Seven years ago, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, was attacked by a demon know as the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Many people, shinobi and civilians alike, were killed in the attack. The shinobi trying to fight the fox and the civilians trying to get to safety, until the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, was able to kill it at the cost of his own life.

Except, the Kyuubi hadn't died. As a being made out of pure chakra, it couldn't be killed, only sealed. And so it was, in a newborn baby girl with crimson hair, bright blue eyes and six whisker marks on her cheeks.

She also had a pair of dark blue - almost black - cat ears on top of her head, a matching cat tail, slitted pupils, sharp teeth and claws, though Kushina had hidden them underneath a powerful genjutsu tied to an array of seals that would last until the seal itself broke.

Minato and his girlfriend, Uzumaki Kushina, had found the little girl after they had run out to help fight the fox, her tiny body wrapped in nothing but a light pink blanket with the name 'Cheshire' embroidered on the corner with bright blue string, looking as if she had only just been born a few hours earlier.

Minato had then done the only thing he could do to stop the fox, and used the Shiki Fuin, a jutsu that required the soul of it's user to work, to seal the Yang half of the Kyuubi into Cheshire and the Yin half into himself. He was dying on the ground, Kushina having already died from blood loss after getting impaled by the fox's claw when it tried to take out Cheshire, when his predecessor, the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, found him and little Cheshire, prompting him to give the old man one last request.

For Cheshire to be seen as the hero she was for holding the fox at bay and to give her the last name Uzumaki, since Kushina had wanted to adopt the tiny child if they had survived this mess.

He only just heard Hiruzen agree in a slightly shaky voice before the youngest Hokage Konoha had ever had took his final breath, dying with a peaceful smile on his face.

A few days later, when they had buried the dead, the newly reinstated Sandaime Hokage announced the truth of the fox's disappearance to the village, holding up the young Cheshire for the crowd to see as he repeated the Yondaime Hokage's finale request.

And well… We all know how that turned out, don't we?

"There it is!"

"Kill the demon!"

Uzumaki Cheshire was running through the dark streets at a fast pace, desperate to get away from the people chasing her for reasons unknown to her.

They always did this on her birthday, October 10th, and her 7th birthday was no exception.

For as long as she could remember, she had been hated by the villagers, she herself having no idea why at all. I mean, sure, she played pranks, but she only did that to the people who were mean to her in the first place!

There was only one other thing she could think of that would make them hate her so much. The problem was that, as far as she knew, no one knew about her rather strong… Urges.

Specifically the urges she had rather randomly during the day to rip the hearts of others right out of their chests and eat it while it was still warm.

Yeah… Not the most comforting of things to know, that a 7 year old girl had these kinds of urges, but she couldn't help it! Ever since she bit one of the people trying beat her up on her 4th birthday, she'd wanted to taste human flesh again and had wondered how the other parts of the body tasted like, especially the heart.

The shouts of the mob chasing her brought her back to reality, encouraging her to run faster so they didn't catch her.

Eventually she took a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end.

She panicked, realising she didn't have time to run back out of the ally, not with how close the mob was to her.

She turned around, freezing in fear when she locked eyes with the apparent leader of the mob. She stared in horror as she realised the man was a chuunin, not a civilian.

The chuunin grinned cruelly at her.

"Nowhere to run now, demon."

The man spat out the insult with venom practically dripping off of it, making her flinch back and press herself against the back wall of the alley.

"W-Why are you doing this? I haven't done anything to you!"

The chuunin sneered at her, as did all the people behind him.

"Putting up that innocent act won't help you, demon!"

The mob began to advance on her, ill intent clear in their eyes, before she closed her eyes tightly and curled into herself, waiting for the sharp pain of a kunai.

But it never came.

"W-Who the fuck are you!?"

The chuunin's panicked voice made her open one of her eyes slightly, before the sight in front of her made her open both her eyes in shock.

There was a boy in front of her, a young man really, blocking the chuunin's kunai from reaching her with the help of a bloody hatchet, a second one clutched in his other hand. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans, a pair white and blue sneakers, black gloves and some kind of brown jacket with the hood up. His skin was pale white and his eyes were covered by a pair of orange tinted goggles. Over his mouth, he wore a metal mouthguard, a design on it that made it look like a grinning mouth.

The man twitched violently, a loud and disturbing 'crack' coming from his neck as he did, his brown hair falling over his goggles.

The chuunin flinched at the sound, moving when the man swung the hatchet, forcing the chuunin to jump back and away from him.

The man crocked his head, eyes gleaming from behind his goggles.

"Me? People call me Ticci Toby."

She got the feeling the man's mouth had started to mimic that of the mouthguard he wore.

