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It was a relaxing night at the Smash Mansion. Snake, Wolf, and the Ice Climbers had just moved out, allowing a bunch of new fighters to come to take their place. This allowed for the blessings that were the new girls in the Smash House (and all the antics that come with it).

Link was sitting in his room, looking at the pictures on his phone of all the new girls that had come to be a part of the smash bros. He couldn't get over how hot some of them were, and, as a result, he had a really stiff boner.

Link felt his cock throb with need. These girls had exactly what he wanted in Zelda: an athletic figure, a big ass, and experience. Zelda never fucked anyone, so when they got together, it was underwhelming. She didn't know about sucking, doggystyle, cowgirl, or anything. All she knew was missionary. He couldn't wait to bend over Lucina and assfuck her. He couldn't wait to shove his cock down Bayonetta's throat. He couldn't wait to fuck Palutena's tight pussy.

As these thoughts ran through his head, his dick continued to get harder. Because of his body's' urges, Link finally decided to unbuckle his pants and masturbate. He undid his belt, lowered his pants to his knees, spat in his hand, and wrapped his coarse hand around his cock. He worked his shaft slowly, as he took time to imagine sex with one of these girls.

"Hey, Link," said Imaginary Lucina. "You are by far the hottest guy in the mansion. Please, bend me over and fuck me!"

Link thought about tearing off Lucina's clothes and shoving his 8 inch cock into her tight pussy. He then imagined shoving his fully erect member deep into her ass. He pictured him fucking Lucina in any way imaginable. He decided that he would finish his session by thinking about Lucina swallowing his huge, thick, creamy load. Link began to pant as he pumped his engorged cock a final time before it exploded in his grasp, shooting ropes of hot cum into the air, only for them to fall back down, coating his throbbing dick.

Link laid there with sick in hand when Ike suddenly came into the room. "Hey there, Link, wanna fuck?"

Link opened his eyes. He looked at the swordsman with a smile. The two had been fucking for a while at this point, taking turns on who was the dom in their fuck buddy relationship.

Ike closer the door, turned off the light, and made his way to Link's bed. He disrobed, taking of his armor, discarding his shirt, removing his shoes, and unbuckling his pants. Link pulled his own shirt off and kicked off the pants he was wearing, which had fallen to knee height, as he kneeled in front of the dark haired hunk. Link pulled his partner's pants down, revealing a sweaty, throbbing, 8 inch cock.

Link smiles up at the swordsman and took his loving friend into his mouth. He started the blowjob by only sucking the top half of the shaft, and working the rest of Ike's dick with his right hand. As he continued to suck, he got harder, prompting him to use his left hand to jack himself off. As time passed and Link kept sucking, he used his right hand less and less. He made it further down Ike's cock, and began to deepthroat his lover.

Ike looked down at the dirty blonde hero. He had a tender face with stunning blue eyes, soft cheeks, and a tender pair of lips, which were running alongside his throbbing manhood at this point. He moaned loudly as his dick slid down Link's throat, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He studied the teen's physique. He had a slender, yet powerful frame, with powerful arms and a strong core. His twinkish frame shouldn't fool you, as he is well capable of being a strong dominant partner. Ike could attest to this, as the teen had roughly assfucked him only the other day in one of the closets.

Ike grabbed onto the dirty blonde hair as he began to make moves to further his sexual dominance. He pulled his head farther onto his throbbing cock, and quickened Link's pace. He began to roughly shove his large member down the teen's throat, suffocating his friend and bringing himself closer to a climax. Ike began to grunt as he throat fucked the nubile boy below him.

Link began to tear up as he felt his throat be penetrated by his friend's massive cock. He couldn't breathe at all, yet he found a certain appeal to being dominated in such a fashion. He looked up at the powerful hunk using his throat for pleasure. Ike had a strong, intimidating body. All of his muscles were bulging and powerful, whether they were his solid arms, his piston-like legs, his chiseled pecs, his washboard abs, or his throbbing dick. Ike was a Herculean specimen, and everyone who had sex with him knew it, because he fucked for his friends hard. Link, who continued to pump his cock as he sucked Ike, was on the edge of climaxing as he looked at his friend dominate him.

Ike then released the sandy blonde teen, picked him up, and threw him onto his bed. Link, readying for the main event, positioned himself doggystyle, and prepared himself. Ike looked down at the teen's perfect ass. It had a perfect, round shape to it, and was incredibly enticing to the dark haired man. He could no longer resist, and he pushed his 8 inch dick into his friend's tight ass, urging Link to let out a passionate moan of pain and pleasure as Ike entered him.

Ike began to viscously pound his friend's ass. He looked down at his pelvis as it collided with Link's bubble butt. The sight was so engaging for him, and he increased his already breakneck speed further. He let out a moan of ecstasy as he pushed farther and farther into his boyfriend. Ike then took his right hand, reached around, grabbed Link's hardened cock, and began to pump, pushing his friend into a state of bliss.

Link enjoyed every second. He loved the feeling of a rock solid cock penetrate his tight asshole while he was getting jerked off. He began to utter loud moans as Ike continued to anally devastate his friend's prostate.


Ike, encouraged by these taunts, began to speed up more, as his cock began to reach into the farthest depths of Link's ass. Ike was pounding his friend so hard that the bed began making enough noise so that the entire mansion could hear them fucking.

One of the living rooms

"Are they fucking again?" Mario asked, annoyed.

"Yeah...I guess…." Peach responded, silently wishing Mario fucked her like that.

The kitchen

"Well, sounds like Link and Ike are enjoying themselves," Captain Falcon said, as he sat with Samus trying to make themselves dinner.

Marth's room

When Marth heard his two friends fucking, he got an instant hard on. Unable to lie there any longer, Marth unbuckled his pants, pulled out his 7 inch dick, grabbed his 9 inch dildo, shoved it in his ass, and began to stroke himself.

Marth laid doggystyle on his bed pushing the dildo in and out of his ass as he masturbated, whimpering, "Oooh, fuck me Link…"

Link's room

Ike was rapidly approaching orgasm. Every time he pumped into Link's asshole, he felt his throbbing, twitching cock come slightly closer to exploding inside his friend. Link was feeling similarly, as he felt his dick come closer to cumming with every one of Ike's pumps.

Ike finally pushed the two of them to orgasm when he finally hit Link's G-Spot. Link uttered a loud, "AAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" as Ike began to pound away at Link's cute ass. He flipped Link on his back, continuing to stroke his dick and destroy his prostate at the same pace, so that he could give Link a passionate kiss as he pumped Link to completion.

Link's throbbing dick exploded in ropes of hot, thick, white semen that splattered across his abs, chest, neck, and face. Link's sudden orgasm caused him to clench his ass, sending Ike over the edge as well, pushing him to release a thick load into his friend's fat, juicy, tight ass. He remained in the twink's ass until he felt his orgasm completely subside. He then slowly pulled out, allowing the cum he deposited to drip out of his friend's ass.

Ike broke the kiss, and said, "Good fuck. See you tomorrow?"

Link nodded as his friend left the room completely naked. Link just laid there, covered in sweat and his own cum.

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