A/N: A holiday gift for my readers. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Over the years I have been writing RS fanfiction, there have been many 'little moments' - poignant, serious, lighthearted or simply funny - that have traipsed through my mind. While these little scenes fit within the canon series, there has been no way to legitimately weave them into the current tale.

The Vignettes of Steele Series follow the Steele children as they grow. Thus, as we know now (November 2017), there are three different 'books' in this series:

Vignettes of Steele: Olivia
Vignettes of Steele: Sophia
Vignettes of Steele: Holt

Each chapter of these stories is 1500 words or less: Brief and hopefully enjoyable.

From 11/20 until 12/31/17 I will be adding a Vignette story every day or two. After that, as they strike me.

I hope you enjoy!

And far more importantly - I hope this holiday season finds you each happy and well, and will provide you many happy memories for the years ahead.


May 1991 – 3 Months Old

Holt Fitzgerald Steele's bright blue eyes blinked open, and peered up at the two faces looking down at him – one belonging to a raven haired blue eyed three year old, the other to a blonde haired green eyed four year old.

"He wakeded up!" Olivia exclaimed gleefully, from where she clung to the side of the crib, her toes tucked into the bottom rail for the crib, while her hands clutched at the top.

"Shhhhh!" Sophie warned, from where she hung of the side next to her partner in crime.

Holt cooed up at the girls and pumped his legs happily.

"Girls, I know you're not waking your brother up, right?" Laura called from downstairs, as she listened to the baby monitor sitting at her elbow.

Upstairs, two little heads snapped around to face one another, both pairs of eyes widening, their little mouths forming an 'o' as they gasped at having been caught.

"Bye, Holt," Sophie whispered, dropping down off the side of the crib, Olivia following her.

"Bye, Holt," Olivia called from the bedroom door.

Downstairs, Laura laughed aloud as she listened to two pairs of feet scurrying down the hall.