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Pairings: Oliver Wood & Katie Bell

Rating: PG-13 for starters, but it might go up in later chapters…we'll see…

Summary: After binging on alcohol & heartache the night before, Katie & Oliver woke up naked & in bed together without remember much of what happened the night before. They were ready to write it off as a one-night-stand, but something about that night changed their lives...forever...

Author's Notes: thank you all for those who already reviewed this fic so far. It's my first take at writing a fic using Oliver & Katie for leads, but I just had an idea for their story that I found amusing enough to make it coincide with the love stories brought up in Defense Against You.

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III. Husband and Wife?

Following Percy's advice (sometimes that man has very insightful advices that just couldn't be ignored—no matter how damn hard he tried to!), Oliver spoke to his superior and asked for at least a month to a month and a half vacation leave. His superior was taken by surprise by his impromptu request for a vacation and started asking questions. Oliver gave him a honest-to-goodness answer, stating the purpose for this impromptu holiday and what he hoped to achieve by the end of his pursuit of the lovely Katie Bell—a beauty amongst all other all-women Quidditch teams. Understanding and compassion dawned on Oliver's boss' face after he explained his predicament and gave him a full two-month's leave complete with a one-month paid vacation.

"Since you rarely took a holiday since you started working for me, lad, you deserved it," Albert Windsor, head of the Department of Magical Sports, Games, and Recreation, winked at his second-in-command after agreeing to give him his vacation leave.

Oliver thanked his boss profusely and didn't waste any time in locating Katie. He made a surprise call at the Daily Prophet and asked to speak to either Harry Potter or George Weasley—his two former schoolmates and Quidditch teammates back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"I'm sorry, but Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley cannot be disturbed today," answered the nasal-voiced secretary seated behind the old desk piled up with lots and lots of parchment.

"Look, this is an emergency," Oliver pleaded, desperation heard in his voice as the clocked ticked away. He needed to find Katie, and find her he must before it was too late!

"I'm sorry, sir. Unless you have prior appointment booked to meet with either Mr. Potter or Weasley, I can't accommodate—"

"Look here woman, I'm Oliver Wood from the Department of Magical Sports and Games and I need to speak to either Harry or George!" Oliver couldn't control his temper anymore and threw his weight around. He knew once a person from his department dropped by the newspaper they always mean business—with or without appointment!

Oliver hated doing what he just did, but that was the only way he knew that he'd get good service from this blasphemy of a woman Harry and George hired as their secretary. The snarky brunette quickly lost all the blood on her face as soon as Oliver identified himself. She soon started singing a different tune and ushered him right away into Harry and George's office. He was treated like royalty and only had to wait five minutes before Harry and George appeared, an amused look on their faces as soon as they walked in to the room and found Oliver waiting for them.

"You're the important figure from DMSG?" George Weasley asked, using his and Harry's acronym for the department where Oliver worked, as soon as he saw Oliver seated on one of the armchairs facing Harry's desk.

Oliver raised an eyebrow at George's reaction and stood up, "Why? What's so amusing about that?"

Harry and George exchanged bewildered looks before they both burst out laughing, slapping each other's backs as they let out a deep, guttural laugh while Oliver stood before his two former schoolmates thinking that working together has addled their brains.

When Harry and George laughed out their amusement, they both straightened up and tried to put on a straight face as they looked at their former schoolmate. Who would've thought that boyish-looking Oliver Wood would strike such fear in frosty Isabella Wilkes, George and Harry's snarky, snotty, gossipy secretary?

"Hell, Wood! You got Isabella off her big, fat, lazy arse in record time!" Harry complimented, crossing the room to stand just at arm's length from his former Quidditch team captain, "George and I can't even make that bitch move a single muscle whenever we wanted something done right away!" he added, his green eyes wide from awe at the power Oliver was able to wield.

Oliver's forehead furrowed at the center as he tried to make sense of what Harry just said. So what if he got that annoying woman up and off her arse? It was her damn job to make sure Harry and George's visitors were treated with utmost respect, and he didn't have time to play footsies with the damn brunette! He had a woman to locate and the only two people he knew he'd be able to get a straight answer from stood right before him now.

