Chapter 1

It has been two months after I started a new family. Now that I felt it was completed, Watership Down was a for me to stay. Our kittens started developing some personalities that I could recognize immediately they're human. However, I decided to keep it between Rose and myself until they're a bit mature enough to understand. Olivia takes after her mother and my mother. Mason Jr. on the other hand has most of my personalities with a quarter of his mother's. But we intended to raise them equally as we intend to.

Usually every morning, I wake up and I go out for a early patrol around the down, before The Owsla started our patrol. Normally, I circle around the down and sometimes I would just hop by the farm, before coming back. However this morning, I decided to go down the hill and approach to my family's old house. I hopped past the walking trail that I used to past by once I was human and of course visiting my family. Now since they're gone and new people moved in, it was completely desolated.

I saw that my garden is now trashed from empty cans, red solo cups, and the vegetables, with the plants that grew there are dead. I continue to hear the voices of my parents and my sister screaming for help, before being murdered. I was encouraged copious amount of times by my adopted father, Hazel to carry on. I pretty much forgotten about their deaths and what happened, but I still hear their echoes of faded memories to their demise to this day.

"I need to head back towards the down for patrol." I said, as I looked at the sun, as its about to rise and shine for a new day.

As I left the house, the echoes was gone and I started to hear more birds chirping, as the new day was here. I hopped back uphill towards the warren, as I looked behind me to see the sun was shining bright and early.

"Mason?" a voice called from behind me and out came Tyler. "What are you doing up so early?"

"I had to take a small early walk before patrol." I answered.

"You're always up and running early, there's a reason not to." he said.

I looked at my necklace that was hanging across my neck. I started to hear flashbacks of painful memories that I cannot erase.

"Your kittens ready to join the Junior Owsla?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know, they seem young and I don't want them to go off alone in their patrols." I worried.

"That is why you have me and my mate's sons, Bigwig's and Spartina's sons and daughter, and of course my brothers." Tyler assured.

I sighed quietly because when they're officially prepared, they would try to attempt to go out into the world. I still fear that Hugh and Clayton would be able to spot them and worry what they would do to my kids.

Bigwig came out with the rest of the Owsla and came out Hazel.

"Good morning all." Hazel greeted.

Me and Tyler joined with Hawkbit, Dandelion, and Pipkin. I was surprised to see Hazel joining us for a patrol.

Wonder why he's here? I asked myself.

"Alright troops, our chief will be inspecting the Owsla for this patrol. We'll be raiding the farm and return back with Flayrah. Be on guard and Who Dares Wins." Bigwig announced.

I was slightly nervous that my adopted father would be monitoring this patrol. I took a deep breath to remain calm. Before we hopped towards the farm, Hazel came to me.

"Surprised." he said.

"A little... are you sure you're inspecting or is it me?" I asked without no surprise.

"More or less." he said with a paw on my shoulder. I knew he was mostly there because he wanted to cheer me up. However, the Owsla would probably needed new bucks and does to fill in the roles.

"Alright, Owsla! We're moving out!" Bigwig commanded.

We started to follow the captain, as we left Watership Down.

I was listening to Amarillo Sky on my phone, as I was on my daily routine of work.

He just takes the tractor another round
And pulls the plow across the ground
And sends up another prayer
He says, "Lord, I never complain, I never ask why
Please don't let my dreams run dry
Underneath, underneath this Amarillo sky."

The lyrics of the song tried to help me brighten up for every work day. When we arrived the farm, there was no sign of Duster or the farmer. We sniffed in the air only to smell the flayrah. Before we could be ready to head over to the large fence, Fiver gasped and shivered.

"Fiver?" I turned back behind me, as everyone else did.

"Maybe we should head for the orchard." Fiver suggested.

"You cannot be serious, Fiver. We just got here and we needed flayrah." Bigwig protested.

"I understand, but I sensed that it's hiding something." Fiver added.

"What is it?" Hazel asked.

"I don't know. But it's cold, and we cannot smell it." Fiver answered.

I started to sniff by the fence and understand Fiver's warning. "He's right. Something is different of the scent." I started to wander around the farm and followed the strange scent. It led me to the barn and I searched. When I got by the containers, I saw a container that shows a small brand. I hopped by it and turned the container to see there were pesticides. The most shocker was that I discovered a sponsor signature of Hugh's name. Immediately, I dashed out of the barn to warn them.

When I got outside of the barn, I noticed that they were starting to dig. I feared that if they take some of the food that contains the pesticides, it'll kill them and possibly the whole warren.

"Stop!" I shouted, as I hurried over.

Everyone stopped and looked at me.

"What's the matter?" Bigwig asked.

"We should avoid the flayrah, there's pesticides in them!" I warned.

"What are pesticides?" Hazel asked.

"Pesticides are chemicals that are put into plants or organics, that could kill insects and/or organisms including animals." Tyler explained.

"Why would they do it?" Dandelion asked.

"I believe we have been raiding the farm for a while." Hazel answered.

"And of course the farmer is tiresome of seeing us, especially after being alarmed by Duster." I added.

We knew that the best flayrah would be here, but since the pesticides are on the vegetables, it's too risky to grab them for food.

"We'll just have to find some flays, until the pesticides are cleared out." Hazel suggested.

"So that's why I couldn't smell the flayrah and I sense the cold." Fiver added.

As everyone started to leave, I was frozen because of seeing Hugh's name on the pesticides. Tyler noticed that I wasn't moving.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

I was silent and I can't able to hear him, because the flashbacks from the confrontation back at the church.

"Mason?" he shook me.

I came back into reality.


"I was asking, are you alright?" Tyler asked.

"Yes. I feared that if Hugh had sold pesticides back then, I couldn't have know about it before." I answered.

"You didn't know. It's a good thing that we avoided the flayrah from the garden. We probably could have got sick and the warren would be gone." he said.

I nodded. "Even after Hugh was arrested and it felt like a year has passed. I feel that something is going to happen." I worried.

"Don't worry about it. Fiver would sense it if there's trouble." he assured.

"What if something happens that we didn't have time to react? He could only sense the future." I added.

"We came this far in life with or without him seeing visions. If it happens, we'll know what to do." he added.

I agreed with a nod and went along. As Hazel and Bigwig called us, Tyler and I headed back.