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The war between demons and humans have been ongoing since the first civilization of humans came into existence. The demons all followed one leader, the Nine-Tailed Demon, the strongest of all demons. And the humans all followed the Uchiha bloodline, the only humans to have evolved with a special power to tame demons, the Sharingan. But of course, there has never been a human strong enough to subdue a Nine-tailed.

The current battle between the humans and demons involved The current head Uchiha, Fugaku and the head Nine-Tailed, Minato. The current battle has entered it's 9th day of constant fighting. The battlefield was bloody and littered with bodies, patches of grass burnt from explosions.

Minato was currently gathered in his base on the west side of the battlefield, looking over his map of the field, working with his current tactiations on how to go about the stubborn Uchiha's. "Looks like we have to do our Plan Z, don't we?" He darkly chuckled.

The two unnamed Nara demons gave each other worried looks. The Nara's were a type of demon that wasn't very strong physically, or even magically, but their intelligence was one to be reckoned with. "W-what should we tell Kushina?"

Kushina was Minato's mate and second in command. She was a Six-Tailed demon, but had the fiery personality of a Nine-Tailed, sending other demons running with their tails tucked between their legs.

"We'll have to hide the kits." She walked into the room the minute she heard Minato say Plan Z. She walked to Minato's side, grabbing his hand and looking at the two Nara' with confidence.

They bowed and saluted. "We will inform Iruka of his new duties immediately!" The two quickly scuttled out of the room.

As soon as the two were alone, they dropped their superior act and Kushina cried into his chest, Minato comforting her tightly.

"I can't believe we're doing this, Minato." Kushina looked up at her mate, tears streaming from her deep blue eyes. "If one step is miscalculated, you can destroy our entire kingdom."

The two of them looked at the map and watched Plan Z magically unfold in front of them.

Plan Z consisted of Minato using his Rasengan, a powerful, concentrated amount of magic, shaped into a physical orb. The amount of magic could instantly disintegrate a single target with no external damage to the environment. But used as an area attack, will destroy miles of land, and anyone else in their path. Kushina was going to be the distraction, keeping Fugaku distracted while Minato charged up his magic.

Minato held onto her tightly. "If worse comes to worse, at least Kyuubi and Naruto will be safe."

Kushina chuckled lightly. "Yes, they will rise and become powerful leaders." She smiled up at him.

"Kyuubi and Naruto are ready for Iruka's." One of their maids came in.

Kushina and Minato walked out of the room to see their sons, Kyuubi and Naruto.

Kyuubi the older one, who looked to be like an 8-year-old boy in his human form, had shoulder length fiery red hair that was currently let loose of it's normally tied up ponytail. He had sharp, dark blue, almost green, eyes that were currently half-lidded, just being awoken from his sleep. He had four deep whisker scars in his human form and his canine teeth a teeny bit over his bottom lip.

Naruto, the younger one, who looked to be a 5-year-old boy in his human form, had short,bright golden hair, wild and untamed. He also had light blue eyes that shone with curiosity. He had three light whisker scars on his cheeks.

While Kyuubi looked angry, pouting as he glared up at his parents, Naruto was staring up at them, curious as to why he was awoken.

Kushina kneeled down so she was eye level with her sons, she held out her arms and beckoned them to come closer. "Daddy and I have to go out to battle tomorrow, and you two are going to be training with Iruka while we fight. As soon as the fighting is over, Daddy and I will send our horses to come get you."

Kyuubi stared at his mom, a feeling of dread and sadness washing over him. Naruto nodded excitedly, not realizing the seriousness of the conversation. "We're going to Iruka's?! Yay! I can go play outside! Kyuu, we can go outside!"

"Naruto!" Kyuubi shouted. Naruto's excitement soon left and soon tears were pooling in his eyes and he began to cry.

"Hey now, guys." Minato kneeled down next to Kushina and looked at the two boys. "You two have to be nice to each other, We're not sure when we'll be back so you two have to take care of each other now and be the best brothers you can be."

Kyuubi looked down at Naruto who was sniffling and rubbing his eyes before sighing and wrapping him in his arms. The blonde cuddled up to his brother and smiled brightly.

Minato and Kushina smiled lovingly at their sons. "Now, we love you both very much. And be good for Iruka!" She kissed the both of their heads, Minato following her actions.