"They also call me a killer."

With that the man jumped at the mob, hatchets swinging as he laughed hysterically.

She could only stare in shock as the insane man started to completely massacre the mob, hacking them to pieces as they screamed, the few ninja in it trying to fight him off, but to no avail. It was as if he couldn't feel the stabs inflicted upon him by the kunai.

After what felt like an eternity, the man stopped hacking and laughing, standing in the small sea of corpses that had once been a murderous mob.

She breath a sigh of relief, for some reason she had been more scared for him than of him.

That didn't stop her from stiffening however, when the man turned around to look at her when he heard her quiet sigh.

The man stared at her for a few moments, before walking towards her.

She looked at him, weary but not really afraid. She felt as if she had seen him before, she just couldn't remember where. Besides, according to the entire village, she was a monster, and she had heard one of the now dead people in the mob call this man a 'monster' too. And in her mind, monsters stick together.

The man stopped in front of her, crouching down to her eye level to stare at her through his orange goggles.

After a bit of tense staring, she grew curious.

She looked at the man with morbid curiosity in her deep blue eyes.

"Why didn't you kill me Mister?"

The man twitched again, the loud crack his arm emitted not scaring her at all as she stared into the eyes of the man that had saved her from what would for sure had been a very painful beating.

The man didn't answer her question, only staring at her some more before finally talking.

"What's your name kid? How old are you?"

She blinked up at him, a little confused at his question, but answering it nonetheless.

"It's Cheshire, Mister. Uzumaki Cheshire. I just turned 7 today."

Toby froze when he heard the girl's name and age, his eyes going wide behind his goggles as he looked at the Lost-Now-Found child of the woman he considered his older sister.

When Maddie had asked him if he needed to get away from Jeff and his bullshit, he had taken her up on her offer immediately, wanting to blow off some steam after the killer's constant belittling, and Slendy hadn't had a job for him to go on.

Of course Maddie, being Maddie, had used the opportunity to prank him a little, and had sent him to another dimension, cheerfully warning him to look out for the ninjas before sending him on his way.

When he landed, he had immediately started cursing Maddie under his breath, before getting up and deciding to explore the village Maddie had dropped him in, taking off his mouthguard and goggles to help him seem less inconspicuous.

He had discovered the village was in the middle of some sort of festival he found out was called the 'Kyuubi Festival' whatever the hell that meant.

He explored some more, trying out some of the many stalls around the village. After a while, he heard the tell tale sounds of people yelling in anger, before a head of blood red hair ran past him, quickly followed by a mob of angry people, each and every one of them in possession of some sort of sharp object.

He had looked at the people around him, noticing right away that none of them seemed inclined to do anything about the mob, some of them even grabbing the nearest sharp object and joining the mob in it's chase.

Curious as to what could have possibly gained the ire of so many people, he started following the mob, sticking to the shadows as to remain unseen.

When he finally caught up with the mob, he had gone from shocked to confused to murderess in less than 10 seconds.

The person they were chasing was nothing more than a little girl who couldn't be more than 5 at the most! The mob had cornered her in a back alley, one of the men leading the thing advancing on the girl, clearly intent on hurting her with the weirdly shaped knife he held in his hand.

Toby didn't really remember what exactly he had done, but all of a sudden he was standing in a small sea of corpses, his blood covered hatchets clutched tightly in his hands, when he heard a quiet sigh coming from behind him, making him turn around to look at the little girl he had saved as she stiffened slightly in the dark alley.

After walking over to her, crouching down and looking her over for any injuries, he couldn't help but feel like he had seen her before, a long time ago.

He stayed like that for a while, just looking at the girl and trying to remember where he had seen her, before her quiet voice broke him out of his trance.

'Why didn't you kill me' rang in his head for a bit, before he had finally asked her what her name and age was.

Which lead to this moment and to him finally realising where he had seen her before.

On the day she was born and the day Eyeless Jack and Mad Madeline Hatter finally became parents.


I have been hit by a severe case of Writer's Block (And yes, it requires capitals) in regards to Trapped Freedom and The Ones That Once Was, and I feel terrible for it.

I have also been hit with a sudden fascination of Creepypasta, especially Eyeless Jack, and this plot bunny was born!

It's basically about an OC Creepypasta I have made that's based on B/Berserker from The Ones That Once Was (Only here she is not a two year old, but a grown woman(Still a cannibal though)) and Eyeless Jack having a kid, and that kid somehow ends up in the Narutoverse and takes the place of Naruto.

My mind scares me sometimes.

Anyway, I am sorry that I haven't updated my other stories and I am working on it. I just hope writing this will help me a bit in that regard.

See Ya - TheGirlyDJ.