Percy POV

Bored. One word to describe how I'm feeling right now. Bored. "Come on Wise Girl! You can take ONE break, can't you?" "Later Percy. You know I'm busy now". That was Annabeth. What she just said was her standard reply. It'd been this way ever since we had returned from Greece. After the war with Gaea ended, Annabeth was finally able to get back to her role as the Architect of Olympus – one which she never started since I disappeared soon after the Titan War.

"Annabeth, we need to talk". Suddenly she looked up with an extremely serious face. "You never talk like that unless you're extremely serious Seaweed Brain". I took a breath and continued "Annabeth, I really love you. But I feel like I'm the only one working at this relationship". Annabeth tried to interrupt me, but I cut her off "… wait hear me through. I understand how important this project is for you, but we haven't even gone on a simple date for 2 months! I'm not saying I want you to choose me or your project because I would never want to be the reason that you stopped doing something you love. All I'm asking is that you spend some time thinking about I even matter to you enough.

Annabeth had her face down. I thought I saw a tear streak across her face until she wiped it and looked into my eyes with a steely resolve. "Percy, you do matter to me but I'm afraid that this project matters to me so much more. I never wanted to have to do this to you but … I th-think we need to b-break up" tears once more falling from her eyes. I stood there shocked. My mouth opened and closed but no sound came from it. My Wise Girl wanted to break up with me? "How could you do this!" I shouted, "I thought we had something special". All the water in Olympus started flooding, responding to my anger. "We do have something special Percy, but this project is special too and I don't think I can manage to do both". I lost it. But instead of exploding in anger I did quite the opposite. I broke down crying. All my emotions flooding out through my tears as I mourned the end of my time with my loved one. That is until I saw the pink flash.

I looked up and saw the most beautiful woman standing above me. That only meant one thing. Oh great I thought Why does she have to be here. "HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED!" Aphrodite screamed. She turned to face Annabeth "YOU GUYS WERE THE PERFECT COUPLE AND NOW ITS GONE. I HAD SO MUCH FUN PLANNED FOR YOU GUYS AND YOU RUINED IT". She started getting prepared to blast Annabeth with a blast of godly strength until I stopped her. "Lady Aphrodite. Please don't hurt her. I'm the one who caused all of this. I should have been more supportive of her project." Aphrodite sighed and looked at me with pain in her eyes "Loyal to the end, aren't you Percy? I won't let you take the blame for this. How in the world could I make your love life interes…" She suddenly stopped and got a glint in her eye. I think she just got a new plan or something. "Scratch what I said. I don't think I'm done making your love life more interesting. I'm not letting go of my favorite entertainment any time soon" with that, she, out of nowhere, blasted me with a cloud of pink smoke.

As soon as it disappeared I frantically looked around myself to see if anything changed. I looked, felt and thought the same. I looked up with a confused and angry look in my eyes at Aphrodite. "My lady, what did you do" I said, gritting my teeth while doing so. She simply laughed and said "You'll see in the morning Percy. I'll be there to see you too. I wouldn't miss it for the world" She was about to flash out until she looked back at us and said "One more thing. I'll miss the two of you as a couple, but you were also the greatest friends I had ever seen. I'm taking away all feelings of heartbreak, love and guilt away from the two of you, so you can truly go back to being friends". With that she flashed out.

"Well Seaweed Brain," Annabeth said, "Though there is nothing to be said since Aphrodite fixed at least something for once, I still need to say I'm sorry and that I'm happy we'll go back to being the best friends that we were". I tried smiling at her, but I suddenly started to feel ill. "Its ok Wise Girl. I forgive you, but whatever Aphrodite did is giving me a major headache. Its late so can we please get back to Camp so that I can rest?" She smiled at me and said, "Of course Percy". We headed back to camp and when we reached she headed to her cabin while I headed back to mine. I lied down on my bed and fell asleep right away.

The next morning, I woke up with the sunlight streaming through my window. I let out a yawn and suddenly stopped. Why was my yawn so high pitched? I opened my eyes and immediately saw two big lumps sitting on my chest. My eyes widened, and I jumped out of my bed. I ran towards my bathroom, holding up my sweatpants that were no way too big for me and I stopped in front of my mirror. Looking straight back at me was a girl with black hair, reaching down to end halfway down her back with full pink lips and startling sea-green eyes wearing the same look of shock that I had now

I did the most obvious thing that anyone in my situation would have done (though I doubt many others would ever be put in this situation).

I let out the most girly scream I have ever made.