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"I don't understand why Bran has to see this." Amane said quietly as she, Robb, Jon and Bran all stood to the side of the clearing, watching as Ned Stark knelt while reciting the prayers over the execution sword.

"He is old enough to learn from it. That is why." Robb responded quietly.

"I don't see how he is going to learn from this." Amane shot back.

"Then clearly you shouldn't be here." Rob snarked, earning a glare from Amane. She was about to respond, but Jon spoke first.

"Can you two please be quiet before you get us all in trouble?" Jon asked. Amane and Robb sent him a glare but both fell silent.

Amane's hands went to Brans shoulders, rubbing them in comfort.

"Don't look away." Jon said to Bran, causing Robb to glance back ever so slightly. When he saw Amane's hands on Bran's shoulders, he glared and shook his head, silently telling her to stop. Amane glared at him before looking back to where Lord Stark was praying before starting the speech that would sentence the man to death.

"Father will know if you do." Jon finished his sentence, and Robb gave a small grunt of annoyance before stepping back, and grabbing Amane's arm and pulling her away from bran, standing off to the side of him slightly. Amane glared at Robb, but looked forward just in time to see Ned Lift up the sword, and bring it back down, cutting the man's head clean off. She couldn't help the ever so small flinch she gave at the sight. And she hated the fact that she knew that Robb could feel it. His hand released her arm, and he moved forward towards Bran without a glance in her direction. She watched him lead bran away from the sight, a hand on his back.

The group slowly made its way out of the hills back towards winterfell. They slowly came to a halt on one of the old bridges. As they dismounted, they saw a dead deer in the middle of the road, its stomach ripped out.

"What is it?" Jon asked.

"Lion?" Theon asked.

"There are no mountains in these woods." Lord stark said.

Ned followed a trail that led into the woods, and down the steep bank near them. The group followed, the guards with their swords draw. Amane's eyes widened at the sight before them. A Direwolf lay dead on the ground, five pups moving around her dead body, an antler hanging from her throat. She made her way forward, skirting around rob as she caught up with Raven and Jon, who were both standing near the body.

"It's a freak." Amane sent Theon an annoyed look at his words.

"It's a Direwolf." Ned stated, glancing at Cassel. "Tough old beast." He pulled the antler from its neck.

"There are no Direwolves south of the wall." Amane sent another annoyed look, this one aimed towards Robb for his words. He returned the look.

"Now there are five." Jon stated picking up one of the pups, holding it out to Bran. "Want to hold it?" He handed it to Bran, who wrapped it in his cloak.

"Where will they go? Their mother's dead." Bran asked, looking around for someone to answer him.

"They don't belong down here." Cassel stated.

"Better a quick death. They won't last without their mother." Ned stated. Theon moved forward, drawing his blade, reaching for the pup in brans arms.

"Right. Give it here."

"NO!" Bran shouted in protest as Theon pulled the pup from his arms. Amane felt her hand twitch towards the small blade on her hip.

"Put away your blade." Robb said to Theon, the disgust evident in his voice. Amane glanced at him for but a second. At least he had the decency to not want to kill pups.

"I take orders from your father, not you." Theon snapped back at him.

"Please, father!" Bran begged, not wanting the poor pup hurt.

"I'm sorry, Bran." Ned apologized, turning to walk away." Amane clenched her teeth in anger.

"Lord Stark? There are five pups. One for each of the Stark children. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. They were meant to have them." Jon stated. Everyone looked at Lord Stark for an answer, Bran with hope in his eyes. Ned seemed apprehensive for a moment.

"You will train them yourselves. You will feed them yourselves. And if they die, you will bury them yourselves." The relief was felt throughout, as Theon put his blade away, and hands Bran back the pup. Rob brushed past Amane then, bending down and taking two of the pups from Jon. Jon grabbed the last two, handing one to Theon.

"What about you?" Bran asked jon. He looked at Bran with a grim look on his face.

"I'm not a Stark. Get on." He said, causing the rest of them to turn and start heading back. As Amane went to walk up, a puppy was held out in front of her chest. She looked looked at Robb, before grabbing the puppy, giving a silent nod. Rob glanced back at Jon, who was looking off to the side.

"What is it?" He asked, as jon bent down to grab something. He pulled up a white pup, smaller than the rest.

"The runt of the litter. That one is yours, snow." Theon said, earning him a punch on the shoulder and a glare from Amane, before they all headed back to their horses.

