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Carried Away



Videl couldn't believe this was happening. She wasn't even sure how they came to… this. She moaned, her fingers tightening on Gohan's thick hair to keep his head where it was, buried deep between her sweating thighs. She rocked her hips as he devoured her oh so delectably; she felt his tongue flicking her clit and cried out in pleasure.

"Oh god…" she gasped, a delicious shudder coursing through her spine.

She really had to wonder how it'd come to this. She barely even knew the guy – he had started school just a few days ago, and she immediately figured out that he was the Great Saiyaman, recognizing his voice and the way he spoke. So, naturally, she blackmailed him into entering the Tenkaichi Budokai as well as teaching her how to fly, to make their upcoming fight fair and all. Gohan had begrudgingly agreed, and the next day, she came over to his place to remind him of his promise to teach her how to fly, since he hadn't come to school that day.

And, somehow, barely a few hours later, he was eating her out and making her moan his name in ecstasy.

God, he's so good at this… Videl thought as she felt him roll his tongue inside of her.

Gohan had started teaching her about ki, which was what she needed to learn to control if she wanted to learn how to fly. It had taken a lot of effort, but Videl had finally managed to create a bright ball of energy between her hands. She had been ecstatic, but also exhausted after accomplishing the strenuous task. After a quick break, however, Videl was up and ready to keep learning. Gohan had taught her to control her ki better, and the next step was to direct her life force beneath her to make it lift her up off the ground. Goten, his little brother, had managed to fly right off the bat, which was more than a little irritating considering she was still stuck on the ground. Gohan had told his brother to leave him and Videl alone for a while so he could focus on teaching her.

It had taken some time and even more effort, but Videl had soon managed to float a few inches above the ground. Then she began going higher… and higher. And, she hated to admit it, but it got her a little scared to be floating in the air so high so suddenly. She lost control of her ki and started falling. Gohan, seeing this, had reacted just in time and rushed at her to catch her before she impacted with the ground… only, clumsy guy that he was, he had managed to trip and take her with him.

She had ended up on top of him, which, she admitted, did protect her from the fall, but when Videl had opened her eyes… his face was between her boobs and his hands were grabbing her ass.

"Gohan! Your hands!" she yelled at him, trying to push herself up.

"Showy! I waj' jus' f'ryin' to helf'!" he apologized, his voice muffled by her chest.

They had quickly moved away from each other, and made sure not to meet the other's gaze, as they sat on the grass at a good distance. Videl had glanced at him, but then her eyes had widened upon seeing the very obvious tent on Gohan's crotch, and she quickly looked away, her whole face burning up.

"I'm… so sorry…" he said helplessly. "I was really just trying to help…"

Did he not notice his boner? Videl had wondered.

"Oh… crap," he muttered under his breath, which told Videl that he did, after all, notice his little predicament.

"You got hard just from feeling me up a little? You're more perverted than I would've thought," she mumbled a bit harshly, peeking at his very obvious erection tugging at his gi pants.

He swallowed. "I…" Then he sighed. "It's a physical reaction, it's not like I can control it…" He took a deep breath. "It's not my fault you're so soft," he added under his breath, hugging his legs to his chest and hiding part of his crimson face in his knees.

Videl's heart had skipped a beat when he said that, and her eyes had widened. She had glanced at him again, and felt bad when she saw Gohan gritting his teeth and in an obvious struggle to… get it down.

She felt herself heat up, inexplicably. The thought of Gohan getting aroused after barely a few seconds of touching her, of being unable to cool down, it was making her… wet. Videl bit her lip.

He sighed. "Geez, nothing's working," he said in dejection, resting the side of his face on top of his knees. He chanced a look at her, and his face flushed. "It doesn't help that you're so pretty…"

Another skip of her heart. Videl rubbed her thighs together, feeling all hot and bothered.

"You… really think I'm pretty?"

He shrugged. "You are. Like, objectively. I'm just stating a fact."

Her heart was racing. The words came out before she could stop them. "Would you…" She took a sharp breath and licked her lips. "Would you kiss me?"

He froze, his eyes wide. Then, he moved closer to her and cupped her cheek, his expression serious. "I would," he murmured breathlessly.

He pushed her onto her back and lay on top of her, pressing himself all against hers. Videl bit her lips when she felt his arousal pressed up against her crotch… And then his lips were on hers, and Videl could have sworn she was soaring in the sky. Except her back was still pressed up against the grass and Gohan was still on top of her, kissing her breath away.

She moaned against his lips, wrapping her arms around his back. It felt so good…

That's when things started to heat up. Before she knew what was happening, Gohan had taken off her shirt and sports bra and was groping and licking and sucking her… And she didn't even think of stopping him.

