Chapter 1 A new home.

Henry Jr is standing outside a house that looks like it was built in the Victorian period and looks very similar to his aunt Piper's house. Henry Jr is 15 years old and has light brown eyes that match his light brown hair. Henry Jr is the youngest out of the Mitchell family and his the only mortal in his family apart from his uncle Leo and his aunts' father Victor. Henry Jr is wearing light blue jeans, a white t-shirt with a blue bomber jacket and converse trainers. Henry Jr has only just arrived a couple of minutes ago at Merriwick house. This is where he will spend the next two years of his life while attending a new school. Two years ago Paige Matthews, Henry Jr's mother died trying to save an innocent. Ever since then the Mitchell family has fallen apart Henry became extremely protective of his children especially of Henry Jr considering he mortal. The twins were enrolled at Magic School full time and get to go home on weekends. While Henry Jr won't get to see his family until Christmas. Before Henry Jr could think any more about his family he is greeted by Edward Mayberry the housekeeper at Merriwick house.

"Henry Mitchell," Edward spoke catching Henry's attention. Edward has short grey hair and green eyes. Edward is wearing an overcoat with black shoes.

"Yes," Henry Jr replied.

"Yes, what Henry," Edward says.

"Oh, sorry yes sir," Henry Jr apologised.

"I'll show you around Merriwick house then you can unpack your things and you start school tomorrow," Edward tells Henry Jr.

"Thank you for showing me around the Merriwick house," Henry Jr said and then seconds later the two walk up to the house and enter through the front door.

Edward's tour around Merriwick house took fifteen minutes. Henry Jr although not happy to be here still found the house amazing the dining room looked fantastic as did the living room. The tour ended on the first floor of the house. Henry Jr is standing outside his bedroom. Henry Jr grabs his one suitcase in one hand and then pushes open his dark brown bedroom door and enters his new bedroom. Henry Jr's new room consists of the two single beds one at the right side of the room and the other at the left side. The bow window is on the wall furthest away from the bedroom door. Henry Jr's bedroom looks so empty like no one's slept in it for months and that is probably the case. Henry Jr decides to take the left side of the room and quickly fills his small dresser draws with his very few clothes. Henry Jr placed a couple of books on top of his dresser. Around thirty minutes later a boy who has blond hair and blue eyes enters Henry Jr's bedroom. The boy is age 15 and is wearing black jeans, grey t-shirt and a black coat.

"Cool, I have a roommate this year," The boy says.

"Did I take the side of the room you normally have,"? Henry Jr asks not wanting to clash with his roommate.

"God no I don't mind which side I have I'm Nathaniel Cranberry," Nathaniel said.

"I'm Henry Jr Mitchell it's nice to meet you, Nataniel," Henry Jr spoke.

"Wow, named after your father that would frustrate and annoy me sharing the same name as someone else in my house," Nathaniel says.

"You're telling me, but I just get called Jr normally" Henry Jr replied.

"You can call me, Nate by the way," Nathaniel says.

"Noted so Nate where do I get my timetable from,"? Henry Jr asked.

"Student Services, I'll tell you what tomorrow morning I'll go with you to get your timetable and who knows you might be in the same lessons," Nathaniel suggests.

"That would be good thanks," Henry Jr tells Nathaniel.

End of Chapter 1.