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The dark in is my element and shadow is my world. Men have feared me and the mere mention of my name brings shivers to the spine of the bravest.

I am a child of the night and death follows me everywhere.


Bill Weasley frowned as he read the hieroglyphics. He was confused that there were writings of an ancient evil deep within one of the caves of Egypt. As a curse breaker for the goblins, he had to read the hieroglyphics in order to have some clue to the curse he will be dealing with.

So far, he had no luck.

Bill was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants, a contrast to his normal leather outfit. He only wears leather when he's off duty. He also was wearing a brown had that was fashionable in the 1930's. He took a magnifying glass from his knapsack and studied the glyphs more.

"There's nothing about the curse," Bill sighed as he read the other glyphs. "I think it is safe to open this."

"And what if you're wrong?" Esk asked gruffly. Esk was the leader of the goblins assigned to gather the treasures especially gold. The other goblins were nervous for reason unfathomable.

Bill had never seen the goblins so afraid before. It was like they didn't want to be there.

"Let's get this over with!" one of the goblins at the back called out. Bill smirked. They were never filled with patients, these goblins. A set of glyphs caught his attention and began to decipher it.

"Entombed here is the... the closest I could get about it is; 'The angel of darkness that leads the army of Anubis.' What the bloody blazed did that mean?" There was a commotion behind him and Bill turned to see what it was.

The goblins were definitely afraid. It was rumored that gold in this tomb was incomparable but these goblins acted like they wanted nothing to do with it. Some of them backed away and some had already fled.

"It is not worth the risk," Esk said as he retreated back.

Bill looked at the glyphs and turned to the retreating goblins. He needed some more information before proceeding. Whatever scared the goblins off must be more dangerous than the Dark Mage Voldemort.

Looking at the glyphs, Bill wondered what was inside.


"There's a letter for you, Fleur." Gabriella said as she entered her sister's room. Lying lazily on her bed, Fleur Delacour looked up and smiled at her little precious.

"Who is it from?" she asked.

"It's from Gringotts," her sister said. Frowning in confusion, Fleur opened the letter and read its contents. "What is it?" Gabby asked curiously.

"They wanted me to go to Egypt," Fleur smirked. She was on holiday wanting to be with her sister. But she knew better than she, the most talented relic hunter in Europe, would get a holiday. She was searching for different relics to use against the dark lord but nothing seemed to hold much water.

Fleur looked at her sister and found that she was utterly disappointed at the news. Looking at the letter it only said that her expertise would be needed. She grinned as she patted her sister's head.

"Well. It seems like a job too big for me. I may need an assistant," she smiled at Gabby. "But I need someone I trust." Gabby caught her sister's smile and bounded up and down like a child.

"I'll go!" she said enthusiastically. Fleur smiled and stood.

"Okay, now we need to pack," she smiled and led her sister to her room.


Bill had a few letters on his desk when he came to his room at Gringotts apartments. His apartment had two bedrooms. He kept the other bedroom for visits from his family. It wasn't much but it was home away from home. He picked up the top letter and opened it.

Mr. Weasley,

Due to our lack of accommodations, an expert in artifacts will be temporarily reside in your quarters. You will be working with the expert with the tomb you had just uncovered. All your duties will be directed to other personnel. Please give the expert your total cooperation as she will give her yours.

Unfortunately, due to lack of courageous personnel, no goblin is willing to come to this expedition. It will only be you two in the site. Your task is to break any curse for our diggers to enter the tomb.

Grel the Ingenious,

Director of Affairs.


Bill was curious. What was in that tomb that the goblins were all afraid of? He didn't mind the company of the expert though. The last time he handled an unidentified artifact, he was cursed. He smirked and this. He didn't want to remember that. He took another letter from his table and smiled at the name of the sender.

He opened the next letter

Hey Bill!

Today was a blast! Harry got to hug me! I just gave him a present and he totally went emotional. I'll tell you about it next time I see you. Pity you weren't here. Anyway, how're the goblins treating you? Still cheating you? Well, I got to go. I'm going to hang my dress and never wash it. It might remove the essence Harry rubbed off.

Lost of love,


Bill laughed and smiled. Only her sister would do such a thing as to save any memories of that hug. He took the last letter and was oddly surprised that it came from Dumbledore.

Mr. Bill Weasley,

It has come to my attention that the Death Eaters will try to get someone to use as bait for Harry Potter. Since you and Charlie are the only ones open, it would make me at ease to know that you have taken precautions for your safety.

I hope for your good health and welfare.

Albus Dumbledore


That was an odd letter but Bill took it seriously. He was not worried of Charlie. He knew that his brother could take care of any Death Eater that came for him. Plus he was surrounded by dragons. Only an imbecile would try to take him.

It only left him. He must be careful. The only way they could get to him if he was on one of the sites. He only prayed that nothing would happen during the excavation tomorrow.

He lay on his bed thinking of the words that scared the goblins.

The angel of darkness that leads the army of Anubis.

He was to meet the expert tomorrow. With questions that may change his life forever.

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