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Chapter 1

Ready to make their quick escape after battling Uma, Jay raced through the tunnel back to the car. Lonnie was right behind him. It was going to be tough getting off the Isle, if the others didn't get a move on. Jumping out of the tunnel, Jay unlocked the car, as he got in he popped the truck and started the engine. Reaching over, he opened Lonnie's door for her.

Lonnie jumped out of the tunnel and started around the back of the car to get in. As she reached the rear of the car, a hood covered her head. Lonnie screamed as hands covered her mouth and dragged her off, down a dark shadowed alley.

Jay heard the scream. Jumping out of the car, he looked around. Realizing Lonnie wasn't there, fear started to creep up his spine, "Lonnie! Lonnie!" He yelled out as Carlos emerged from the tunnel.

"Is Lonnie still over there?" Jay asked, he could have sworn she was right behind him.

Carlos looked back at the tunnel, then at Jay, "She was right behind you, she followed you into the tunnel. She wasn't over there."

Both boys were worried, they needed to get the others safely back to Auradon, but they couldn't leave Lonnie behind. Evie and Ben came through the tunnel, Ben stopped and yelled back for Mal.

Looking around the deserted garage, Jay made the decision, "Take them back, I'll find her."

Jay knew he had to find her. It was Lonnie's first time to the Isle. She didn't know her way, how things worked here. It wasn't safe for her to be here alone. He could stay here if he had to, he could keep her safe, at least until they could come back for them.

Carlos shook his head, "How are you gonna get back? We can't leave you here." Carlos knew how bad it was there, and if their parents knew any of them were back, it would be worse.

"You have to get Ben back, then you can come get us. We'll be okay once I find her. I'll take her to Mal's til you can get back." Jay wasn't about to leave Lonnie here alone. He was the one who brought her, he wanted her there to help rescue Ben. He felt responsible for her.

The others quickly got into the limo, not realizing there was a problem. "Go, I'll find her." Jay told Carlos.

Nodding, Carlos got behind the wheel as Jay ran around and closed the passenger side door. Stepping back, Jay watched the limo, and his chance to get home, drive away.

Evie turned around and looked in the front seat. Seeing an empty passenger seat, Evie turned around and looked around the back area of the car. Her eyes grew wide as she realized they were missing people. "Where's Jay and Lonnie?"

All three looked to Carlos, "Lonnie disappeared, Jay's trying to find her."

"Carlos! Stop! We have to go back. We can't just leave them here." Evie was starting to panic. Evie hated the Isle, she knew Jay did, too. She didn't want any of them left behind.

"We don't have a choice, we need to get Ben back safe. Jay's got this. We can come back and get them after we get Ben to Auradon." Carlos only hoped they could. Driving as fast as he could, Carlos open the magical bridge and without looking back at what they left behind. They crossed the bridge to the safety of Auradon and the bridge closed behind them. Jay and Lonnie's only way off the Isle.

Lonnie had to be close, she couldn't have gotten too far, Jay thought. Jay moved quickly and quietly through the alley searching. Finding the old guy, that was in the garage when they had arrived, in an unconscious heap, Jay looked carefully around. Someone had been through this way recently.

"Lonnie! Lonnie!" Jay quietly yelled through the alley. There was no answer.

He continued, through one alley to another. Jay was getting more worried as time passed. The further away from the garage, the harder it was going to be to find her. Hearing shuffling from in front of him, Jay slipped into the shadows. Hiding behind a crate, he waited.

Lonnie was completely disoriented. She had managed to escape whoever grabbed her, but now she had no idea where she was. The hood they had put over her head and the scuffle with her captors, made finding her way back to the garage and to her friends impossible.

Hearing noises around her, Lonnie hid. She watched as the pirates from the dock moved passed her. Ducking down, to keep from being seen, she watched two of the pirates search through the alley.

Keeping hidden, Lonnie waited. Would they leave without her? Lonnie thought about it. She knew they needed to get Ben to safety, but she hoped that they wouldn't leave her behind. It was possible, unfortunately, she understood that. She had to admit, she probably would leave her behind too. Sometimes, there just wasn't a good choice.

Lonnie needed to find her way back to the garage, or the dock, she could find her way to the car from there. That was, if it was still there. Everything looked the same, the alleyways had nothing to tell her which way to go. Trying to keep out of sight, Lonnie worked her way down the alley.

Jay peered around the crate, he saw the dark hair first, then the royal blue sweats and felt the relief before he called to her. Stepping out of the shadows, Jay called her name, "Lonnie!"

Hearing her name, she turned around. Lonnie felt a wave of relief seeing Jay standing there, in the middle of the alley. Running to him, Lonnie wrapped her arms around Jay's neck and held on. Jay released a breath as her arms wrapped around him. Her jacket lifted when she raised her arms. Jay hesitated before he slid his arms around her, his hands skimming over her bare skin as he tightened his hold on her. He found her.