"Whatever," he shrugged, "Look, I came here today not to reminisce about the past nor be praised for getting some lazy-arse witch to get up and off her fat rump and actually get her to work. I came here to ask you two a very huge favour."

George raised an eyebrow and moved towards where Harry stood, "You asking Harry and me a favour, Wood?" he questioned and somehow he didn't want to believe what he just heard.

"Yeah," Oliver nodded, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. "I know you two will be covering the women's Quidditch game for this season and…well, you're going to Hungary, right? You'll be covering the Highland Angelic Demons' game, right?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Yeah…so?"

"I'm coming with you," he announced.

"What?" George and Harry nearly gagged on their own tongue at the favour Oliver was asking from them.

Oliver grinned widely at his two friend's stunned faces.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Hello, Kitty," Oliver greeted the one person he had been trying to reach since his arrival at Hungary accompanying Harry and George.

Katie turned around abruptly at the sound of Oliver's voice just a foot away from behind her. She nearly stumbled backwards when she saw him standing between Harry and George who obviously apparated over to Hungary to cover her team's game which lasted almost three days before Katriona, her team's seeker, caught the Snitch and ended the game.

"Ollie!" she was genuinely surprised at seeing him here. She eyed George and Harry carefully, trying to read their faces hoping either one of them would give away the reason why Oliver Wood, the Department of Magical Sports and Games' right-hand man, was watching the game with them, but neither George nor Harry looked like they knew why Oliver was there.

"Nice game, by the way," Oliver continued and stepped forward to close the distance between them. "You're handling your team very well," he complimented.

"Uh…t-thank you," she looked a bit confused, her forehead creased into a frown and she gazed over Oliver's shoulder to look at Harry and George, but neither one of them could help her out with this one. They looked as surprised as she was that Oliver was there.

"Where are you heading now after this game?" Oliver asked, not missing a beat and taking full advantage of Katie's surprise.

"Our next stop is in Bulgaria," she replied, returning her gaze and fixing it on Oliver's face, her forehead scrunched into a frown as she tried to decipher what he could possible be doing here watching her games. Didn't she tell him she'd talk to him next month? Why, it had only been four days (almost five since it's really close to midnight now) since they last saw each other and now he was here in Hungary! "What are you doing here?" she finally asked when Oliver didn't show any sign of giving her a reason as to why he was there.

Katie swore her knees turn to a pair of wobbly jellies when Oliver's lips were slowly pulled into his trademark smile; slow and sexy, that had been how his smile was. No wonder quite a lot of females back in Hogwarts swooned over him. He had that charming, engaging face and big, brown eyes that can either show mischief whenever he grinned or annoyance whenever someone crosses his path. Hell, his eyes were so damn expressive that she could tell exactly what he was thinking about just by glancing at his eyes.

"I'm here to cheer you on, Kit," he answered casually, like it was the most natural thing for him to do.

"What?" Katie's jaw nearly dropped on the ground, "You're kidding me, right?" she looked wildly over his shoulder at Harry and George, but her two former schoolmates and team mates merely shrugged their shoulders.

Crap! she thought miserably when neither Harry nor George gave her the answer she was hoping to hear.

"Ollie, don't you have work to do? I mean, you have piles of stuff to do at work, don't you?" she frowned up at him.

"Ah, but my darling Katie, Mr. Windsor said I needed a break after all, I've been working for the Ministry how many years now without asking for any time off so he granted me two months vacation," he answered with a huge smile plastered on his handsome face.

Double crap! she thought miserably. How would she be able to think things through when he would be constantly around her? Why couldn't he have just stayed in bloody England and left her alone for a month?

"W-well, that's good to hear, but don't you think spending your two months vacation traipsing around Europe following my team around kinda boring after a while? I mean, don't get me wrong, but watching a Quidditch game is cool and all, but sometimes…well, aren't there other things you'd rather like doing than watching a Quidditch game over and over again?" she questioned.

Oliver raised an eyebrow, "Actually, there is one—or maybe two, but the second one will have to wait until after the first one's been dealt with," his grin was malicious and Katie had this eerie feeling she knew exactly what those two things he was referring to.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she jutted her chin into the air and raised an eyebrow at her soon-to-be ex-husband—how soon he'd be her ex-husband she doesn't know yet, but after this month was over they'd be heading towards divorce court!

