Game of Thrones is my new obsession. So here is the first chapter of my new story. It'll be long, and I hope good. Love to know what y'all think. Hope you enjoy~

"You are so lucky i love you." A girl with light blonde hair joked as she walked to her car. She was wearing long green dress, styled for the renaissance fair they were at. Beside her was a man with light brown hair and hints of a beard, with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes.

"You look good in the dress. Green was always your color. Makes your eyes even brighter." He said happily, throwing an arm around her shoulder.

"Hey, just because you are gay doesn't mean you get to dress me for everything, you know i hate dresses." She said, playing with the long velvet sleeves as she walked. The dress was pretty. A deep green, made of a plush velvet, with silver embroidery around the hems and neckline.

"Yes it does. You look fabulous. Besides, makes your boobs look huge. Everyone around here has small boobs, so it gets you a lot of looks. Which in turn gets me a lot of looks." He said with a wink, causing her to laugh.

"Steve, seriously? Using me? How rude." she joked, crossing her arms with a huff.

"Aw, come now Amane, you know you had fun the entire time!" He laughed. She rolled her eyes in feigned annoyance.

"True True. But alas the fun must end. Thank you, kind sir, for the splendid evening. But I must be getting home, as it would be improper for us to be caught alone. That and also that knight over there has been staring at your ass for like ten minutes so shoo." She whispered the last part, causing him to look back at the man dressed in a knight's armor. Tall blonde and handsome. Just his type. Steve turned and kissed Amane's forehead.

"Drive safe babe, i'll see you later." He said before leaving, sauntering over to the knight. Amane smiled before heading to her car, while shaking her head. He was such a little man whore.

On her drive home she was listening to music, singing along to the radio, when it started to rain. She flicked the windshield wipers on, and slowed down a little. Amane continued on the road home, going over the bridge. But as she got to the middle, the rain came down harder, making it impossible to see. She slowed the car almost to a stop as she tried to see in front of her. She hated storms like this. She pushed the buttons for her hazards, and tried to pull over, but as she neared the edge of the lane, another car slammed into the back of hers. Her head hit the steering wheel, knocking her unconscious as her car plummeted over the edge into the water.

Cold. that was the first thing she noticed. She was really freaking cold. Amane slowly opened her eyes, a groan of pain coming from her lips. The world around her was green and brown. Her hands were in cold grass. She slowly pushed herself off the ground, sitting back on her knees. A flash of pain behind her eyes caused her to close her eyes and groan, a hand going to the bridge of her nose.

"Did you hear that?" Amane's eyes shot open at the words. Panic. She felt panic. She didn't recognise where she was, and she was stuck in a ridiculous dress. It was also freezing cold. In July. And now there was a strange voice in the woods. She quickly pushed herself up to her feet, moving as fast as she could. Which was admittedly not very fast. Her legs screamed in protest. While she wasn't fat, she wasn't a twig nor in that good of shape, and her body currently felt like it had been hit by a mac truck.

That's when it hit her. The crash. Someone had crashed into the back of her car. But after that, it was a blank. She looked around panicked. There was no road nearby that she could see, nor could she hear the sound of cars or the river she was crossing over. She started to breathe heavy, panic setting in, when she heard another voice.

"I think there is something over here." The voice was closer. Her eyes widened, and she lifted up the hem of her dress and ran. She silently cursed herself for taking off her shoes before starting to drive, as her feet were freezing in the cold air, and the rough ground was starting to hurt. But she pushed past the pain as she heard footfalls behind her. She didn't get far before a man on a horse appeared, stopping right in front of her. Amane skidded to a halt, looking at the man in front of her.

He was dressed in full renaissance garb, with a thick cloak cloak with a fur draped on the shoulders. He had straight brown hair that fell just below his chin, which was covered in a small beard. Age was starting to show on his face, which had a confused look as he stared down at her. Amane glanced around quickly, noticing three much younger men come along on foot, spacing themselves apart from each other so they surrounded her. One had wavy black hair, and dark eyes. The other had wavy red brown hair, with stubble on his face and blue eyes. The third had lighter hair, a dirty blonde. All three were dressed in renaissance garb as well. All three even had swords.

