Chapter 1:


Her brown eyes scanned the platform apprehensively. "Where was he?" She muttered looking around for Harry. So starts year 5 for Ginny Weasley at the Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But this year was going to be different. This year Ginny had a new attitude and a new outlook to match it.

She was no more Virginia Weasley, Percy's younger sister, Fred and George's gullible kid sis, or Ron's annoying 'Ginny' who would never shut up. She had changed over the summer, much to her liking. She had cut that awful mess of long flaming red hair, just to about chin length. It fell in red, silky locks of loose vibrant curls. It made her feel freer, more like her inner-self. She had become taller, by almost a foot. But that wasn't all. She had finally developed a decent figure. She had long slender legs, shapely sensual hips, a small curvaceous waste and a pair of round breasts, heaving with sexuality. But what she was most thankful for was that she had grown into her face. It was no longer short and fat, with the look of a baby, it was long and slender with a look of feminine sexuality but a touch of innocence.

Ginny had grown up into a fine adolescent. But she looked to her side to see her mothers chubby fingers wrapped firmly around hers and it annoyed her that still, she was being treated like a child.

"Mum…" She whined.

"What is it, dear?"

"Listen. It's not that I don't appreciate you or dad or anything. It's just that…"

"That what?"

"What you never held Fred or George's hand when they were fifteen. Neither Ron. None of the others. It really doesn't help me look less of a baby."

Mrs. Weasley was taken aback. "What?"

She sighed, her patience gotten short. "Mum, I want you to stop treating me like a baby. Stop it. I'm not."

"What has gotten into you? You never used to mind it before. It's like I don't even know you anymore."

Externally she said nothing in reply. But internally she let out a devious smirk. Because changing her image was the key part to her plan. Her summer vacation had given her a lot of time to think. And in that time she had figured it out. The reason she couldn't get Harry was because she was too childish. He still saw her as his best friend's little sister. Today he would see her as attractive, older, and even sexy. And she couldn't wait to see the look on his face.

But, since she had gotten to the platform she had had to wait. Her plan entailed her sticking with Ron, no matter how much she hated it, until he caught up with Harry, which he always did in a matter of seconds. But as she began running off with him she sprung back into her original spot by the tug of her mothers hand on hers. She was stuck. As she always used to be, to wait in the sidelines for what she wanted. And then when it finally arrived to watch it pass by.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice, "Hullo to you too Mrs Weasley. Just fine thanks. Hullo Ginny."

Her eyes looked up alert. Up into the face of Harry Potter. Those boyish, curious green eyes, sparkling with happiness. His slender, elongated face, that mop of messy, black hair. She smiled to herself. She didn't think that hair would ever be normal. Then last to his scar, the scar which made him famous, the scar which first attracted her to him. Back then she liked him because he was Harry Potter but now-

She was interrupted again. This time by her beloved (Yeah right) brother Ron. "Ginny! Snap out of it, what were you doing?"

"Thinking, Ron. But that action is foreign to you, isn't it?" She was fuming. Ron always took the first plunge in pointing out her imperfections. Whether it was with the diary, or with Harry, or talking to much. It seemed everything she did annoy him. Now it was his turn to see how it felt to be annoying.

Harry cleared his throat. Uncomfortable with the sibling rivalry. She blushed. Ashamed that she could have forgotten him. Her bolder personality wasn't part of her plan. That had changed naturally. Thanks to Fred and George. After the incident in the Chamber the two had taken her under their wings. Hung out with her more. Even including her in some of their schemes. And now, Ginny could handle herself better in a battle then she had ever imagined. Case in point, her fights with Ron.

"Say hello to Harry, dear. He's been standing here for almost an eternity and you haven't greeted him."

Her blush deepened. It was true. In all her thoughts she hadn't remembered to say hello. Something she would have to work on, living in reality instead of in her head. Living in the present instead of in the past. "Hi Harry," she obeyed shyly.

She looked to the side and most discouragingly saw Hermione. It wasn't that she didn't like the genius witch. In fact she used to adore Hermione. But since then she had spent her time with Fred and George and developed most of the traits Hermione would scold people for. And she enjoyed being scolded by no one. Those days were over. And now it bothered her that wherever Harry went there was Hermione and Ron, his bothersome sidekicks. The pair of thorns in her side.

"Hi Hermione," she said with feigned enthusiasm.

"Hi, Virginia. You're…er… earring is pink. Those aren't of the school colours. You really should change it."