"But why the wall? Out of everywhere you could go, you choose the wall?" Amane asked, hints of anger in her voice as she stared over at Jon. They sat on a blanket, placed on a hill overlooking Winterfell as they ate their lunch.

"I've already explained this to you, Amane. And you have been around long enough to know why it is the best option for me." Jon said, not meeting her eyes Amane sighed in frustration. Three years. She had been in Winterfell for three years now. And she understood why Jon thought it was his only option. But he was wrong.

"So don't stay in Winterfell. Head south. Being a bastard isn't as bad of a thing down there. You could even make a name for yourself." Amane suggested, earning a hard look from Jon.

"I belong in the north, Amane. It's my home." Jon stated.

"Why are you so stubborn. You say it's your home, yet you don't feel like you belong. Go somewhere you could belong. Problem solved." Amane said in frustration.

"I will. At the wall." Jon said, earning a glare from Amane. But before she could respond, Bran dropped down onto their blanket from the tree above.

"There has been a Raven. Father wants to see you both." Bran said, before running off just as quickly as he came , earning a small laugh from Amane. Her lips then formed a tight line as she looked over at Jon.

"This conversation isn't over, Jon Snow. Not by a long shot." Amane said, before getting up and going to her horse, Thor. Her small goal had grown into quite the horse, standing tall and proud. His colors set him apart from most other horses in Winterfell, and reminded her of a thundercloud. So she had named him Thor. She jumped into her saddle in one quick motion, before turning and heading to Winterfell, leaving Jon to clean up their picnic.

Amane arrived in Winterfell in a few minutes. She dismounted her horse, handing him off to a stable hand as she made her way into the castle. She made her way to Ned's study, knocking twice and waiting for a response before entering. When she did, she didn't like the grim look on Ned's face.

"Sit." He said, gesturing to the chair across from him. Amane nodded and took her seat quietly, watching Ned nervously. Whenever he had that look, he had bad news.

"The king rides for Winterfell. He will be here within a month." Ned said grimly.

"Why so long? He got here quicker before." Amane stated, recalling the last time she saw the king. The only time she had met the king. When they had returned to Winterfell, he had left and hadn't come back since.

"He is bringing his family with him. His right hand has died. We believe he plans to ask me to replace him." Ned said, an ever present frown on his face.

"And that had to do with me.. why?" Amane asked, unsure of why he wanted to speak to her alone.

"He plans on having you marry Jaime Lannister." Amane paled at his words, suddenly finding it hard to breath.

"No. No. No. I won't." Amane said, rapidly shaking her head as panic welled up in her chest.

"You won't have much of a choice. Unless..." Ned began, but paused, as if not wanting to tell her.

"Unless what?" Amane asked, panic in her voice. Ned sighed. He didn't like that he had to do this.

"Unless you are already married." Ned said. Amane felt sick.

"He can't force me to marry someone!" Amane said, shooting to her feet in panic as she began to pace.

"Unfortunately he can lass. He is the king. To defy him would be treason." Ned said grimly, moving to stand as well.

"Treason?! As in prison?" Amane asked worriedly. Ned moved around his desk towards her, lightly grabbing her arms to stop her pacing.

"Prison. Or worse. Either way it isn't an option, lass." Ned said with a sigh. "I could tell him you are betrothed to my son. He might take that as an answer" Amane's eyes widened at his words.

"Robb?!" There was a small amount of horror in her voice. Ned had been watching her with his sons for years. She was much closer with Jon.

"Or Jon. But Robb would sound better to the king. I won't lie, lass. But it is your choice." Ned said softly. Amane shook her head frantically as she fought back tears. God she hates crying, but this...

"I need... I need time. Please." Amane said quietly, earning a sad nods from Ned, who let go of her arms.

"Aye. I'll give you time. But I need an answer today, lass." Ned said softly. Amane nodded, and turned, fleeing the room. As she exited, she almost ran into Jon. She quickly moved around him, not looking him in the eyes as she made her way down the hall. Jon glanced back at her and then At his father, confused.

"Go talk to her." Ned said, and Jon nodded, before following after Amane. He had briefly lost track of her, but knew where he would find her. She sat on one of the higher balconies in the castle, two direwolf pups and a fluffy cat curled into her lap. He didn't need to get very close to know she was crying.

"Amane." His voice was soft, but loud enough to capture her attention as he moved to sit beside her. Amane quickly wiped her tears from her cheeks with her sleeve before glancing over at Jon. He didn't like the pained look that came across her face at the sight of him.

"Amane, what is wrong?" Jon asked, worry in his voice.