"Are you alright, My Lady? What are you doing out here alone? With no cloak? What house do you hail from?" Amane looked at the man on the horse with a confused look.

"Uh, Hufflepuff? Why are you all still out here? The fair ended. I was just going home." As she finished the confused words, the four men looked confused.

"Hufflepuff? Ne'er heard of it." The dark haired one mumbled.

"What fair?" The one with reddish brown hair asked. Amane looked at him confused.

"The renaissance fair?" She asked, an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. She didn't know if they were acting or not, but it was unsettling.

"Enough questions. It is getting dark, we should get back. You can come to winterfell with us, m'lady, for the night. Then we can get you home." The man on the horse said, an assertive tone in his voice. Amane shook her head quickly.

"No, I'm good, thanks." She said, eyeing for a way to escape.

"We just want to help, my lady." The one with dark hair came closer to her, his hand going to grab her arm. Out of instinct, she punched him in the jaw, her hand grabbing the sword on his hip. She almost dropped it as she pulled it out, the cool metal gleaming bright. She expected them to have fake swords. Real ones weren't allowed at the fair. But she put her shock aside, and turned to the other two on the ground, who had stepped closer to her, and she held up the sword in defense.

"Stay back." She warned. The man on the horse dismounted, and stepped closer to her, so she turned, pointing the sword at him. This let the one with reddish brown hair to come up behind her, wrapping his arms around her torso, and pulling her back.

"Drop the sword, my lady, we mean you know harm." The blonde said, stepping closer. She couldn't swing the sword, her arms trapped by the man behind her, so she kicked out, hitting the man right in the balls. He fell to the ground in pain.

"Let me go." She demanded angrily, struggling in the hold the man had on her.

"Please, just calm down." He said gently, and she brought her head back, hitting him in the nose. Pain exploded in her head, and she dropped the sword as she groaned in pain, also hearing one from behind her as the man grabbed his now bleeding nose. The man in front of her stepped forward, kicking the sword away as he gently grabbed her arms.

"Lass, calm down. We aren't going to hurt you. We just want to help. These woods aren't safe at night, especially for a woman traveling alone." Amane tried to pull out of his grip, but he held on just enough that she couldn't pull away, but not enough to hurt her. Her body involuntarily shivered, the cold getting to her. "Gods, your lips are turning blue. Robb, give her your cloak." before she could protest a cloak was placed over her shoulders. She wouldn't lie, the warmth felt nice.

"Now, do you know who i am, lady hufflepuff?" It took everything in Amane not to laugh when he said that. She just shook her head no, a weary look in her eyes.

"I am Lord Eddard Stark, Warden of the North." Amane swore she had heard that name somewhere before, but couldn't place it. She just kept thinking he looked like boromir. "Winterfell, our home, isn't too far from here. It will be a warm place for you to spend the night, and most importantly, you would be safe." Amane started shaking her head again.

"No." She didn't want to go anywhere with these men. She didn't know them, she didn't trust them. She started to struggle again, when her world went dark, and her body slumped, Lord Stark catching her before she hit the ground. He looked at the dirty blonde boy holding a sword, who had just hit her in the back of the head with the hilt, a furious look on her face.

"Why did you do that, Theon?" He asked angrily. Theon had a sheepish look on her face.

"She was starting to struggle again, my lord. I didn't want her to hurt you. The sun is going down, we need to leave, and she wasn't cooperating." He said, not looking Lord Stark in the eyes.

"She would have been fine. You will spend the week as a stable hand for that, Theon, we do not harm women." Lord stark scolded. "Robb, hold her while i get back on my horse, then hand her to me. Let's get home quickly, she is far to cold." Robb quickly came forward, grabbing the strange girl from his father. Her skin was almost as white as her hair, her lips blue. That wasn't good. His father quickly mounted his horse, before positioning the girl in front of him, and riding towards home, instructing the boys to hurry to their horses and follow. The poor girl was freezing, and he hoped the cold wouldn't take her.