"We need to move." Jay whispered, not wanting to let go of her. Reaching down, he took her hand. "I'm not losing you, again. Don't let go, okay?"

Lonnie smiled, looking at their linked hands and nodded, not wanting to lose him, either. They worked their way down the alley, away from the docks, and further into the heart of the Isle.

"Isn't the car the other way?" Lonnie looked around as the moved. Jay didn't answer and kept moving. "Jay? Aren't we going the wrong way?"

Turning to head down the last alley to Mal's, Jay stopped and yanked Lonnie back, pushing her against the wall. She started to say something, but Jay put his hand quickly over her mouth. Laying one finger over her lips, he shushed her. Moving his hand away from her face, he cupped her neck and without thinking about it, gently stroked his thumb over her cheek.

"Harry's around the corner." He whispered in her ear. As they heard the pirates move closer, Jay pressed his body closer into Lonnie. As close as he could get, her arms wrapped around him, pulling his body flush against hers. His forearms rested against the bricks on either side of her head, keeping her face out of view.

"Stay put! If any of them show here, get them, But I want the girl. The rest of you, find her, bring her to the ship." Harry ordered, "I know she's here. We'll see what she knows about our friends."

Jay turned his face into Lonnie's neck, hiding his face from view. Taking a deep breath, Jay inhaled her scent. Getting lost in her for just a moment, before she turned her face toward his, keeping herself out of view as well. Lonnie's eyes met Jay's, each felt a tug in their hearts, before looking away.

Moving passed Jay and Lonnie, Harry pushed his way through a group of people and disappeared. Jay knew they could no longer use Mal's for safety. He had to think of someplace else. Harry didn't know if the rest of them had stayed behind, he only knew about Lonnie. That could work to their advantage.

Jay knew immediately he had to get her somewhere safe, and she needed to change her clothes. In the blue Auradon sweats, she stood out. Lonnie stood out no matter what, Jay thought, although a few days ago he didn't seem to think so. He didn't move as she continued to hold him tight against her, but looked at her face, she didn't seem scared, just relieved to not be alone. His eyes shifted from her eyes to her lips. Being so close to her, it was tempting to kiss her right then.

"I need to get you out of your clothes." Jay's voice was rough as he spoke softly to her.

"Okay," Lonnie felt breathless in his arms, her eyes focused on his lips. As she digested what he said, it hit her. "You want to what?"

Smiling, he realized what he said and noticed her eager response. Jay laughed softly. "The school sweats stand out. You need to look more like the Isle. What'd you think I meant?" He teased her and laughed again at her frown.

Jay shushed her again when he heard more voices, Hiding his face into her neck again, he pulled her head down towards his neck as well. He would recognized that laugh anywhere. Cruella cackled as she and the Evil Queen walked casually passed, unaware of circumstances and in their own world.

"We need to go." Jay took her hand, tightening his grip as he led her toward the marketplace. "I'm gonna get you clothes, you'll have to change fast. I'm gonna need to get out of this jacket, too."

"Isn't that one of your favorites?" Lonnie had noticed he liked wearing that one a lot. She had been noticing a lot of things about Jay lately.

Jay glanced at her and nodded. "Evie can make me another one."

Entering the marketplace, Jay eyed the merchandise, searching for something that would suit Lonnie. Nothing was good enough for her here, Jay thought. Lonnie tugged on his arm, getting his attention he turned around and looked at her. Tilting her head towards a clothes line, she eyed a dark red flowered peasant shirt and dark skirt.

Jay frowned at it, it was ugly and didn't look like anything she would wear, but at least it was clean. Moving her behind some crates, Jay pointed to the ground, "Wait here."

Quickly, he slipped the shirt and skirt from the line and made his way back without being noticed. Handing her the clothes, he unzipped his jacket. Pulling it off, he wadded it into a ball and tucked it back in a corner, maybe he'd be able to come back for it. Pulling on the black T-shirt he had grabbed for himself, Jay knew he had to hide the cobra on his shirt to blend in as well.

Turning he saw Lonnie, skirt on, pants off. She unzipped her jacket and was pulling it off when she looked at Jay. Raising her eyebrows at him, he smiled softly and looked away. He saw what he wanted to see, what he could remember her in later. The black satin and lace barely covered her, it was enough to entice him into wanting to see more.

The shirt was a bit big and kept slipping off her shoulder, but she would make due and not complain. Lonnie tied a knot in the bottom of the shirt to make it somewhat work. Bending down she tucked her clothes away, like Jay had done. Standing up, she pulled the braids from her hair. Running her fingers through it, her hair fell around her face, loose and wavy. The shirt slipped off her shoulder again causing Jay to smile at her.

Lonnie shrugged and smiled at him. "Now what?" She was ready for whatever he told her to do.

Jay shook his head, this place didn't suit her. She needed to be in the bright pinks and blue in Auradon, not the drab colors and materials of the Isle. "Next time we have to change, we find you leather." Jay said as he took her hand. "Let's go."