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There is a turn on desk lamp and a chief chair made of black leather with wheels. On the desk is a cigarette butt that fights to keep on.

Fate finds herself reading the newspaper very concentrated, the atmosphere is relaxed…

Out of nowhere, the sound of steps approaching…

(Fate still entertained reading the newspaper)

The door is open abruptly.


Nanoha enters the office shouting:

'A tragedy has happened! ... My dear and appreciated Raising Heart has been stolen!

Fate: (Between herself: What kind of entrance is that? She doesn´t even knocked the door!)

'Calm down, calm down and describe what happened from the beginning'

Nanoha: (Breathe deeply)

'This morning I woke up I did not find RH, I looked for it in the kitchen, the study, the bedroom, the bathroom - (Is it an apartment?) - the bar, the garden, the living room, the guest room - A residence?) - the laundry room, the game room, the gym, the swimming pool - (Perhaps a mansion?) - tennis court, ice skating rink, heliport, air training ground - (Okay, A private island?) - even on the terrace! '

Meanwhile, Fate's thoughts: This case is a real professional challenge. Besides, that's why I became a detective! To solve difficult situations, travel to exotic places and best of all: Charge very well for it!


'All right, was anyone else with you?'


'Of course not! After training the "forwards" for 1 year, I deserve a vacation.

So I decided to bought my "Summer House!" (Happy face).


'I see, - (Yeah, I buy a super house without surveillance, cameras with motion sensors and night vision? At least an anti-missile field? - Ok Fate, breathe, she is an important customer) - When was the last time you saw RH? '


'Yesterday at night, I arrived from Dj Tiesto's concert in Puerto Vallarta.

It was great, the piña coladas, the fireworks, the foam ... the boys! They were (Naughty face) ... '

Fate: (I already lost her!)

'Earth calling .. miss ... What's your name?'

Nanoha: (Yikes, I didn´t introduce myself)

My name is Nanoha. I am currently an instructor in the Air Force.

Fate: (Patience, patience)

'Nanoha, What does that have to do with RH?'


'...Well, I took it to the concert as part of my casual look´

Fate: (Casual look? Really?)

'Ok, did you noticed if someone followed you?

Nanoha: (Hey, where does this question come from?)

'After hanging out in the best electronic music concert, what would I care if someone follow me! ... Well, it's obvious that I caught the attention of several boys ... The point is that after leaving the concert I went to the heliport and take my private jet to my house.'

Fate: (I´m speechless! She doesn´t have anything better to do? With so much effort I hardly have a Bugatti Veyron!)

'Did Someone else was with you?'


At the concert I went with my friends Teana and Subaru ... I recall! On the way we met Hayate, my friend from high school "

Fate:(Finally something rational)

'All right, please clarify the facts since yesterday afternoon"


'After the meal, I went to my closet to choose the clothes for the DJ Tiesto´s concert, I tried on some casual clothes and many cocktail dresses, then the appropriate slippers, I fixed my hair, makeup and for the final touch the accessories. I tried several necklaces, however, Raising Heart was the perfect touch for my casual dance look ... "


'You´re so snobbish, you can´t even hide it'


'¡Hey! I can´t help it, still I'm telling you my part of the story, may I continue? '

Fate:(Oops, I thought aloud, put yourself together Fate)

'Go on... I mean...Please, continue with your extravagant story. (I hope she finish soon, I have to play the new game of RE! (Stars coming out of Fate's eyes with a smile from ear to ear).


'Where did I left? ... Oh, yes. So I arrived at the marina heliport, where Teana and Subaru were waiting for me in their red Marussia B2, we greet, and then we got into the car, our first stop was at the 'Wild Lounge', where we were had a few drinks, by the way, the guys were so HOT (Naughty Face), anyway, we were chatting when I cross my gaze with ... '

Fate: (Here w ego again, she has an obsession with the guys, she's really so cheesy that it seems like I'm seeing a teenager with a hormone issues, though ... I kind of like it)

Nanoha:(Stars in her eyes)

'We flirt a little and exchanged phones'


Hold on! Did you give your number to someone you just met 5 minutes ago?


'Well, he has a beautiful smile, eyes that I can get lost in them, he is young, a businessman, how to say no?

(He fulfill my ideal list of potential prospects!)

Fate:(You're a lost case)

'You flirt a little and you already believe the diva of the place'


'¡Of course! Je suis Moi, I own the Wild Lounge, therefore I have to go once in a while'

Fate: (She´s got a point)

'All right, so you work in the armed forces as an instructor. As a hobby you own a bar in Puerto Vallarta?

Nanoha: (Yes I know; my life is exciting!)

'It's not a bar. It's a lounge in the most exclusive area of the jetty…

Thus I have a wild life for the vacations and a strict discipline in the work ...

I kinda like you '


'That explains your Diva's attitude ... anyway ... You arrived to the concert, how many drinks did you take? '

Nanoha: (Evilf ace)

"I remember the hall ... there was a red sign ... the atmosphere was incredible, we started with a round of shots, then I danced freestyle, to refresh I ordered a' Sex on the beach '... then the psycho started ... at some point I sat on the couches ... Subaru made me a lemon drink ... then ... then…. I just woke up in a room!

Fate: (Perfect! Alcohol amnesia)

'So ... in resume: You consumed alcohol until you lost consciousness (post-drunk), which results in a lapse of time (blackout) in which your precious RH was lost.

(Alcohol complicating everything as usual)

Nanoha: (It's the best night of my life)

'Yes ... you can say that's what happened.

What seemed to be an eternity:

Nanoha staring at Fate with a smile from ear to ear, while Fate prepared psychologically to start the search for Raising Heart.

Nanoha: (Face of the cat with boots)

So, Can you help me ... Detective Fate?

Fate: (After all, I'm a charitable person ... in some alternate universe)

'Okay, my fees are $ 5,000 a day plus travel expenses.

Nanoha: (There goes my trip to Cancun)

'Do you accept electronic transfer?'

Fate: (Music for my ears)

'Yes of course...'


Well,what's the action plan?

Fate: (Incredible, Nanoha has a serious personality)

'First, we have to visit your friends Teana and Subaru in Puerto Vallarta (which means eating my favorite Pie in the Sky cake, visit my favorite restaurant and if possible go up to the pirate ship) so we will leave tomorrow at 6:00 am.


'Okay, recovering RH is a priority, before my superiors realize that I lost it ... A military prototype lost, shame on me.'

At that moment Fate turned directly towards Nanoha.

Fate: (Patience come to me, running if possible)

Hold on: 'Isn´t Raising Heart a necklace with precious stones?'


'Technically RH is an Artificial Intelligence device, physically it´s a red sphere.'

Fate analyzing the situation:

Professional version:

File # 153

-Mission: Find necklace with red sphere.

-Last known location: Puerto Vallarta.

-Discretion: High.

-Imminent danger.

-Conclusion: Proceed with caution.

Personal version:

- What did I just get myself into?

Locate a necklace, lost during a massive concert of electronic music, where alcohol is consumed as water.

It's practically finding a needle in a haystack.

On top of it, this particular necklace is a Hi-Tech military prototype, under the protection of a millennial.

¡Ding ding ding ding!


Have you already tried tracking it?



Fate: (Count to a million, just one million, 1, 10, 100 ... ..One million!)

'It's the most logical choice.'


Hey! That's what I hired the best private detective.


Author's notes:

Thank you for reading.

Did you have fun?

I thank the authors Nura from Mithlond and Dana Haruno for writing many MGLN fanfics, which encouraged me to write this story.

Comments, suggestions, welcome.

And remember:

Je suis Moi :)