My Lady

By Shadow Mage (formally known as Keshoo Neko)

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Part 7: Love Me Now Forever


Deep sweet darkness…

It was so warm now…as if he lay in her arms…

All the pain was gone. He was safe here but…


Goddess may she forgive him…

He just wanted to protect her.

He loved her…even in death…that would never change…ever…

Voices. There were voices now calling to him. Beautiful like the sound of church bells on the dawn of Yule.

"Percival…Percival…Goddess please…don't leave me…please…." the voice was soft and sweet and seemed to call to him over a deep chasm. That voice… who was that? Was it an angel?  Was he in heaven? Finally drawing strength from his fatigued body he slowly opened his eyes to find out. His tired eyes focused and the tear-streaked face of a silver haired angel swam into view.

"Chris?" he asked weakly struggling to lift his heavy hand to touch her cheek.

          She gently took his hand into hers and brushed her smooth cheek across it. "Percival. Thank the Goddess you're awake." Her voice choked on the quiet sobs that ran through her. He brushed tears away from her face and she gave him a weak smile. " I was so worried."

          "We all were." Salome smiled as he and the other knights gathered around Percival's bedside. They grinned as he looked at them with a mix of awe and joy.

          "Guys…so… I'm not dead." Percival chuckled feebly looking happily at his friends.

          "No you're not. You're just lucky we heard about what was happening and that Borus here bears a Water Rune." Leo's laughter boomed almost pleasantly in his ears. A welcome sound to the silence of the darkness he was floating in.

          "Borus, you…?" Percival looked up into the grinning façade of the blonde knight. Then he remembered everything. Surely Borus had realized by now what had happened and the bond between him and Chris that had been forged. That they were in…Then why did he…?

          Borus smiled widely as he strode forward and lightly grasped Percival's shoulder. "I'm glad you okay. Sadie knows that if you had died then I would have had to go into the afterlife and kick your ass," he leaned in close and whispered into his ear. "If you ever, ever do something that stupid or even dare to think of making Lady Chris cry like that again I will kill you. You understand that? Make her happy, like I will never be able to do for her."

          "Borus, why? I thought you…?" The brunette knight blinked in surprise as what the younger knight said fully dawned upon him.

          "Her happiness and her heart lays with you, so you better be good and make her happy, got me? You lucky bastard. You've won." Borus grinned boyishly as he straightened up and pulled back. "Well," he said rather loudly as if to hide something, "I guess I'll leave you, seeing as you need to recover. After all, we need you at full strength for our little campaign to eliminate the rest of bandits."

          "What?" Percival sat bolt upright in bed. A flash of pain laced through his chest and feeling light headed he propped himself agianst his pillows.

          "That little group you two encountered was part of a lager bandit group that has been bothering Zexen for a while but we've never found a good enough excuse to take them out. So now we're going to go finish them off for yesterday…" Roland answered his monotone voice droned on as he causally ignored the confused look on Percival's face.

          "Well that's all fine and everything, but I'm no longer a knight. I resigned." The companions exchanged glances and then smiling mischievous returned their gaze to him making Percival fell just a tad bit uncomfortable.

          "Oh did you now?" Leo scratched his chin thoughtfully trying to hide the growing grin on his face. "Salome, do you remember him resigning from the knights?" he looked at the older man who smiled uncharacteristically wide in return.

          "No, I don't think so." Salome looked to his right at Leo while he took out and shredded a letter that remarkably looked like Percival's. "I have no idea as to what you are speaking of." with a sly grin he added, "Welcome back, " and he turned with Borus and left the room, Borus giving him a look that read "Best you remember our little talk."

          "You better not even think of leaving lest you wish to face my axe," Leo crossed his sinewy arms over his broad chest bringing Percival's attention back to him. Grinning from ear to ear he leaned over and gave Percival's back a hearty slap sending a gasp of pain from the brunette knight. "Just think of that anytime you even dare to think of sneaking out." With Roland giving him a faint smile and nod in agreement they left leaving little Louis alone with Chris and Percival.

          "I'm glad you're okay Lord Percival. Lady Chris was so scared that you had died." Louis smirked as he watched Chris frown in disapproval from the corner of his green eyes. He swiftly inched away from his captain's reach as the look spread to the rest of her face.

          "Louis, "she warned knowing where the young squire was going with the conversation her eyebrows knitting in irritation.

          "She wouldn't let you go," he continued ignoring the death glare Chris was giving him. "Poor Lord Leo had to pry her arms off of you." Louis giggled at the angry look that spread itself across her face and quickly reached the door safely.

          "Louis." She exclaimed as both he and Percival broke out into laughter. Percival clutched his chest as a sharp pain knifed through it. Chris pushed him lightly back down onto the bed. "Easy there Romeo, although Borus healed most of your wound it's still not fully healed. So take it easy, you don't want the wound to reopen do you?"

          Smiling wickedly in a swift motion he caught Chris in his arms and pulled her down against him. Not able to fully help herself she giggled and clung to his broad bandaged chest. They vaguely heard Louis bid them goodbye and the door click shut. Chris nuzzled his bare torso feeling flawless soft skin as he drew his arms around her in a loving embrace. Placing his chin on her head he gave a small chuckle more to himself than to her.

