…Welcome back to the International Film Awards 2020!

The next category is BEST DOCUMENTARY. Here are the nominees:

· BEES IN DANGER – Director: William Z.

· Kon'nichiwa – Director: Takayuki H.

· EXPEDIENTE #153 - Director: Fate T.

· SUMMER PARADISE – Director: Estefany U.

· LA DANZA DEL ÁGUILA – Director: Eva K.

The winner is:


I can´t believe it! The documentary was filmed with the spy camera that I bought in sale on the outlet. It was a good idea to follow my fool instinct.

Yikes! Get the prize!

Fate got up from her seat, headed to the stage wearing his royal blue dress that matched the silver heels shining in all their splendour.

As she approaches the microphone, the presenter extends his hand to hand over the statue to Fate.

Fate still can't believe it, her thoughts are in chaos, the excitement of winning Best Documentary is overwhelming.

Fate stretches out her hand to grab the statue, however, her hand does not move, (Ok, Fate, breathe, calm down, this is your moment). She tries again, without success.

(What's going on? Hand move!)

(Something is holding my hand; well I'll use the other one)

Fate realizes that both of her hands are restrained.


Teana shoots the water gun into Fate's face.

Fate immediately opens her eyes.

- Hey! Stop it! Is this…lechuguilla*?

Tea sprays Fate's face again.

Fate: I'm awake, okay! Where am I? Why am I tied up? Who are you?

Tea just looks Fate in the eye.

Fate: I'm talking to you.

Fate continues to talk, while her brain tries to works things out.

Focus Fate, #1 You're in a room, both hands and foot are tied to a chair, no windows, half-light, apparently only your captor is here and you, I'm free to speak, which means this is not a kidnapping.

#2 How did I get here? Think Fate! Where's Nanoha when she's needed? I remember getting the tickets for the VIP area, we went in, got to the bar, ordered some drinks, went around the place, I remember an arm pull, we found Subaru in a lounge in front of the stage! And then?

Blank space.

Not even a single clue!

Fate felt a chill run through here body.

By that time Tea spoke:

- What were you doing in the room?

Fate: What are you talking about? I came to the concert.

Tea: The concert is on the other side of the resort. And this area is restricted.

Fate (That means I'm still on the resort premises, I trespassed into an unauthorized area, I don't know what for, and faking dementia at this point is not a viable option): I don't remember.

Tea raised her eyebrow disdainfully: So you don't remember, let me help you with that (smile of pure malice).

Tea put on some headphones, took her cell phone out of her pocket, looked for an app and the cell phone started making a sound that made Fate writhe, Tea meanwhile listened to music through her headphones.

While Fate's body was writhing, her head was trying to remember what happened, there's no sign of Nanoha or Subaru, at some point I got separated from them, as far as I can tell, it wasn't to go to the bathroom, so it must have been to find RH, which means...

Fate: Teana, are you Teana Lanster?

Tea stopped the sound, she took off a headset.

-So you know my name, you're starting to remember, good.

Tea put the headset on and turned the sound back on.

Fate was speechless, how she dares to put that piercing sound again? And without hearing me out first? She is evil!

Fate's brain began to crack at a fast pace:

Well, she's Teana, I'm in a restricted area; it means Subaru had to invite us into this room, how else could I have gotten into the room?

So, how could I explain myself without mentioning RH?

Ding ding ding!

Fate: I know what happened!

Tea turn off the sound.

Tea: I'm listening, Detective Fate T. Harlaown.

Fate: At the concert, Nanoha and I met Subaru, we enjoyed the concert, Nanoha got drunked so we decided to take her to rest.

Tea: Nice try... However, for your story to work, where is Nanoha?

Think Fate!

Fate: Aaa..In the bathroom with the tiger paint?

Tea put some disdainful eyes on Fate.

Tea: Just in case you try to escape.

Tea put the sound back on, left her cell phone on the desk and walked out of the room.

As Fate's body twisted, inside she was in chaos:

I'm definitely charging Nanoha extra for torture! Come to think of it, Tea knew my name, which means she went through my wallet and took my smartwatch. That means she' s pro. Is she a militia like Nanoha? What´s up with the bathroom with the tiger paint? I honestly don't remember coming to this room! What am I going to do now?

The room door opens and Tea comes whistling in. She goes to the desk, grabs the cell phone and turns off the sound. She goes to Fate and starts untying her feet.

As soon as Fate feels that his hands and feet are free, he pounces on Tea, begins to struggle and roll around the room. Every attempt by Fate to make a wrestling maneuver is countered by Tea. Fate runs out of ideas, at which point Tea takes advantage and launches into the offensive.

Fate's on the floor, Tea's on top of her holding her down.

Fate is struggling to breathe, when the room door opens.

Subaru enters, realizing what was happening, runs towards Tea to stop her.

Subaru: Tea stop! Fate's about to pass out!

Tea: Wrrrrr…

Subaru: Do you want a punishment?

Tea immediately releases Fate.

Fate's lungs start getting oxygen, she breathes in desperately... after a while she starts breathing normally.

Meanwhile, Subaru is scolding Tea.

Subaru: What´s wrong with you? She´s a civilian! Are you aware that you can be in the military court for that attitude?

Tea: Fate's a detective, plus she's the one who started it all.

Subaru makes a face of resignation: Well, now. Fate's breathing, so we are ok, right Fate?

Fate: Thanks Subaru!, finally someone I can reason with.

Subaru: Obviously, you need to relax. If you want, you can get in the jacuzzi, while I order breakfast.

Fate: ¿Jacuzzi?

Subaru: Sure, I´ll show you the way.

They passed through a corridor which has a view of the beach, Fate was overwhelmed: The water was so crystal clear, the sand white, the reefs, the waves, Fate contemplated the landscape.

