I wandered through a crumbling city where the road I walked on grows old and cracked. I once saw a patch of green lay app-on a crumbling building,
that was once a business.

There were cars littered in the road.
I walked past a few that had broken windows and dents in them. As I am now in a grassy area I see dust and some

toys that have never felt a human touch,
as well as a toppled down power-line.

As I'm now on a crumbling sidewalk and passing by buildings that are half destroyed and buildings that have been taken over by nature, I walk towards a park that has seen better day's. As I'm in the park I see bodies of people who had lost there lives and weren't able to get out of the now abandoned city. I am going to carry out their legacy, for I Wander.

This poem may be (very)short but aren't all poems short? Also the poem starts in 2080