This is a remake of a previous story I did called Barbaric but I decided to revisit it and go more in depth. The Conan the Barbarian movie wasn't really good but i did think Rose McGowan's character stuck out and who better to play the role of a dominating witch? Trapped in a time warp, Bella finds herself in a time of barbarians. She is rescued by the evil and insane sorceress, Marique. Please review!

Darkness. Can't breathe. A teenage girl's body sucked into what could be a giant whirlpool. But everything gets brighter, like there was a whole other world inside or she has somehow ended up being spit back out; rejected by the raging waters after crashing into it. The girl felt like a rag doll being flung around. She felt her stomach flip as it seemed she had fallen a great height onto dirt. She was soaking wet, it felt like someone had jumped on on her back and knocked the air out of her. She couldn't move, it must've been like what survivors of a shipwreck must feel like when they wash up on shore. She lifted her head wearily, her long brown hair covered her face. The sun bea on her as if it were over 100 degrees out. One uncovered eye she could see mostly rock and sand but no signs of a shoreline or any water at all for that matter. She heard voices but it was hard to tell from where they were coming. A cackle like something evil yet it had almost a singing voice.

She had no memory this girl. Her mind was foggy. She was sore, body more than likely bruised and beaten. She didn't know why she would be in water fully clothed. She wondered where the water went as she moved her head around. Clear skies and a dangerous looking terrain.

"Ha ha ha ha!, " that laugh, so sinister. Someone put their hands on her, flipping her over. More voices. Orders given. The girl had the sun in her eyes and couldn't make out the one barking at what could've been a large group of men. This was a woman, a peculiar voice and mannerisms. She positioned her large cranium directly above the traumatized girl, eclipsing the huge ball of fire in the sky. She says something but the girl cannot hear, her ears are plugged. "W...r...yu..." She made herself louder, shouting at her. She may have just regained conciousness with no memory but she did know an alien when she saw one. That large for the most part bald head with the exception of dreads, her pale skin and snake-like eyes; everything about her seemed rather snake-like. Her movement was so exaggerated as though she was emphasizing every word through body language. Half naked nearly, the girl thought she saw cuts but they were actually tattoos; maybe tribal. She looked so menacing, so evil. Those eyes pierced her with their glare.

The girl felt the spiked heel of this savage dig into her side then on her chest. The alien smiled when she saw what great pain this caused, proud even. "Ugh!"

"Speak!" She hissed.

But the girl had trouble getting words together, like marbles in her mouth. The creature mocked her feebleness. Seeing her drenched in water was strange to her but her garments proved stranger. The girl wore tight black jeans and a green blouse. The tall, curvy monster was fairly scantily clad, no cleavage but she was showing off her navel and abs, one exposed thigh, a skirt that looked made of bits from old cloth.

"Where do you hail from, hm?" She grew more impatient. She grabbed the stunned girl, pulling her to her feet. She squeezed the girl's face one handed, strong and hard to get out of. The girl noticed at the corner of her eye the other hand. The other hand was different. There were these claws, razor sharp knives acting as extended fingernails for her to use on victims. She began sniffing her like a dog would do, as if she found something new, something foreign about her.

"We should be heading back! Your father will be waiting!" One of the brutish looking soldiers behind the potentially murderous alien woman insisted. All of the soldiers with her wore armour and swords and looked like they were on steroids. It was like they were cosplaying for some convention into mythology or really into D&D and LARP.

She ordered them to back off while she continued to interrogate. "Where are you from? What are you doing on Khalar Zym's land?"

"I...I...don't know...I can't remember..."

The woman's brow furrowed, she showed off her sharp knives ever so closely to the girl's fragile skin. She proceeded to push her down on the ground. "Leave!"

"She could be someone's property," a soldier warned.

"None of our concern!" She brushed past him.

"An enemy of your father's," he added.

She stopped in her tracks. The weak teen sat up and begged, "Please...I can't remember anything...I don't even know who I am."

A corner of the woman's mouth curled, she had devious thoughts. She turned back to the poor thing and lifted her up. She slid a razor underneath her chin, she was monstrous but also beautiful in a scary way. "You really don't know who you are do you?"

The girl shook her head fearfully. So innocent looking, nothing bad clearly ever happened to her until now. The woman was getting a little too close to stabbing her with those instruments of hers. The girl reacted quickly, biting down hard on her neck, not letting go. The Barbaric woman did not act like she was in pain, her eyes rolled into the back of her head while letting out a deep sigh. The girl let go and saw that she didn't even puncture her skin, only leaving teeth marks.

"My turn!" The woman bit the girl playfully on the neck making her shriek and yelp. A little bit of blood. The woman had some blood on her lips and licked it up, "You're a biter. You are a fighter. I will name you Fang..." The girl stopped whining, as if responding to the name; it did have a ring to it she thought. "You like that name?"

The girl thought it over for a second and nodded nervously, afraid she would piss off the scary woman any further. "Come. Khalar Zym, the great warlord expects us, his followers." She grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her along, "I'm sure I will find some use for you later." She emphasised the last part. Fang had no choice now, it was either these strange people or die out in the heat and be picked by birds.

They entered this building. It was so dark inside but once they ventured further they could see their way with torches mounted on the stone walls. A dining area complete with long wooden table. Fang sat on the floor next to the woman. Everyone greeted their leader Khalar Zym when he entered the room. He was a terrifying man with scars on his face and agressive voice.

They were served large portions of unknown meat. They ripped it apart in their bare hands and chewed noisily. Fang looked up at the mystery woman who brought her there, fascinated by the way she tore into her food like an animal, juices trailing down her chin. She noticed Fang watching her and smiled sinisterly. She patted the top of her head and shoved her sharp knives in her face. Juices and grease were all over the metal claws. Fang was encouraged to lick. She closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, licking them lightly. The woman looked proud of her new pet.

"Who is that?" Khalar Zym noticed the strange girl under the table.

"I found her dying outside. I call her Fang because she can't remember her name. Also because she has quite a satisfying bite!" She squeezed Fang 's cheek rather agressively.

Khalar noticed the girl wasn't speaking. All she did was look at him in a daze. "Is she a fool?"

The woman cackled, "More than likely."

"What is she wearing? She could belong to someone...concerning..."

"Don't worry, father, I will get something out of her later...," the look she gave him, assured she would be her diabolical self.

"I'm sure you will, Marique," he glared down at the innocent slave.

"Here you are, Fang!" The woman now identified as Marique threw down a slab of meat for her. This time her smile appeared more warm than the previous coldness she presented to her. "Get some meat on those bones..."

Fang sniffed it before putting it into her mouth. The meat was tender. Marique laughed at the grease all over her pet's face. Fang was later given new clothes for bed. Marique took her belongings. She didn't understand the clothing at all, it wasn't common. She found a rectangle in her pants pocket. One side was covered in a strange purple sponge and the other black glass that had cracked beyond repair. In another pocket was a thick brown square made from animal hide. She unfolded it and found coins and other things. One had a picture of Fang. It was a driver's license but of course she had no concept of what that was.

Isabella Marie Swan

Forks, Washington

Maybe Fang wasn't a bad name after all.

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