sense." Ozpin then grumbled something about the council.

"Too true my friend, too true."

Everyone's heads swerved to see the same man the brought them here enter through the door, smiling.

The teen clapped his hands. "Ok, before we do anything else, let's take care of introductions. You can call me Trevor."

Everyone agreed though some did with reluctance.

"I am known as headmaster Ozpin of Beacon Academy," Ozpin said.

"With a fortitude so strong, I wonder how he's not bouncing off the walls like Professor Oobleck," Trevor said.

"Doctor!" A voice said, coming from everywhere at once. Everyone, including Trevor and the professors, were startled by the voice.

"Ok, then" Trevor shakily said. "Let's keep going."

"I am his assistant, Glynda Goodwitch." The green-eyed woman said next.

"More like the Headmistress of the school in all but name." Trevor joked. Yang and Nora laughed, while Glynda muttered about not getting paid enough.

"Hello! I'm Nora! Do you like pancakes?" Nora asked quickly. Trevor chuckled at the question.

"Yeah, I like pancakes, though pancakes and waffles are the same as they can be made from the same batter, after all." Ren silently agreed while Nora yelled "Blasphemy!" as she pointed at him.

"Lie Ren," The ninja simply said. "Nora's partner."

"Who's head over heels for ya," Trevor responded. Ren closed his eyes and said nothing while Nora's blush was as red as Ruby's cloak as she sputtered out denials.

"Hello," The Spartan started. "I'm Pyrrha Nikos."

"Four-time Minstrel champion graduated at the top of her class at Sanctum, and is on the front of Pumpkin Pete's cereal boxes." Trevor interrupted. Pyrrha frowned, thinking he was a fan. He continued "And frankly: I don't care." Pyrrha was surprised at this. "She's still a person, after all. Besides, I judge a person by their personality, likes, dislikes, and actions; though I do admit that I am guilty of judging a book by its cover. And besides, I've seen stuff that blows your achievements out of the water." He finished with a smirk on his face. Pyrrha sighed and smiled, perhaps he wasn't so bad.

Yang wondered what he meant by that and asked. The teen smiled and said, "I'll show you a few anime later, including one of my favorites." Yang gave a toothy smile and rubbed her hands together.

Jaune stepped up. "My name's Jaune Arc, the leader of Team JNPR." He said with a sheepish smile.

"A man with SO much potential," Trevor exclaimed "Seriously! The rate you learn is unbelievable, you learn what takes most people years and you learn it in months at worst!" Jaune looked away and rubbed the back of his head.

Yang confidently stepped up. "The name's Yang Xiao Long. I like puns, fighting and all around being a badass."

"Who still has her V-card," Trevor Said with a mischievous smirk. Yang's face turned bright red and sputtered, a few others blushed as well, Glynda pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance while Ozpin sighed. Trevor chuckled and said. "Moving on."

Weiss walked up next, thankful for the distraction. "I am Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company." She said as she curtsied.

"Who did a one-eighty personality-wise so fast I wondered if the real Weiss was swapped for a clone," Trevor said. Weiss cringed at the memories of when she first got to Beacon.

"Blake Belladonna." The girl said flatly.

"The secret Faunus," Trevor said, Blake's eyes widened in surprise. He continued "I was surprised when I first found out, then again; no one was looking for details like that. Besides, your bow makes you look like you have cat ears, the bow twitches sometimes, and you have cat eyes." Blake realized his point and took off her bow. She sighed in resignation and relief as her ears were cramping up.

"Hi! My name's Ruby Rose! I'm Yang's little sister, even though we look nothing alike." The energetic girl said.

"And the cutest person in all of Beacon." Trevor teased. Ruby blushed in embarrassment and looked away.

"OK!" Trevor said loudly to get everyone's attention. "Now that that's over, I'll tell you why I brought you all here." Everyone stared at the teen with sunglasses, waiting. "The reason is to show you a different dimension where things could have turned out. Though that's one reason, I'll tell you the other after I get some more people and we get started. Be right back" And he left before anyone could say anything.

Weiss was very upset at his reasoning. "He ripped us from our worlds, potentially causing a disaster in the process all just to show us ANOTHER DIMENSION?!" She yelled out, Blake covered one pair of ears at the volume. Some like Ms. Goodwitch agreed with the white girl.

"Calm down everyone," Ozpin said. "I can tell this man doesn't want that kind of thing to happen."

"I guess we wait for now," Jaune said. Weiss and a few others huffed/sighed and waited for the strange man return.


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