The maid led the two demons outside to the carriage and it wasn't long before Kushina was crying in Minato's arms. Minato comforted her, his own tears falling from his eyes. They saw from the entrance to their home base as the carriage that held their children began to leave. As it got farther and farther away, until it was out of sight, Minato reluctantly let go of Kushina.

"Let's get some rest. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last time we fight for awhile."

The next morning at dawn, Minato and his men got ready to go out into battle. As they drew near to the actual field where the fighting took place, he could see Fugaku's army in the further distance.

"I'll keep his attention, remember, when the opportunity presents itself, strike him!" Kushina whispered as she stalked up beside him. Minato nodded once before the sound of horns rung throughout the land and the sounds of men and demons shouting filled the air. Minato watched as his men were faster and currently seemed stronger as they ran forward to towards the humans. He smirked when he used his powerful seeing to focus on Fugaku's face which was currently sneering as he watched his men get slaughtered. As he saw Fugaku follow his men into battle, he followed Fugaku's example and ran chuckling into battle.

As the day went on, the battle was becoming more and more heated. One by one, men and demons fell to the ground in a bloody mess. Kushina kept up the distraction, Fugaku easily getting swept up in the moment at an easy attack on the Nine-Tails' mate.

TIme went on, and Fugaku noticed something suspicious about the Six-Tails move. He paused in his chasing after the she-demon to quickly assess the layout. In his peripheral, he noticed the Nine-Tails building up energy, stealthy following behind the duo. Fugaku smirked as he realized the sneak attack that was falling upon them. He stopped in his tracks and Minato smirked as he felt the Rasengan fully formed in his hands.

Fugaku let out a whistle before turning to look over his shoulder and smirk darkly at Minato.

Minato raised a brow, but quickly sped up, aiming his Rasengan to the Uchiha. Just as he was a mere seven feet away, a small dark blur came and stopped behind the man.

Minato's step faltered as there appeared a boy to be about ten, standing behind Fugaku, a long and slim katana wielded in his hands. He had long, jet black hair that was tied up in a high ponytail. He had pale skin and dark tear troughs underneath his eyes. His eyes, Minato's own eyes widened as he saw those dark red eyes, the pupils shaped into a thick, three blade fan. Too entranced by the those eyes, he didn't see the small Uchiha speedily run and swing at the demon's legs. Minato cried out in pain and fell to the ground, the Rasengan in his hand fizzling out as the magic gathered into it was dispelled.

Kushina, turned at the scream, not having realized that Fugaku stopped a few yards back. "Minato!" She screamed out and ran back towards her mate.

Again the boy appeared, his eyes meeting Kushina's, and she was quickly hypnotized. The boy ran towards her and with another quick swipe, cut her own legs. Kushina was sent flying, the momentum bringing her to land almost next to Minato.

The two looked into each other's eyes, both of them still in shock about what they've seen. "The Prophecy." The two whispered to each other in unison. The two both began to smile and Minato wriggled himself closer to Kushina, reaching out and holding her hand.

"Looks like I have defeated this Nine-Tails! We are safe!" Fugaku shouted with a sinister grin. He turned to one his generals. "You! What do we know about any possible heirs?"

"From all the intel we've collected, there seems to be no heirs." The general responded.

Fugaku stared at him before laughing maniacally, walking towards Minato. "You've finally lost, demons! There didn't need to BE a final Sharingan as long as the Nine-Tails is killed!" He laughed again as he rested his leg on top of his chest. "Now, after showing off your heads to all the rest of the demons there, and them running in fear, we can easily exterminate all the demons riding this world of filth."

Kushina began to giggle at Fugaku's words, already a feeling of relief keeping her calm. Minato began to chuckle as well, and soon the two were laughing loudly.

Fugaku's anger boiled, his face turning a bright red at the two demons were dying underneath him, laughing. "Enough of this! Itachi!" Immediately, the boy from earlier appeared next to Fugaku, looking at the two of them in disgust. "Get rid of them!" Fugaku turned around and began to walk off. Itachi raised his katana but then he stopped.

Minato and Kushina smiled warmly at him. Itachi frowned at the weird feeling inside his chest. The two demons whispered something to him and he closed his eyes, feeling terrified. With a quick thrust downwards, he beheaded the two demons.

Fugaku was surprised at how quick Itachi got the job done. He turned around and gathered the two head's into his hands. "Now let's go show them our victory!"

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