She wrinkled her nose at the sound of Virginia, while her mother started on scolding her in the background. Ever since Hermione had become a prefect she had become less fun. If that was even possible. She reverted to calling Ron Ronald and even, now, to calling Ginny Virginia, which sounded even worse than Hermione in her opinion.

At that thought she fought to hold back the laughter that was making its way out. And looking very odd doing it.

"Hurry up dear," Her mother told her. "The train's already here," she continued taking Ginny's hand.

Ginny sighed. Her mother would never get it. "Mum…" she groaned.

"What? What is it?"

She pointed at the hand with her eyes. Her mother was not following. "The hand…" she said through gritted teeth.

"Oh sorry, dear."

She boarded the rain with the mass of Hogwart's students losing track of Harry, Hermione and even Ron. But she knew Harry well enough. And she made her way to his usual compartment. Maybe then they could talk face to face. And maybe that could lead to something more.

As she approached the compartment she heard three familiar voices: Harry.and of course, Hermione and Ron. She rolled her eyes and made her way towards the door. Before entering, she took out her transparent, strawberry- flavored, smooth silky lip gloss applying it to her full, pursed lips, sliding it back and forth in motion. On smacking her lips in satisfaction and adjusting her bra, making her already perfect breasts the slightest bit more appetizing, she slid the compartment door open.

As expected Ron and Hermione were there. Hermione was giving Ron a lecture about reading other books than what was on the required list.

"Ronald Weasley, I'm going to give you 5 books, written by the five greatest wizard authors, including Hogwarts: A History. I expect you to finish them by the end of the year."

Ginny let out a laugh as she saw the horrified look on Ron's face. Then she heard another voice, this one unfamiliar. She looked. Long jet black hair, dark brown eyes, thick pursed lips, and a flawless body. Cho Chang.

There was Cho, her head resting against Harry's chest, his arm around her neck, green eyes looking at her adoringly...Her brown eyes widened in surprise. But she thought of it and she came to realize that she should expect nothing else. He was Harry Potter. The boy who lived. The celebrity of the school. All the girls wanted him. Her hands clenched into fists, she felt her face turn hot with rage. She urged herself to be calm. After all Cho was just a bump in the road. And she could envision herself cruising safely over that bump. Crushing it into a piece of flat unattractive mass that no man would ever look at again. All she needed was a little re-planning.

She took one last look at Harry. He didn't even notice she was there. None of them did. Ron was too terrified at the thought of actually reading to see her, and Hermione was caught up, as usual, arguing with Ron. Harry and Cho were now too engulfed in, well…swapping spit. She was sure they wouldn't remember her name now, let alone notice her. She made her way out of the compartment, unnoticed. Once again, she was all alone.

Apart from the three she had no friends. If at all you could call them friends. Fred and George had dropped out of school and moved into their joke shop business. They urged her to join them. But frankly Ginny had bigger goals for herself. She wanted to complete her education in hopes of finding something better. And Luna would gladly talk to her. But Ginny was not so happy about being talked to. Not when all the blonde preferred to talk about was the Quibbler. Things were bound to be worse now that she was promoted up a grade to Harry's class. Her mind was set on Harry. And nothing seemed like a good alternative.

As she walked she looked into each compartment. All of them were full, the people in them chatting away excitedly. It hurt to be so alone, it hurt her deeply. A tear trickled down her cheek. She sighed and quickly wiped it away. She needed to stop being a baby. She should have been used to it. Being an outcast. Never quite fitting in. It had been the story of her life. Maybe she needed to accept it.

She turned to look at the compartment she had walked to. This one was surprisingly empty. She entered it quickly and plopped down on one of the sofas with a big sigh. She looked around the compartment. It was surprisingly larger than the rest. She noticed that there was a tray filled with sweets left there. She walked over to it and helped herself to one of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. "Tear flavor," she mumbled, "just my luck."

She made her way back to the sofa. She closed her eyes in meditation. Why didn't Harry like her? Why didn't her plan work? She looked different. She knew it. But no matter what he still saw her as a little girl. No matter what, she was still blushing Ginny. And it seemed she always would be. She was sure that that day could not get any worse. If it did, she would not be able to handle it. She knew it.

"What the hell is wrong with you Weasley?!" came an ice-cold voice. "Apart from the fact that you're a Weasley of course."

She looked up at the owner of that voice. Through tear filled eyes she could see white blond hair, neatly brushed back, gray icy eyes, pale skin, and that trademark smirk.

Draco Malfoy. Oh no. Not now.


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