Atlas said he's dropping the world tonight

Beck sighed, his shoulders losing the tension that seemed to be ever present. He was so glitching tired. Tired of trying to be everything everyone needed him to be.

Mara needed him to be a reliable employee and a friend to rant to, a friend to go to parties with.

Zed needed him to be him a wing man, to tell him that he had a shot with Mara. He need Beck to be on his side about the renegade.

Able needed him to keep up with his work, and for him to keep Mara and Zed out of trouble.

Regular programs needed him to be a normal mechanic to work on their broken jets and bikes.

Tron needed him to be an emotionless board to insult. And to be perfectly on time and run the simulations perfectly and be Tron perfectly.

Think we deserve a couple of days
People wanting diamonds and pearls in life

I guess he couldn't handle the weight

But he couldn't be it all. He was just one program doing his best. But his best wasn't good enough. He still let everyone down.

Couldn't they see he was trying. He skipped sleep so he could go to the club with Mara and Zed. He skipped meals so he could take the time out of his day to do some repairs and listen to Zed talk dreamily about Mara. He skipped shifts at work so he could train with Tron. He blew off training so he could work for Able.

What more could he do?

Who do you run to when the world beneath is gone?

He was already stretched so thin. All he wanted was for them to see that he was trying. No, scratch that.

All he wanted was somebody to tell him it was okay. That he was perfect how he was. To have someone tell him it was okay to mess up.

But the only person who could do that, hated him.

Cause there's plenty good homes for the wicked here

And money does grow on trees

And the people looking up for the answers here

When the truth is lying at your feet

He couldn't do it all. He realized with a sigh. It wasn't much a realization, he's known it for a while now.

Beck looked around the city from his vantage point. He could run. It would be easy. A simple appearance change. A new name. And a new city. No saving the grid. No demanding mentors. No friends that he had to lie to.

A new, simple life, full of laughter and stress free. He could do it. He could run right now. Go to the train station, pay for a ticket to somewhere random, and never look back. It was so glitching appealing. Leave a simple note and disappear.

Behind him Mara calls his name and with a sigh Beck turns away from what could be and turns to what is.

(A/N: Song is Atlas by Luke Christopher. Hope you enjoyed!)