"Oliver, you can't stay here," she said firmly.

"And why not?" he challenged.

"Because I know you have an ulterior motive for being here and knowing that you're here will only distract me from leading my team," she explained.

"I won't be causing you any distraction, Kitty. None what-so-ever," he promised her.

"Uh-huh," Katie didn't sound convinced. She had this inner voice telling her to send Oliver back to England and stay there until the month she asked from him was over. She was as concerned as he was about their current situation right now, but she couldn't be bothered too much about it when she had her job to do.

Yes, it had always been her job that came first, even when she and Aaron were still together. He didn't understand that her work required her to be away from home a lot of times, but she explained it to him time and again that Quidditch wasn't just any game one could easily win after a gruelling two hours zooming here and there at the pitch. Catching the Golden Snitch wasn't any easy task; it was a very elusive walnut-sized ball that flew so fast it was hardly visible through the naked eye!

"Kitty—" but before Oliver could say another word, one of Katie's players called out to her, telling her to hurry up or they will leave her there.

"I'll be right there, Vicky!" Katie hollered back over her shoulder before turning back to look at her husband, "Ollie, I got to go. You can watch our next game and after that…go back to England and wait there. We agreed to not have a serious talk until after a month—you promised me a month, Oliver, and I'm holding you to it," she held his brown gaze for the longest time, waiting to see his agreement, but he wouldn't relent. Vicky called her again and Katie knew just how impatient the other girls were if she didn't make haste. She bid Oliver a quick farewell and waved at Harry and George who stood a good three feet away from them whilst they talked.

Oliver grabbed Katie's hand before she could take more than a couple of steps, stopping her in her tracks and turned her around to look at him.

"Ollie—" her voice was cut-off when Oliver closed the space between them, pulling her closer to him until nothing could pass between them as their bodies were pressed against each other. She had to tilt her head back in order to meet his gaze and wondered what he was about to do.

Oliver's train of thought soon went haywire the moment he felt Katie's body pressed against his. Her scent was intoxicating and the smokiness of her brown eyes was captivating, making his brain turn to mush. He moved his head down until his lips were just a breath away from hers, his brown eyes holding her startled ones.

"You're not going right away to another game after you just wrapped this one up here in Hungary. We can talk now," he pointed out.

"What?" Katie looked aghast and wanted to argue, but Vicky was being very impatient and called her again.

Oliver lifted his head and squinted at the direction of the blond haired chaser (if his memory served him correct) who was growing rather very impatient. He moved away from Katie but didn't let go of her hand.

"Tell them you're not going back home with them," he ordered.

"I most certainly will not!" she argued.

Oliver's grip on her hand tightened, "You most certainly will go with me. Now, be a good girl and tell them that you're not going to catch a ride back with them," he said through gritted teeth, his annoyance at her stubbornness crossing his brown eyes.

Katie opened her mouth to argue, but Oliver lifted his index finger and pressed it against her lips before she could even open them.

"If you won't tell them you're not going, Katie, then I will do it for you," he told her.

Katie pulled away from his grasp and took a couple of steps back, her brown eyes shooting daggers at the man she married (now why she married him and how they got married was unbeknownst to her, but the proof of their marriage was visible through the matching plain gold band on their left ring finger and that piece of parchment which they signed sealing their union as husband and wife).

"We may be married, Oliver Wood, but that does not give you any damn right to tell me—threaten me—about what I can and can't do!" she yelled at him.

Harry and George, who were within hearing range, sucked in an audible gasp and turned a pair of shocked green and brown eyes at Oliver. Married? Impossible! Katie and Oliver weren't even going out! Alicia Spinnet, another former Gryffindor schoolmate and team mate, Katie was steadfastly seeing some bloke named Aaron Gomez, a Spanish wizard currently residing in England and worked at Gringotts. Oliver and Katie are best friends—they knew that for sure, but them as husband and wife?

Harry turned a bewildered look at George and asked, "Did we just hear what I think we just heard?"

George tore his gaze from Oliver and Katie who were shooting daggers with their glares at each other and answered his friend and co-worker's question, "I think we just did, Harry. I think we just did," he nodded.

"Oi," he looked shocked, his green eyes still wide as he returned and looked back at Oliver and Katie who were back to arguing. "I thought so," he added.

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