Title: Luck

Pairing: Tom Riddle/Voldemort x Harry Potter (SLASH)

Summary: Harry has lived a long and fulfilling life as a wizard, and he is ready to pass on when his time comes. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Harry was happy with the way things turned...
That is, until, he finds out the truth and gains his strange...inheritance. With a little help from Death, Fate, Time, Life, and even Lady Hecate herself, he's able to fix the wrongdoings of his past. Maybe even find new friends and family. Who knows?
For Harry, luck is all he needs.


"Language of the Dead"
'Mind Link'

The only sounds that could be heard through #12 Grimmauld Place were the creak of the old, cracked floorboards which made noise even though no steps fell on them and the soft breathing of one Harry Potter as the sunset to end another torturous day. The blue sky turned orange and light pink then to the deep blue that was known as the night as the hours passed by.

Lord Potter was alone in his - less than clean - house. His children, who were once the only thing in his life worth living for, were all gone, and even his grandchildren were not around anymore. They had all perished in unfortunate accidents as if a curse followed them. All that was left of the Potter-Weasley line was himself though he didn't exactly qualify as a Weasley in blood as he did in law. His Ginny was a bit pushy when it came to having both names, but he put it aside for loving her and her family.

He missed his wife.

He missed his family.

He missed smiling and the laughter that once crowded his and Ginny's little cottage.

You might have asked yourself why Harry was sitting on the floor in his bedroom with tears running down his face in silent pain, but the answer is quite simple really.


Death had taken his entire family one by one.

Teddy had been the first to go. If he was being honest with himself, this death made Harry the most upset. He had made a promise to Remus and Tonks that he would protect their son, to take care of him. But that didn't seem to happen. Teddy had been bullied at Hogwarts after coming out as gay. It didn't matter to Harry, but the whole of Hogwarts seemed to. Some of the older years started to bully him. Although James tried to help, he couldn't do much because his friends were the ones doing the bullying. It drove Teddy to suicide. They found the poor boy at the bottom of the Astronomy Tower in a bloody pile of pink hair and twisted limbs. Minerva put a memorial there to honor Teddy which Harry visited every year around the boy's birthday.

His beloved wife, Ginny, had an unfortunate accident during a quidditch match when she was filling in for a friend. He was there at the match with their children when it happened. A buldger had knocked into Ginny's skull which made her fall off her broomstick while in midair. The aftermath was something that haunted Harry and his kids for years after.

His eldest son, James, and his wife had both passed on by Dragon Pox. Even though there was a cure, it seemed to not work for them and instead increased the pain that they had to experience. Harry had to take them both to a specialist who said, "Their last moments will be filled with unbearable pain, but at least they'll be in a place they recognize." They died in his house with him sitting by their side. Albus was never the same when he saw his elder brother, who he looked up to, look so weak and fragile.

After that was Albus and his husband, Scorpius Malfoy. They had died because of the Ministry claiming that they were Dark Lords in the making. Harry tried everything in his power to stop it, he even offered memories and his own life in return for them but to no avail. The Dementors were happy to finally have souls to feed on once again. Harry had to live with their screams and shouts for help in his nightmares. They had huddled together in an attempt to have one last happy moment before they passed.

Finally came his sweet little girl. Lily had been the victim of a muggle hater, Voldemort sympathizer. Her body was found within the week of claiming her missing with cuts and boils all over her body. She had been tortured for her beliefs. Residue from dark curses were found as well. She was never married, and never had a chance to find love or live a meaningful life.

This curse continued on and on until only he was left and his two great-grandchildren were also gone.

It was too painful for him to look at any pictures of his once happy family. All the frames, both muggle and magical, had been taken down and packed away in the attic. Any mention of his family would cause him to stop thinking and in some cases, cry. He knew it was weak and unbecoming of a lord and supposed vanquisher of evil, but they were what brought him happiness. He blamed himself for all the wrongdoings that were brought upon his beloved family.

Shaking those thoughts away, Harry continued to cry silently while he thought the same thing over and over again: Death.

He was already almost 200, and he had outlived all his family members by a long shot. Harry just wanted to be taken away from his own personal hell, to see his family again no matter how he did so. This curse had taken enough of his happiness away. Death would be the easiest option to see them again.

So that's what Harry chose.

He thought about all the years that he and his family would've lived happily together. He could have seen his daughter marry the man of her dreams and walk her down the aisle to hand her over. He could have helped raise his grandchildren instead of them dying within the first few years of their lives. It wasn't to be though. Sadly, Fate wasn't on his side this time. She seemed to like messing up his life just for the hell of it.

Harry grabbed his holly wand and turned it over in his hands while gazing at it with dull eyes. Just two simple words and it would all be over. The light would be the color of his eyes, his mother's eyes. At least this way it would be quick, painless, and familiar, seeing as it happened to him twice already. Death wasn't a new concept to him by any means, but this time it would be by his own hands instead of an enemy.

He contemplated over this for what seemed like hours - days even - but was really only minutes.

On the upside, he would be able to see his family, to live - well die - with them. He would be free of all the pain and suffering. His family and friends would be waiting for him. Were they watching him know? Were they watching all the pain he had to go through with the multiple deaths?

On the downside, he was walking into the unknown. Everybody was scared of something they didn't know anything about. It was natural not wanting to die, to be scared, but he so wanted to be free of all feelings.

But he couldn't bring himself to care about what the unknown would be. Harry just wanted it to be over. He wanted to stop feeling no matter the consequences. Usually, he wasn't this selfish, but he had to die. To be free.

As he was thinking that, he raised his wand and pointed it to his temple. Harry braced himself for what was to come next. The only thing he would regret not doing was saving Tom. Everybody deserved to be happy, and the Dark Lord was no exception. Maybe he would be able to apologize to Tom in the afterlife. Yeah, that would be nice.

And finally, with much more effort than what was really needed, he whispered the final words that ended and started it all.

"Avada Kedavra"