They descended a spiral staircase, when they entered the room, Fate was astonished, the jacuzzi has a view to the beach, there is a mini-bar and a palapa.

Subaru: You're at home, feel free to get anything at the mini-bar. Nanoha's still asleep. You know what, we better have breakfast at the palapa!

Tea: The dressing room is over there, there are clothes for you to dress in, meanwhile we prepare breakfast.

Subaru and Tea leave the room smiling.

Fate changes in the dressing room, she gets a cold drink from the mini-bar, then she starts enjoying the jacuzzi on the beach.

A while later, noises are heard approaching the room, Nanoha, Subaru, Teana and Hayate each enter with a food cart.

Nanoha notices that Fate is asleep.

The four of them arrange the breakfast on the table.

Nanoha: Hayate did you noticed...

Hayate: That Fate's asleep in the jacuzzi?

Nanoha and Hayate exchange glances.

Tea: I'm going to have breakfast, feel free to be my guest.

Subaru: Enjoy!

A selfies session later...

Hayate: Wow, she´s really tired, we even filled her face with whipped cream and she didn't wake up.

Nanoha: I know! She sleeps a lot for being a detective, I wonder...

Hayate: Let´s get breakfast!


A mosquito starts lurking around Fate, he' s found the right place, stands on her neck, prepares to drink...

Fate gives a slap, however, the mosquito escapes.

Fate se despierta y se da cuenta que tiene crema batida en la cara.

Fate: Who did it?

The four girls laugh.

Fate wipes her face and approaches to the table to eat breakfast, she starts with the French bread.

Nanoha: We had a great time at the concert, this vacation will be memorable.

Hayate: Agree, next vacation we're going to Las Vegas, aka "Sin City."

Nanoha: Do you want to cause an international conflict, Hayate?

Hayate makes an innocent smile.

Hayate: Fate, Nanoha said you're a detective, are you working on a case or on vacation like us?

Fate looked at Nanoha. Nanoha smiled nervously.

Fate: On vacation, the last case I solved was very complicated, so I decided to take a few days off.

Hayate: I see…

Subaru: You completed the 3 challenges for the VIP tickets, so I can imagine you needed the days off.

Tea: Also, you handled very well "The sound" and even tried to knock me down. Not even in your wildest dream's civilian.

Nanoha didn't believe what Tea just said.

Fate: Well, you tied me to a chair while I was sleeping and sprayed lechugilla on my face. Good thing I'm on vacation, otherwise I'd charge the client extra for torture. (This last one she said looking straight at Nanoha).

Nanoha only nodded.

Subaru: That was hilarious, I wish I'd taken a picture!

Hayate: I'm impressed. Would you like to join my special operations team?

Before Fate could give an answer.

Nanoha: Fate DON´T answer that.

In Fate's head: I don´t know what's going on, Nanoha looks... nervous. Anyway, I have to play along.

Hayate: What's wrong with you Nanoha? A little competition scares you?

Fate turns with Subaru: That's how the two of them get along?

Subaru: Well, you see, Hayate is the commander where we work. Besides, Nanoha and Hayate have known each other since high school. In other words, yes.

Fate: Okay, that makes sense.

They spent the day on the beach, in the afternoon it was time to say goodbye.

When Hayate said goodbye to Fate:

Hayate: Fate, I'm giving you my contact card in case you're interested in my offer. I'll look forward for your answer.

Nanoha and Fate went back to their hotel.

When they finally went into their room:

Fate: Nanoha, going through my pockets I found this necklace, is it RH?

Nanoha turns to see Fate with an extremely happy face.

Nanoha: Where did you find it?

Fate: I'm the best detective ever (Yei, I don't remember anything at all after going into the concert) - The important thing is that I found RH, without anyone noticing and saved your job. Not to mention national security. Anyway, thanks for hiring Detective Fate Testarossa Harlaown. The invoice will be send to you by mail. If you want a bill, it's plus VAT.

Nanoha: Woh, I´m impressed by the speech.

Fate: I´m Pro! ;)

Nanoha: Let's hit the town!

Fate: Excellent idea, since the case is solved, let's go to the beach bar!

Nanoha: Beach bar? No way! This deserves a special place... I know! Let's go to the restaurant in the middle of the cenote*!


A week later:

Hayate is in her office, answering emails and listening to music.


A notification pops up on Hayate's cell phone.

Hayate smiled.

Knock, knock.

Hayate: Come in.

Nanoha: Hey, are you busy?

Hayate: Not really. What is it?

Nanoha: It's about Tea's surprise party... wait…that smile, I know that smile, what evil plan was a success?

Hayate: What are you talking about? I just took advantage of the circumstances.


At that moment, Nanoha's brain exploded, she couldn´t get the thought out of her head and prayed she was wrong.

Her instinct spoke.

Nanoha: Tell me what happened over the break was just a coincidence.

Hayate: Which part? The fact that you hired detective Fate to find RH, the AI assigned to your custody, which by the way, is THE prototype for next generation of military AI, that you lost at an electronic music concert on your vacation? Instead of notifying your superiors about it and stand in a military court for your negligence!

Nanoha was frozen.

Hayate: Nanoha, we've known each other since high school, you know very well that I would NOT be able to come up with such a sophisticated plan to convince detective Fate to join the special forces :P


*Lechuguilla: Traditional beverage in Colima, it is water fermented with sugar and is refreshing.

*Cenote: Is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Especially associated with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings.

Thanks to everyone who read the whole story.

I hope it make you laugh as much as me. (I still get tears in my eyes while reading the first chapter).

Please stay safe!

Any questions, comments or feedback are welcome.


In case you were wondering:

Yes! Hayate planned it all along :P

The story is for entertainment purposes, any resemblance to real life is mere coincidence.