"The king is coming to visit." Amane said with a sniffle as she wiped away the tears in her eyes. Jon nodded. That wasn't the best news, but not enough to do this.

"And that has you in tears hiding in the top of the castle...why?" Jon asked in an attempt to make her smile. It didn't work.

"He plans on marrying me off to Jaime Lannister unless I'm already married." Jon froze at her words, taking a moment to process them.

"My father wouldn't..." he began but Amane cut him off.

"Ned said defying him would be treason. The only thing he can think of to get me out of it is to tell the king I'm betrothed to his son." Amane said, tears welling in her eyes once more.

"Robb." Jon said, a grim tone in his voice. "It makes sense." Amane stared over at him with wide eyes.

"First off, it was Robb or you. Secondly, how does me being betrothed to Robb make sense in any universe?" Amane asked angrily. Jon sighed.

"Amane. It does make perfect sense. You are the Lady Hufflepuff. Rob is the Stark Heir. Whether you like it or not it is a perfect match." Jon said.

"But I don't like Robb. I like you better than I like Robb." Amane said angrily.

"You like me as a friend. As a brother. And I feel the same. You are a sister to me, Amane."

"I'd rather be made to marry someone I love like family then someone I don't like." Amane huffed, petting Oakenshield as the cat sat up and bumped his head into hers, not liking how distressed she was.

"If the betrothal was made to be held through, our marriage would be a long sad one Amane. Yes, you and Robb don't always see eye to eye." Jon started and Amane cut him off with a scuff.

"That's an understatement." Amane grumbles.

"But, he likes you. And not as a sister. That is something everyone but you can see. And I know you care for him more than you admit. It might not be perfect to start. But it is a marriage that could grow happy." Jon said, a sad look in his eyes.

"Robb Stark does not li-" Amane began, but was silence by one look from Jon. "But he is always such an ass." Amane defended herself.

"That is because he thinks you hate him and doesn't want to get hurt. But it would be a marriage that love could grow into. You would be a fool not to take it "

"You are starting to sound like me." Amane grumbled, looking out over Winterfell. "I still think it would be better if I said I was betrothed to you."

"I'm going to the wall, Amane. And soon. The king would see right through that lie." Jon said, a grim look on his face.

"Jon, have you seen Grey Wind?" Robb's voice came from behind them, causing them both to turn a little and look back at him. Jon stood up.

"Right next to Ghost. Good luck trying to get him back." Jon said while standing, gesturing to the two sleeping pups in amane's lap, both of which were mostly covered by Oakenshield, who lay on top of them. Jon then made his way inside, leaving the two alone. Robb moved forward, crouching in front of Amane to grab Grey Wind, but got a slap and a hiss from Oakenshield, who then growled at him angrily, causing Amane to giggle. Robb looked Amane in the eyes then, a grim look on his face.

"Father told me." He said, his gloved hand reaching out to pet Oakenshield on the head. Amane swallowed hard at his words. "I take it you've decided on Jon?" There was a harshness in his voice.

"I like how you assume Jon was ever really an option." Amane grumbled, looking down at Oak as she pet him. Robb stared at her with narrowed eyes.

"You two are closer than anyone else. Of course he is an option." Robb huffed.

"He is going to the wall." She saw his body tense at her words.

"What?" Robb asked, not quite believing what he heard.

"He is going to the wall. He made up his mind a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to talk him out of it." Amane said, picking Oakenshield Up and placing him on the ground beside her.

"Jon... is going to... the wall? That's a terrible idea." Robb said angrily.

"Yea. That is what I said. But he has spoken to Benjen about it. He has made up his mind." Amane said, gently lifting ghost and placing him on the ground near Oak, who immediately cuddled the pup.

"Wait, that means?" Robb's brow furrowed as he looked at her. "Your going to tell father to tell the king you are betrothed to me?" Amane couldn't place the tone in Robb's voice as he picked up Grey wind.

"I don't know. I'm still considering just marrying Jaime Lannister." She said it as a joke, but Robb reached a hand out, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look up at him, a dark look on his face.

"You are not going to marry Jaime fucking Lannister." Robb said, a dark tone in his voice that caused Amane's eyes to widen ever so slightly.

"I was joking, Robb. Calm down. Yes, I'll tell your father to send the Raven. But it's just a white lie. It's not like we are actually going to get married." Amane said, shoving Grey Wind in his arms and standing. But as she turned to walk into the castle, she couldn't tell who she was trying to convince more with those words. But neither of them really believed them.

