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It was a fairly nice day, The sun wasn't too bright, The clouds weren't covering the sun all too much and the Breeze was perfect for a certain dog and his two friends, Well atleast one of his friends.

Bolt woke up and yawned as he glanced over at the sun through the in his owners room, Which he had got into the night before. "Not to bright, That's good for me I guess." He said to himself, Not like anyone was there to hear him.

Bolt headed into the living room where he found one of his trio mates, Rhino. Rhino was still sound asleep as if he just went to sleep, But thinking about it now that Idea seems pretty on spot considering he had went to sleep on the remote. Bolt sighed at his friend, His actions never ceased to amaze him.

*Bolt POV*

Well Rhino is sleeping and I hadn't the chance to check up on Mittens, Plus I wanna ask her a question. I began to leave the living room seeing as I had nothing to do in there. I slowly walked up the stairs seeing as I haven't the chance to fully wake up so a bunch was still groggy but I still made my way upstairs none the less.

I finally made my way to Mittens room and walked in, Nothing. Nothing, No cat just A bed, A Fan and A cover. "Wow nothing here. Where could she-" "Bolt what are you doing in my room?"

I was surprised, She came out of nowhere when I wasn't expecting her! Why does she always do this? "Uh I was just looking for you nothing more, heh.." Mittens looked surprised but I don't know why. What if..

"Whatever, Why were you even looking for me?" Mittens sure said that in a cold tone, No matter! "I was kinda wondering if later today, if me and you could take a walk in the woods.."

"Why would I want to walk in the woods at all today?" I looked around and out the window then I spoke, "Maybe it would be a good bonding exercise. I guess" Mittens sighed at my Idea of a bonding activity.

"Fine, Fine but what do I get outta of this?" I looked confused, Wasn't she already getting something outta this whole thing?

"Uh what do you want?" She smiled, "I want to ignore you and Rhino for a whole week." I sighed, wasn't that destroying the whole purpose of the walk?

"Uh, erm ok I guess? Hey are you hungry?" I asked attempting to avoid the situation plus I was pretty sure that Penny filled my food bowl last night before she went to sleep, She always fills it up unless she is busy..

"Naw, I ate before I came up here and caught you." "Oh uh ok did you see Rhino?" Mittens rolled and answered my question. "Yeah, But he is sleeping at the moment."

I nodded and headed towards the kitchen, the only upsides where that everything wasn't groggy anymore and I was hopefully about get some food.

I reached my destination but the bowl was empty, This meant 2 things 1: Penny was busy last night and 2: I was gonna have to wake her up if I wanted some food.. I whimpered quietly and went ahead to wake Penny up for the sake breakfast.

I managed to Penny's room and put my head on her leg and began to whimper, which worked quicker than it usually does.

"Huh Bolt? Oh I know, sorry about that.." Something seemed a bit off maybe she was working too hard before going to sleep, I don't want to rush her.

I shook my head and accidentally directed my head towards the clock which quickly caught Penny's attention, The clock read 7:54 am.

"What?! It's that late!" Penny got up really fast, I had to move back to avoid accidentally getting kicked by my owner.

"Bolt, I'll feed you later but I gotta get ready for school." She glanced at her calendar and sighed.

I didn't really understand anything else that was going on in the room so I had backed out of the room and made my way to the living room seeing as Rhino should be up by now atleast.

I arrived at my second destination, the clocks on the T.V now read 8:00 the re-runs of my old show come on at 8:00! I can to conclusion that 1: Penny was gonna be late and Rhino was up because he was always up to watch the re-runs.

I went to the couch and found Rhino clearly awake now, Also watching re-runs.

"Hey Rhino, When did you wake up?" He glanced at me with a big grin, "Hey Bolt! I just finished watching the last episode for season 2!" I forgot that the show starts from 7:30 to 8:00 and another one after that.

"Oh uh, I remember that one wasn't that one the cliff hanger that got us here kinda.." Rhino looked shocked and I knew that I messed up big time.

"Are you kidding me, that's season 3, season 2 is the one with-" "Ok, Ok I get it Rhino, I don't need a summary of what I did, But I do need to kill time. Do you think you can help?"

"Yeah, Sure. But may I ask why you need to kill time?" I nodded " It's because later today me and Mittens are going on a walk in the woods and I wanna kill time 'till then!" Rhino shook his head like a detective. "Alright but does she know that the woods are a half of a mile away?" I shrugged " I don't know but how do you know that, you barely go outside!."

Rhino shrugged back "Hey just because I don't go outside doesn't mean I'm not smart."

I heard something fall so I directed my attention to where the sound came from, the kitchen.

"Uh ok Rhino I gotta check something out so I'll be right back!" I said while sprinting away to catch whatever made that noise.

To my surprise I found Penny pouring food into my bowl while being completely ready for school.

"Hey Bolt, Here you go and I gotta go." Penny said while pushing my bowl towards me, I whimpered trying to get her to stay which never works but its a fun try.

"Sorry Bolt not today I got things to do today, I have a test! Anyways bye Bolt!" She managed to say that while leaving the house to me,Rhino and Mittens and her mom who had to leave later today so that enabled me and Mittens to have our walk today!

I ate my food relatively quickly in hopes time would move as fast as I ate but to no avail as the clock only read 8:30 after I finished eating.

Maybe I was a little too excited for this walk, Wait I still need to establish a time for us to go on the walk, How did I forget that?

I rushed upstairs passing Rhino while he was on his way to the kitchen and Made it to Mittens room and she was actually there this time, which in itself was a surprise!

"Hey Mittens..-What would be a good time for us to take that walk later?" She shrugged and went on to answer "I don't know maybe 12 to be safe." I grinned "12? Got it!." I left Mittens alone and went to watch some sweet re-runs of my old T.V show.

*3 hours later*

I didn't expect for there to be a marathon today but it was pretty fun to see my old stunts, Atleast that killed some time. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 11..

"11?! I didn't expect to kill that much time, Rhino help me prepare!" I looked towards the hamster as he shrugged "Why do you need to prepare? Aren't you two just going to the woods for a walk?"

"Well yeah but still I wasted too much time watching T.V I still have to set up activities and stuff along the way!" The hamster sighed and gave up "Alright, Alright I'll help you prepare for nothing."

"Thanks so much Rhino!"

*1 Hour of preparation later*

I approached Mittens and stated her with a simple question that began our activities, "Are you ready?"

Mittens nodded slowly, probably wondering what she had gotten herself into this time but it didn't matter to me, We were about to have fun! A whole day of fun that is!

Me and Mittens left the house and set off in the direction of the woods, With me and Rhino's preparation we should have half a hour of Icebreakers then we can play fetch and head home!

"Hey Mittens, how are you today in this ok day?" Mittens didn't even look towards me and kept walking, "Fine I guess." I nodded to show that I had heard her then I went onto the next question, "Hey Mittens, How has it been living with me, Rhino, Penny and her mom?" Mittens actually acknowledged me and said "It has actually been pretty good, Bolt why are you asking all of these questions?"

"Just thought a bit of Icebreakers might be a good Idea." Mittens shrugged, "Yeah.."

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