A/N - Hi guys, this is Ana of Asgard here! Some of you may be here because of my story the Liesmith, some may just be checking it out. Well, if you're going to read it, I strongly advise you to read my other story first, since this is the sequel. There will be many references to the Liesmith in this story, and you may be confused if you don't read it. But if you want to be adventurous and give it a whirl, go ahead! Message me if you want, and I can give you a brief summary of the last story. I just don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet :)

This is Post-Age of Ultron, in case you didn't know. The events of Thor: The Dark World happened, except things are slightly reversed. If you read the Liesmith, then you know that Loki wouldn't be in a jail cell. He didn't "die" either, but he did help Thor.

One more thing..the Avengers are all in Stark Tower (Or Avengers Tower). And they all live there. I'm generally more familiar with that building then the other new building they have. Wanda and Vision will be added, of course, and there may be some War Machine and Falcon. You also have your other Avengers: Tony, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, and of course, Thor. Yes, I couldn't bear to get rid of our handsome god of thunder. Please don't get mad. I know Thor left at the end of the Age of Ultron movie, but I'm keeping him on Earth for a while. Just because I can. And everybody wants to read fluffy Thor and Loki brotherly moments. Just kidding.

This is no-slash at all. There is Pepperony, Brutasha, and Thor/Jane, if I decide to add them on later. I think I got all the pairings down.

Okay, I think I covered everything. Here you go!

Tony mentally groaned as he heard a knock on the door. Damn the door, who the hell was out there? Couldn't they see that Pepper and Tony were in the middle of something?

Tony tried to ignore it as Pepper kissed him more fervently, tightly fisting his messy dark hair with her hands. Tony's hands roved up and down her back, hoping that the unwelcome visitor would take the hint and leave.

Unfortunately, he/she didn't. Pepper stepped back from Tony, sea-green eyes sparking. Tony tried to pull her back, but Pepper dodged it, smiling.

Tony pulled up an injured look. "I thought we had something going," he said, gesturing vaguely with his hands.

Pepper rolled her eyes, still smiling. "Get your ass over to the door, Anthony Stark," she said playfully. "I'll head over to the bathroom."

Tony winked at her. "I love it when you talk about my ass." He reached out as if to grab hers, but Pepper danced away.

"You idiot," she said, swatting him, before walking over to the bathroom door.

Cursing, Tony walked over to the bedroom door, swinging it open with a ferocious look on his face. If it was Thor again, wanting to know how the microwave worked….

But much to Tony's alarm, it wasn't Thor. It was a certain, green-eyed god of mischief who stared at him, eyes huge in his pale face.

Tony froze. "Loki?" he breathed in disbelief. The last time Tony had seen Loki was when they were all battling Thanos. According to Thor's account, Loki had stabbed himself in order to defeat Thanos. Tony didn't really understand what Thor was babbling about, but supposedly Loki survived that.

Tony hadn't expected Loki to be here, though.

It had been over two years since Tony had been face-to-face with Loki, but Tony would never forget that smirking face, those mocking green eyes, or that calm, smooth manner in which he spoke.

Loki's green eyes weren't mocking now, on the contrary, they were wild and turbulent. "I didn't mean to intrude, Stark," he gasped out, long, pale fingers clutching his tunic. "But—"

"Tony?" called out Pepper. "Who is it?"

Tony froze, blinking. He could only imagine Pepper's alarm at finding Loki outside her bedroom door, so he decided to break the news more gently to her. Later.

"Uh, it's just…Thor," Tony called back, feeling guilty. "He wants to know how to use the shower."

"Go show him, Tony," Pepper said, voice muffled by the bathroom door.

"Sure," said Tony, unable to take his eyes off of Loki. Was this a trap? A trick? Tony narrowed his eyes and cocked his head at Loki, frowning.

"Why are you here?" demanded Tony, still unsure of what to do. "I thought you said you wouldn't cause anymore trouble."

Loki forced a sneering, intimidating smile, but the pain in his eyes and the large gulps of air he inhaled sort of took away from the effect. "I think I know what I said, Stark," Loki managed out.

Loki opened his mouth to speak again, but Tony knew what was coming before it happened. Loki's knees were wobbling dangerously, and his hands were shaking.

"Keep your hands off of me," was all Loki could say, before he crumbled gracelessly to the ground, unconscious.

Oh, jeez, thought Tony wearily. This just gets even better. What the hell was he supposed to do now?

There was a spare bedroom nearby, and Tony decided he would take Loki there. But that was more easily said than done.

Loki was alarmingly tall, but slender of frame. Tony had no wish to carry Loki, and that left only one thing for Tony to do. Drag Loki.

Sighing, Tony grabbed Loki's legs and pulled him across the carpet, cursing again as he ran a mental checklist of where everyone was. Natasha and Bruce were playing checkers—probably staring into each other's eyes more than the checkerboard, Thor, Bruce, Clint, and Steve were in the large sitting room, and Wanda and Vision were somewhere in the kitchen.

Tony was pretty much alone here.

He kicked open the door to the bedroom, not feeling terribly sorry when Loki's head bumped against the doorframe. "Damn all you Norse gods to hell," muttered Tony viciously.

Getting Loki to the bed was the hard part. Gritting his teeth, Tony managed to yank Loki up the bed, staggering. Loki was still out cold.

Tony had no idea what to do. He didn't want to keep anything from the team—they had been pretty cool to him after the whole Ultron incident.

Plopping down onto a large armchair, Tony sighed again. He recalled a conversation the team had only last night. Thor had been telling them all of what happened to him back on Asgard. It didn't make much sense to Tony—some magical glowing red stuff that somehow got inside Jane. Loki had been there in that story, and according to Thor, he'd helped a lot. Then, Vision and Wanda had asked exactly what happened when Thor brought Loki back to Earth the second time, and Tony had filled them in.

"But he can't have Loki back here," Steve had said stoutly. "The whole planet almost got destroyed. No matter what, we can't have Loki here."

Funnily enough, Tony had agreed with Steve, quite loudly too. All the Avengers had agreed with Steve, and a flustered Thor had reassured them all that Loki had no intentions of visiting the Avengers for a pleasure visit.

But this wasn't a pleasure visit, Tony knew. That look in Loki's eyes, it was fear. It could all be an elaborate trap, but Tony's curiosity got the better of him. Besides, the Avengers could handle Loki well enough. And Tony couldn't turn away someone who needed help.

Tony sat up sharply as he was aware of Loki stirring. "Loki?" Tony heard himself ask.

Loki blinked at Tony. "Stark?" Loki asked, equally confused. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I live here," Tony declared, frowning. "You're in Avengers Tower."

Loki froze, eyes widening with the realization. "I can't be," he said dimly, a faraway look on his face. "I—I.." He glared suddenly at Tony. "Why did you bring me here?" he demanded, drifting voice taking on a more furious tone.

Tony threw his hands up. "Don't look at me, Rudolph," he said. "You're the one who showed up at my bedroom door. Then you fainted, and I dragged you here."

Loki scowled. "I do not faint, Stark," he snapped, but there was a hollow look on his face.

"What happened before you intruded on my privacy and fainted outside my bedroom?" prompted Tony, ignoring Loki's earlier comment.

Loki looked bewildered. "I—I don't remember."

Well, shit.

Things just got a lot more complicated.