"You're so soft…" he mumbled in between her breasts, panting heavily. "I want you so much, Videl…"

She bit her lip. She couldn't believe how much she wanted him, too. She barely even knew the guy! And, okay, he turned out to be super hot, his gi not doing much to hide his muscular physique, and, yes, she was attracted to him… crazy attracted to him, to be honest… but this was insane! To think she was letting him kiss her and touch her and grope her…

Aahhh… it feels so good…! She moaned his name.

Gohan let go of her nipple and started kissing his way down her flat stomach, leaving a trail of saliva in his wake. It made her shiver.

And then he tugged at her bike shorts… along with her underwear. Videl gasped at the bold move, while Gohan slid the pieces of clothing off her legs. Without a second thought, he dived in between her thighs and started giving her more pleasure than she'd ever felt.

And there they were. Videl still didn't understand what the hell was happening, but her head was too clouded with pleasure to try and think up an explanation for this turn of event.

"Oh… yes! Yes, yes, yes, Gohan! Right there!"

She climaxed into his mouth, and he sucked her juice and licked her some more, making her orgasm last longer. Gohan raised himself and towering over her, wiping his mouth and licking his fingers, all the while keeping eye contact with her. Videl felt her knees tremble. The intensity of his gaze was making her insides quiver in anticipation. She wanted him… She wanted him so goddamn much. It was incomprehensible, it was inexplicable, it didn't make any sense, but Videl couldn't care less right now. She wanted this man, inside of her, and she wanted him now.

In her urgent need to have him, Videl simply opened his gi pants at the crotch area and grabbed him firmly. Gohan hissed, his arms extended on either side of her, his fingers tightening around the blades of grass, as she led him between her legs.

He rubbed his length over her twitching opening and let out a shaky breath. Videl let out a long groan at the sensation. Gohan moved his hands to her hips and gritted his teeth, his eyes tightly shut, before pushing himself forward, slowly penetrating her tight walls.

Videl winced and bit her lip. Well, it actually hurt a lot less than she would've expected, especially considering that Gohan was, um, well above average. She wondered if it was because she was so damn wet.

"Oh my god…" Gohan shuddered as he buried himself deep inside of her. He started moving, slowly, taking his pulsing cock almost all the way out before pushing it in again.

Videl wrapped her legs around his waist, holding him tightly around his back as she rocked her hips to meet his thrusts. "H-Harder," she exhaled, her voice much weaker than she'd intended. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and said again, "Harder, Gohan… Hah... Hah… Oh yes! Yes!"

He had picked up the pace and was thrusting harder, his fingers digging into her skin. He groaned. "Ahh… You feel so good, Videl…"

Gohan was pounding her now, and Videl could've sworn she was in paradise. She couldn't control herself anymore, she was crying out his name and rocking her whole body against his. Her nails dug into his back, tearing the fabric of his gi, as the pleasure was becoming too intense. She couldn't take it anymore. It was too much, too powerful, too mind-numbing.

She rolled them over, straddling his hips, riding him wildly, and threw her head back. Gohan's lips parted as he watched the girl on top of him, the vision tightening his chest. He sat up and kissed her lips passionately as he thrust harder and deeper inside her.

"You're so beautiful…" he murmured against her lips. He started kissing her neck, down her cleavage, cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples…

She wrapped her arms around his head as he took a nipple into his mouth, and rode him harder, tightening her walls around his twitching erection.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, Gohan…! Gohan! Yes!"

He was kissing her neck again, moving his hands to her ass. She felt his heavy breath against her skin, and more shivers were running along her spine.

"Videl… Hah… Hah… You feel so amazing… Oh god…"

She could feel herself getting close. Videl bit her lip, closing her eyes tightly as she rocked her hips avidly against Gohan's. He pushed her on her back again and hammered into her ardently, making her scream his name. He grunted, got on his knees and then turned her swiftly on her stomach, grasping her ass as he pounded her from behind. Videl gripped some blades of grass, her cheek pressed against the earth, her ass up, as Gohan thrust inside her faster and faster.

Distractedly, Videl wondered if this was Gohan's first time too… Because he was lasting way too long for a virgin, from what she knew. She groaned as he kept going faster, the position making it easier for him to slide deeper.

And then Videl felt it, and she cried out as her body convulsed and twitched in ecstasy, her inner walls tightening and trembling around Gohan's cock. He stilled himself and started shaking too, shooting his release inside of her with a long, guttural groan.

Panting heavily, Videl felt him pull out and then lie down next to her, equally out of breath. She lay on her side, resting her head against her bent arm, her breathing erratic as she watched him trying to catch his breath. He was still clothed, with only his sex sticking out of his pants. Videl's gaze stayed on it. Though it was half-soft now, it was still pretty big… She couldn't believe this big thing had even fit inside of her.

