A/N - *sigh* I'm doing it again. I'm using a chapter as an Author's Note, and not only that, I'm doing something I promised myself I would never do. Putting my story on hiatus.

Okay, please don't kill me! Life's just getting too stressful for me, I have homework on top of homework piled up in stacks. And my plot is going absolutely nowhere right now. If anyone has any ideas, message me and maybe we could co-author? I don't know.

Will I abandon it? I honestly don't think so. You can expect an update in a month at the very latest. If life really sucks, then the update will be in two months.

I'm just not in the mood to world on such a plot-filled story. Sometimes I'm in a humorous mood, sometimes I'm in a depressed mood, and I'm pretty sure my story will be all over the place if I write the next chapter with such interchanging moods.

I'm not going to abandon writing fan fiction altogether—I don't think I could live with that. I love writing fan fiction, and Thor and Loki stories are so much fun to write. So I got a solution.

I've started a new story—It's called Of Thunder and Mischief—and if I'm depressed, I'll beat the crap out of poor Loki and Thor. If I'm in a good mood, I'll write a bit of humor. My series of one shots will have everything from Angst to Adventure to Hurt/Comfort. It'll follow Thor and Loki from childhood up to Thor 1, unless I decide to change it up. Check it out if you want!

Goodbye for now!