A/N: I have been wanting to do some sort of collection of Harry/Ginny fics with them doing that whole secret silly whispers thing in varying situations. I had an idea for one (this first little chapter) and it's short, but I think these will all be! No idea about time frames for adding more but it will be in the canon-verse and they'll probably be in non-chronological order...like Coquettish kinda

prepare for fluff...and also Aunt Marge

Harry was going to kill Dudley. Sure, he didn't feel that affirmatively acting to end the life of an oppressive, murderous overlord was something to jump into lightly, but Dudley's gone above and beyond in terms of personal attacks.

Which may be misleading. In the years after the war, after they weren't living under the same roof and neither was living under the thumb of one Vernon Dursley, Harry and Dudley had developed what some might call a tentative friendship. At the very least, they had a normal relationship for two cousins, attending each other's weddings, Christmas gifts, the occasional meal together with their wives.

But this evening may have put an end to the stay in hostilities.

Because instead of a double-date style dinner party, Harry's sitting across the table from Marge Dursley as she narrows her already beady eyes and clutches her newest puppy to her voluminous chest.

And in case he thought having about a decade of time between now and their last meeting would somehow soften the angst between them, Harry was immediately stripped of this faint hope when Marge wrenched the door open about thirty-seven minutes ago and shouted back into the house, "Dudders, I think you should call the police."

Dudley had come striding from the kitchen, tea towel thrown over one shoulder and an apologetic smile on his face, "Look who surprised me and Natalie today, Harry."

After Marge had gotten over the shock of Harry the juvenile delinquent being Dudley's chosen guest, she'd stomped back into the den without sparing Ginny a glance.

Which is of course, a perfect prompt for Ginny's usual whispered commentary.

Dudley runs off to get something from the oven that's about to burn according to Natalie's yelp and Ginny leans in close so her lips brush Harry's ear. "What a toad, eh?"

Accompanying her light words with a squeeze to his hand, Ginny lingers on the stoop. "Kidding aside, we don't have to stay – "

"Dudley and Nat – "

"Would understand," Ginny interrupts, pulling Harry to a halt before he can get more than a step, "You want to stay?"

And in that moment, Ginny's wide brown eyes searching his, twin blazes of comfort and protectiveness swirling in them, Harry can't help but close the already nil distance between them. His fingers knit through the hair at the nape of her neck, tilting her head toward his while his thumb draws absentminded circles on her freckled cheek.

Harry's head goes light and his chest warms and he forgets everything else but that special magic, Ginny's, as he feels her mouth rise in a smile and her hands clasp around the small of his back.

Until a throat clears, followed by a haughty bark. "You young people – oversexed already, yet you can't manage to keep things appropriate for innocent eyes."

He's still a bit caught up in the maelstrom of Ginny so it takes a few moments, rapid blinking, and extended consideration of Marge's pointed look to realize the 'innocent eyes' are those of her puppy, who is currently obliviously rooting around the base Dudley and Natalie's coat rack.

Harry raises his brows, not rising to the bait, which seems to annoy Marge just as much as any witty barb he could've crafted, so it's a victory. Still, Ginny's apparently not fulfilled, leaning over to Harry as Marge clutches her puppy to her chest and presses its muzzle so close it's a miracle the poor thing can breathe. It's barely a murmur when Ginny drawls, "Poor thing lost its innocence a long time ago, yeah?"

Stifling a snort – apparently with little success if Marge's glare is an indicator – Harry pulls Ginny inside and shuts the door with a click behind them.