Linear and Mag
Linear's Point of View
By Faria
Note: This is the flip side of "Mag and Linear," as most of you may have already
guessed. Same story, I'm just seeing if I can write from Lin's POV as well. Oh, and this story is dedicated to Linear Cannon, my sister-in-spirit, who was nice enough to post my first one for me. Arigatou, Linear-chan!

I'm helpless.
Even after revealing myself as Evolutia, I can't seem to escape this fact. Even after all I've accomplished, all I've been through, I still need assistance. Companionship. I suppose it is Fate's twisted sense of humor that places me under the protection of a boy, not even a man, whose reasons for his devotion are unknown.
I doubt even he knows why he's stuck with me this long.
That, of course, is one of the blessings of speech.
I took advantage of that newfound blessing the other day, putting into words the question that has plagued my thoughts for so long.
"Mag," I said, "why do you protect me?"
The question had an instant effect on him, and he took on a troubled look, which I found all too familiar. Immediately I wished I could turn back time, reacquaint myself with the silence I'd known for so long; unfortunately, time was beyond even my power, and I could not undo the damage done.
"Mag..." I said again, trying to make amends, willing him to forget those last few
moments. He didn't answer, and I could sense a new wall coming up between us. There was an awkward silence. Then he slowly turned and walked away, sealing the rift.
I can hardly sleep tonight. The memory of his dark, thoughtful gaze haunts me, and I find myself slipping into a nightmare unlike any I've had before. Silent shadows form around me-silent, that is, until the accusations start.
You hurt him.
You betrayed him.
He put himself in danger-for you-countless times! Is this how you repay him, Linear?
Is this how you repay your Savior, Evolutia?!
Through it all, the shadows are still. All of them bear the same look-Mag's-and I feel his eyes boring into me from all sides-first sorrowful, then dark, then angry.
*God, I'm sorry, Mag, I'm so sorry...*
The shadows continue their endless refrain.
You should never have accepted his protection, Linear--
You don't deserve him, Linear--
Suddenly I wake, and find myself in the darkness of my own room. Only a nightmare.
Mag is by my side-I must have awakened him-holding me close, like a precious
treasure. Frightened still, but determined to know, I look into his eyes.
They aren't angry. Or troubled. Or any of the other emotions I was fearing.
Instead, they're concerned. Open. Almost...loving.
"Go back to sleep, Linear," he says, smiling his familiar, reassuring smile.
"You just had a bad dream."
And as he holds me there, I realize how right he is. He doesn't care if he's put in danger.
He's only protecting me, as he's always done.
I'm nearly sleeping again, when I feel him gently lay me down into the warmth of my bed, and the last thing I remember before drifting back to dreamland is the light touch of his lips on my forehead, and his whispered words.
"I don't have to protect you, Linear. But I think I will anyway."