Author's Note: Hello to all who is reading this. My first try at a story and I hope I can do well as many other authors here on this website. Here are a few notes for to those who is reading this and hope will return to read more. Try to forget about the plot line in both Fushigi Yuugi and Sailor Moon. Its totally a different concept. I tried to keep the characters in character so it isn't awkward for those who read. Anyways I better try to keep this short so I don't bore any of you to death. Rei, Serena, and Ami are 19 years old girls who are going to be personal accessory designer, clothes designer, and makeup artist for a boy band called Mysterious, pardon me for such lame name. The group is made up of Tasuki, Tamahome, Nakago, Chichiri, and Amiboshi. The three girls will slowly fall in love and face sweetness and hardships. Well let's continue on with the story. Enjoy!!

Disclaimer: I do not have any reason of belief to own Sailor Moon or Fushigi Yuugi


I want to say I loved him.

But in the end I couldn't tell him and had to just turn my back.

I think I could say it now.

That I loved you.. That I love you..


That I will always love you.


Three girls has met,

Unlike other 19years old, this year for the Japan Collection proudly three girls have raised to the top.

They have their specialty with their own personalities.

Strong willed and independent is the lovely accessory designer Rei Hino(19)

Loud and the girl that looks beautiful with a large grin is clothes designer Serena Tsukino(19)

Talks very little but always wearing a small smile is makeup artist Ami Mizuno(19)

These three young girls will challenge and enter the world of fashions...

-Japan Entertainment Reporter Jenny Li


"If we have these three I think we could change our company into a different image. Try to get them to work for us. We would let them work for any conditions."

FY entertainment company president Kevin Twan held a newspaper in his hand who just called out the order.


Across his desks were magazines that held articles related to the three girls.

This was it.

This was when fate arranged an unbelievable meeting.

Plus...in that unbelievable meeting... was going to turn into pain..

That pain...would be related to nothing but love...