Amane didn't know where she was going. She didn't have a destination in mind as she ran through the forest. She just needed to get away. Far far away. She felt like she couldn't breathe. Like her world was collapsing. And it was. She could hear someone following her, but didn't look to see who. She didn't want to know. She just wanted to run. But she didn't get far. It wasn't long before a strong hand grabbed her upper arm, pulling her to a stop. The force caused her to turn towards the person, and her eyes narrowed as she saw Robb. She immediately tried to rip her arm out of his grasp, resorting to trying to hit him when she couldn't.

"Amane, calm down!" He demanded as he caught her flailing arm, pulling her closer to him. "Just stop. It will be fine. Everything will be fine." Amane felt tears stinging her eyes as he spoke.

"How can you say that? After what we were just told?"

Amane sat at the dinner table with the rest of the Stark children and theon. Theon had been insufferable lately. With all the jokes when he had hear about Amane and Robb's 'betrothal'. But right now they were all silent. Ned and Catelyn had entered the room with Grim looks on their faces, and all the children were silent in response, waiting for whatever news they would share. And it wasn't good.

"We received a raven from the king." Lady Catelyn spoke first.

"Now?!" Ned asked quietly. Catelyn sighed.

"They will find out sooner or later, Ned. They need to know." Lady Stark responded. Ne nodded before turning to the rest of the table.

"He expects Robb and Amane's wedding to take place within a week of his arrival." Amane dropped her goblet at his words, not even flinching as the liquid spilt everywhere.

"Amane, I know-" Ned started, but Amane didn't let him finish. She was up and out of her chair in seconds, fleeing the room. She ignored the shouts from behind her as she ran. She needed to get away. Far far away.

"Amane, stop struggling!" Robb said, never letting go of her arms. "Yes, the situation is less than ideal..."

"Less than ideal? Really Robb?" Amane said angrily, attempting to pull herself from his grasp.

"Would you rather it be Jaime Lannister you are marrying?" Robb's words caused her to freeze her movements as she glared up at him.

"Maybe!" She said defiantly, but one dark look from him let her know he saw right through her lies. Amane looked away annoyed. "No." She said honestly. Robb stared down at her for a moment. He wasn't the best at expressing his feelings. But he hated seeing her this distraught.

"Is the thought of marrying me that bad?" Robb asked as he stared down at her. She glared back up at him.

"You really have to ask that? I am complete opposite of what you are looking for in a wide. I like to fight. Climb. I don't like dresses." She began to list off, but stopped when she saw Robb smile.

"All of which are things I love about you." Robb said with a small laugh. Amane stared up at him with a blank face.

"You literally make jibes and comments about it all the time." Amane glared at him as she spoke.

"I also like to see you riled up." Robb admired with the slightest hint of a shrug.

"You like to see me riled up?" Amane asked incredulously.

"Look, Amane. I know this isn't what we expected. I know it's not what you want. But.." his hand went to her chin lifting it gently so she couldn't look away from him. "I will do everything I can to be a good husband for you. I won't try and stop you from doing anything you love. I won't expect you to always wear gowns. The only difference will be, one day, we will rule Winterfell. And hopefully, one day we can find love in this marriage. But I would never do anything to hurt you." Amane was searching Robb's eyes as he spoke, looking for any sign it was a lie. But she found none. His words calmed her slightly, but it didn't make the bad feeling in her stomach completely disappear.

"I can't promise to be a good wife, Robb. I don't know how to rule Winterfell. I don't see myself doing wifely duties." Amane said quickly, trying to pull her chin from his hand, but he just tightened his grip, not enough to hurt, but enough for her to know he wasn't letting go.

"I'm not asking you to do that, Amane. I'm asking you to marry me and not Jaime fucking Lannister." Robb said, earning the slightest hints of a laugh from Amane.

"Okay." She said quietly.

"Okay. Shall we go back to dinner?" Robb asked. Amane nodded, and went to walk back towards the castle, but Robb stopped her from moving. Amane looked up at him confused. Robb brought his forhead down to meet hers, staring at her for a moment.

"Robb-?" Amane began to ask, but Robb cut her off by pressing his lips to hers. Even though they had kissed before, it felt different. It felt sad yet full of hope, and Amane wondered how he could express so much emotion through a kiss as he pulled back.

"You always did like to kiss me." The little jab fueled her anger, and it must have shown in her eyes as Robb pulled back with a laugh , turning and guiding her back to Winterfell.