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Chapter 2

Hermione's POV

"Bright one, Bright one indeed but brave, very brave but you have every Slytherin family members and your very cunning." The hat says in my head. "There's only one place to put you...SLYTHERIN!" The hat yells out. I sigh in relief. I smile and step off of the stool and walk over to the Slytherin table and sit beside Lucius.

"Sirius Black?" McGonagall says next. Please let him be in Slytherin I think. The hat sits on his head for a long time before it yells..."SLYTHERIN!" I smile widely and start clapping which leads the whole Slytherin table to start clapping and cheering.

Sirius runs over smiling and sits down beside me. "We got into Slytherin together!" He says excitedly as he hugs me. "I'm so happy we did Sirius." I say just as happily.

The sorting hat called a bunch of other names, I didn't really listen anymore. After dinner Lucius, Sirius, and I follow the Slytherin prefect, who introduced himself as Jeremiah Goyle, to our rooms.

"The password is Salazar." The older Slytherin says as he walks up to the door, it opened when he said Salazar. "Oh yeah, one more thing. Only purebloods are allowed into this common room and into Slytherin dorms. So if you are a mudblood or halfblood then the door will not let you in, it's one of Salazar Slytherins charms at protecting our pure bloodline." He says like this is the most casual thing in the world.

Lucius, Sirius, and I all enter without any difficulty. "Wow! It's looks amazing in here." I say in awe as I look around. Lucius smiles kindly. "Hey Lucius..." says a voice. "Hello Blaise." Lucius replies stiffly.

Blaise noticing Lucius's foul mood directing at him turns to me. "It's a pleasure to meet you officially. I'm Jared Blaise. I apologize once again for upsetting you the other day. It truly was not my intention." Blaise says his eyes showing truth. "I apologize as well I shouldn't have acted so hastily and gotten upset it was inappropriate of me." I say looking downwards ashamed of my behavior.

"It's not your fault. How about we forget this ever happened?" He asks. "Alright." I say with a small smile.

"It's getting late, we better head to bed and get ready for the first day of classes." I say looking at the clock on the wall. "Goodnight Hermione, I shall see you in the morning." Says Lucius as he kissed my hand and walks to his dorm.

"Night Mione." Sirius says yawning. I then walk to my room. I have the room to myself thankfully.

The next morning I wake up and meet Sirius down stairs, he escorts me down to the great hall. I see Lucius at the table already. "Good morning." I say. "Good morning My Lady." He says with a little head bow.

I then finish eating and start to walk to class. All of a sudden I trip and fall. 'Ow' I think as I look up to see who made me trip. "What's wrong little snake? You don't have your other snakes here with you." A boy says snickering with a boy behind him.

Then Sirius runs up. "What happened Potter!?" He growls as he looks down to me. He then holds out his hand to me. I stand up and then reach for my books. "Leave my sister alone, Potter!" Sirius says angrily.

"Shhh, it's ok Hermione I won't let morons like that hurt you anymore. If you're in trouble just call my name and I will come and protect you." Sirius vows to me. I snuggle into his chest giving him a tight hug. "Thank you Siri." I mumble, using his childhood nickname.

The days after that just seemed to fly by. Sirus and I fell into a schedule, we woke up, ate breakfast, went to class, went to dinner, and went to bed.

Nothing really eventful happened.

Christmas holiday is in two weeks I'm super excited, I think to myself.

To Be Continued...

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