Epilogue Three

Dear Artemis,

I thought you might want to know this one last thing about Holly's family tree. Unknown to Holly, her mother had another child with the human Dr. J. Moriarty I. This child was a boy. Like Beth he took after his father, pale, tall, etc.

The boy, named Tom, was frozen and left in Ireland, also under surveillance. Only there wasn't a problem watching him like there was with Beth. So, I know exactly what happened to him. He was found by rather well known Irish Crime Lord who went by the name of Artemis Fowl. Does this name ring any bells?

Mr. Fowl was just recently married and he and Angeline, his wife, had only just found out she was infertile. So, wanting an heir, he unknowingly adopted this faery child. No one questioned this as Fowl had no living relatives and the child's basic features were close to those of the Fowl family. Due to the Moriarty blood in him, he also fit in with the Fowl family's history of unusually high IQ. Unfortunately. The child was named after his adopted father-

The cursor blinked perpetually in the corner of Foaly's eye as he reread the e-mail. Shaking his head decisively he pressed select all and then delete. Why dredge up ancient history. again?