          "What is so funny? Chris asked not looking up for she knew full well that he was smiling his handsome butt off.

          "I never have I ever let myself dream about this happening." He sighed with content as they sank further into the downy soft pillows.

          "What? Us being together? Was it really that impossible to imagine?" Chris closed her eyes in joy as Percival's hand stroked her hair.

          "Yes that and well…you…acting like this…like you're a little girl again. You know you were like an ice princess… so now it's like you've well…melted for lack of better words." He grinned as he drank in her scent as she lay back agianst him almost falling asleep to her scent of lilacs.

          "Ice princess? Really, am I acting that much out of character?" she sounded amused by the notion.

          "Yeah. I mean you never cry openly in front of others like you have been doing. You never truly show your full rage or laugh fully or anything like that. It's like your made of stone, but not anymore." He placed a finger under her chin and forced her look him in the eye. "What is going on with you?"

          She gave him a mock scowl, "What you want the 'ice princess' again?" Percival shook his head adamantly sending another ripple of chuckles ran through her. "Didn't think so." She took a deep breath as the laughter subsided. "Was I really that cold?" she frowned as he gave her a hesitant nod. "I see. I guess it's that…You've touched my life so…deeply that you've broken down all the walls I've put up to keep people out."

          "Now why, pray tell, would you want to keep people out?" The brunette arched an eyebrow at her.

          She looked away as her mind tried to grasp the right words to explain her heart and soul to him. "After my mother…then my father…everyone I ever loved seemed to go…I just…didn't want to be in anymore pain…If I wasn't close to anyone, then there wouldn't be anymore pain. No more heartache and loneliness."

          "That's why you were always so cold. You were afraid to lose, to be alone and in pain again."

          "Yes, "there was a long moment of silence between the two of them that seemed to last forever. Finally Chris whispered, "Now I'm more afraid to push you all away. I…don't want to be alone anymore. I'm so afraid. Don't leave me." Her eyes widen as she felt Percival's embrace strengthen around her.

          "I'm sorry. I…" he began but his voice trailed off as words failed him.

          "Don't. All that matters is that you're here with me now. Even though it seems to be that you're trying hard not to." Chris gave him a mock frown that turned into laughter, "But promise me something Percy." He smiled at his nickname. For some reason it sounded good when she said it. Only she could use it, and behind close doors of course.

          "Hmm?" Percival answered looking down into her ethereal face.

          "Promise me that you'll stay with me, by my side forever?" she breathed not able to bring herself to look into his passionate eyes.

          "I promise you that. I swear it on my honor as a knight, no as a man that I will never leave you again as long as I draw breath. But promise me this Chris." She was worried as a serious look fell upon his face. The same look she saw on that night.

          "Yes?" there again was that serious and sorrow. She tightened her arms around his neck not willing to let him go.

          "Stay with me until I die and never ever forget me after I do. Love me now and forever." His voice trembled slightly as he turned his eyes away from hers.

          Then it struck her. She remembered. She bore a True Rune and that meant she was immortal. He would one-day die and leave her alone forever. By the Goddess it wasn't fair! Just when happiness was just within their grasp…The grieved look on Geddoe's face came to mind and she realized that she would become like that. However she remembered another bearer of a True Rune and she smiled. "I promise you, my dear knight, but you must promise me the same."

          "But…Chris…you bear a True Rune…" he blinked in utter confusion.

          "Do you remember Sana and the Flame Champion before me?" she asked him her smile becoming like a star, dazzling to behold.

          "Balder? Oh! He sealed away the True Rune to spend his life…oh Chris." She placed a delicate finger upon his soft lips.

          "Don't worry, it'll be okay. Just trust me and promise." She whispered brushing the back of her hand across the smooth perfection of his cheek.

          "I promise." He solemnly vowed to her. "I promise you all of my love, my life, my soul. I swear it to you."

          "And I the same, my knight, this I swear." She smiled gently at him. She took his handsome face into her hands and brought it until their noses touched. "I love you Percy, now and forever." She kissed him drinking him in, the scent of leather, steel and wind. She poured into it all the passion her soul held for him and she could feel him return her hearts call.

          Percival and Chris sank further into the pillows as he cradled her in his sweet embrace not ever wanting to let her go. Only the critical need for air broke their kiss. Gazing deeply into her violet eyes he brushed a strand of her hair away from her gorgeous face and watched her smile graciously at him.

          With a devious smile on his face he trailed kisses down her forehead, the bridge of her nose and ended it by once again trapping her luscious lips with his own. He closed his eyes as her sweet taste washed over his senses and swept him away. To him this was all his soul ever craved for this beautiful graceful woman's love and her presence. The scent of her silky hair, the taste of her sweet kiss, the feel of her soft skin, the sound of her glorious voice, and the wondrous sight of her beautiful face, that was all he would ever needed. Smiling he looked deep into her eyes and whispered softly, his words caressing her lips as he kissed her again. "I love you, now and forever, my lady."

The End

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