written for the querencia forum, weekly war games challenge #2. btw, check it out, it's my baby

lyric tag: write for a designated lyric and tag someone else

my lyric: Saw the dark side of the moon, from Wolves, by Selena Gomez

a/n: this story is AU in that piper grows up in france instead of just knowing french, like i always thought that it was a little weird but not completely impossible, so…

title is from the song by stromae, holy crap his album! i don't understand a word of french but i highly recommend it, especially ave cesaria...ah, i am so obsessed.

. . .

They like to say she is a bastard child — "Bâtard girl."

She likes to tell them that it takes one to know one.

They always tell her in response that she is a bâtard girl.

Piper will laugh and walk away.

"Piper with no mother," the kids like to say in French. "Piper the little bâtard girl."

Piper will sneer and walk away.

"You are nothing, honey," the elders like to say in French. "Your mother is gone and she left you to be a little bâtard girl."

Piper will smile but she will walk away.

She doesn't like it, but she will walk away without a sound and she will walk away with a bounce in her step.

"Bâtard girl!"

"Go back to America, bâtard girl."

"France is not for little girls like you."

Oh, France is pretty, and Paris has the Eiffel Tower and there are so many people and they are all terrible. It is like the moon — the dark side of it you can't see from Earth.

And, oh, Piper is pretty, and she has Jason and Leo and she has so many siblings and she is all terrible. She kills everyone with no regrets.

She's the moon, see — the visible part is white and mesmerizing, but the part unseen is the majority of her, dark and menacing at the corner of dark and light.