She reached over and grabbed it, feeling a smirk form on her lips as Gohan gasped and choked, getting hard almost instantly as she rubbed him.

He stared at her hand, then at her, his chest heaving deeply. He pouted. "You're so mean. I was just starting to calm down."

She grinned, before moving to straddle him. "Guess we'll just have to go again."

Gohan's head lolled back and he moaned as she lowered herself onto him. Videl arched her back and started riding him, and Gohan grunted before grabbing her ass and thrusting harder.

"You're so… tight," he gritted out. Videl smirked and tightened herself around him, feeling a sense of satisfaction when Gohan let out a long groan in response.

She watched him as she rode him long and hard, heaving deeply. He felt so good. She moved her hands along his chest, lowering his gi top around his waist to uncover the rest of his muscular torso.

"You're so hot," she found herself moaning, riding him harder. He opened his eyes and locked them onto hers, and Videl felt her whole body quiver at the intensity of the look in his onyx eyes.

She still couldn't comprehend how it had come to this. It didn't make any sense. What had possessed her to ask him to kiss her? How did things escalate so quickly?

Why did it feel so fucking good?

She bent down to kiss his lips, cupping his face in her palms. He put his hand on her nape as they deepened the kiss. She groaned against his mouth, the friction between their intimate parts creating such a delectable sensation.

Ah, who cared anyway? This just felt too good to stop. She wanted more, more of this, more of him, more of this delicious feeling.

She held onto him tightly as she rocked her hips harder, burying her face in the crook of his neck. Videl felt herself lose her mind as she climaxed once more, feeling the pleasure course through her whole body as she trembled uncontrollably. Gohan grunted and rolled her on her back, gripping her ass as he kept thrusting in and out of her, and Videl knew for sure that she was going insane from the pleasure.

He grazed his teeth on her throat, panting against her skin as he pounded her relentlessly. He moved one of his hands from her ass to her breast and started fondling it roughly. Videl cried out when he pinched her nipple and rubbed his thumb and forefinger on it.

She gritted her teeth. This was too much. She didn't have any energy left to keep up with him anymore. But Gohan just kept hammering into her, obviously still not done with her.

"G… Gohan… I… I can't… anymore…. Ungghh…"

"It's… your fault… for making me… hard again," he panted into her ear. "Aahhh… You feel so good… Hah… Hah… Videl..."

Her mind was going numb. It was too much. She was going delirious. It felt too good. She suddenly held him tightly around his back and muffled her cry of ecstasy into his shoulder as she came once more. Her tight walls were shaking wildly around Gohan's pulsing cock, and the sensation was enough to make him climax in turn. Their bodies shivered and trembled together as they felt the delicious release.

Gohan stayed on top of her and didn't pull out this time. Videl smiled as she rubbed her nose on his, cupping his cheek. He closed the distance and kissed her lips tenderly. She melted into him.

In the end… it didn't matter how it happened – nothing mattered but this blissful moment. Videl felt happy. Truly happy. Right there, right now, with him. And she wouldn't have had it any other way.


When Videl was flying back to Satan City on her jetcopter, she had to wonder – what the fuck happened back there?

She couldn't deny how much she'd enjoyed having sex with Gohan. But, seriously – what the fuck? She had sex, with Gohan? How the hell did that even happen?

Now that the feeling of bliss had worn off, Videl was pretty much freaking out over what had transpired on that mountain. What did it even mean? Was Gohan her boyfriend now? How the hell was she supposed to act around him after that?

Flashes of their passionate embrace flickered in her mind, and Videl felt herself burn up even more. God, how the fuck was it even possible to feel so goddamn good? Gohan had been… amazing. The chemistry between them was way over the top. It had felt just so mind-blowingly good.

Videl figured she was lucky her first time had gone so well, as that was pretty rare for girls. She flushed more. To think she'd lost her virginity to a guy she hardly knew… Videl never would've thought it would happen like that. She certainly would have never guessed when she first met Gohan that she would end up giving him her virginity… Seriously, it didn't make any sense. How did it come to this at all?

And why the hell did she want him to fuck her senselessly again and again? Ugh. This was incomprehensible. What was going on with her? What the fuck was wrong with her?

Why did it have to feel so fucking amazing?


She had hesitated to come back, but Videl did want to learn how to fly, and she needed Gohan to teach her if she wanted to get better at it. At flying, of course. He was just going to teach her how to fly – and nothing else.

Or so she told herself.

She gritted her teeth, on her hands and knees as Gohan pounded her from behind, his fingers digging into the plush skin of her ass. He groaned her name as he rocked his pelvis back and forth, making a smacking sound whenever their flesh would meet. She panted hard with every push of his cock and rolled her hips, eagerly meeting his thrusts.

Damn it.

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November 26, 2017