I'm In The Mood For Love

(James Moody)

"Disappointed?" he asked with a smug smile when Heero took the seat across from his. Quatre still wore his clothes, he'd only lost the tie and popped open a couple buttons at his collar to give himself a more casual air. Nothing remotely feminine about it.

"Not at all."

"So how was your first week at WEI?"

"Good." The other man shrugged, reaching for the menu.

"Just good?"

"I do my job and keep to myself. Doesn't change much from one place to the next."

"That doesn't sound very ambitious." The blonde commented, however with good humour.

"I go with the flow." Heero admitted no less casually than he appeared to do all else.

"About that, I was thinking…" Quatre signalled for one of the waiters. "Why don't you use that extra money I'm paying you to go back to school? We can have your working hours adjusted accordingly."

The waiter's arrival gave Heero time to think. He had not looked particularly surprised with the blonde's suggestion, but it wasn't the kind of question he'd been prepared to answer either and, even after they were left alone, it still took him a moment to gather his thoughts.

"Do you think we should risk being seen together?" he asked instead, his tone an equal mix of wariness and amusement. "You seem to be giving me a lot of privileges."

"Nonsense. WEI helps every employee who wishes to study. We even motivate them to further their education."

Quatre's serious tone left no room for argument or even teasing. Heero sighed. "There's nothing I wish to study."

"I'm sure there must be something you're interested in. Why not give yourself a chance?" the blonde met his eyes and squeezed his hand for emphasis. "Think about it at least? This is a chance in a million."

"I realize that." He returned Quatre's earnest look and, as the waiter arrived with their drinks, they left that discussion at that. "So what else have you planned for tonight?"

"Well, to be honest…." The blonde eyed him meaningfully over the rim of his glass. "My plans go all the way 'til tomorrow night."

"I see."

"Unless you've reconsidered?"

"I wouldn't be here if I had."

"I'm not dressing as a woman tonight, Heero." Quatre insisted, refusing to let the relief get to him, but the other man's calm and tender look never wavered.

"I know." He said simply, but with a finality that did not have to be aggressive to be assertive.

And this time the blonde could not help, but believe him. He smiled as he let his reservations go. If he didn't try he could only fail.


He bit his lip in apprehension as he watched Heero explore his apartment. It felt as if he had set a lion loose in his personal sanctuary. Quatre knew the man had been around Relena long enough not to be taken aback by opulence, yet all the technological facilities and gadgets around the apartment seemed to fascinate him. The blonde knew his old college friend was not very keen on technology so her at-the-time boyfriend mustn't have had access to any of those curious toys he'd surrounded himself with throughout the years.

"Cool, isn't it?" he questioned, smiling smugly. "WEI funds many researches in a variety of different areas so I get a lot of prototypes and samples of finished products."


"You might be able to create things like that if you go to college."

"I'm thinking about it." Heero reassured him yet again, clearly amused by his constant fretting. He approached, striding towards Quatre with that same predatory aura he had carried about himself since stepping into the apartment, though his smile had an almost affectionate quality to it.

The blonde took a deep shuddery breath when Heero cupped his face in his hands, then closed his eyes and waited. Waited. "You surely take your time." He muttered after another second, fighting the urge to open his eyes yet relishing the feel of the other man's uninhibited scrutiny. He felt the air shift as Heero chuckled lowly before finally kissing him.

Quatre lost himself in that kiss.

It had been years since he had brought another into his life, his company, his home… And he could already feel him pressing to get into his heart as well. So easy to give in… he mused, but Heero wasn't in a hurry and so the blonde reminded himself he didn't have to be in a hurry either.

"Maybe I should change my one condition and demand you spend every weekend, from now on, with me instead."

"I work most Saturdays." He chuckled as he uttered that warning reminder, but somehow the idea of trading his time with Heero for work, or anything else really, did not seem right or noble at all. It felt positively criminal to give it up.

"So did Relena." Heero told him and there seemed to be a warning hidden in his words as well. She didn't have enough time for me. Was what he actually meant. Not enough time to allow me to fall in love with her.

Quatre sighed. "I think I owe my ex an apology as well." He voiced his thoughts out loud for once and then remembered. "Did you apologize to Relena as you said you would?"


"And did she apologize to you?"

"She already had. When she broke up with me." That question had puzzled him so he could not let it go. "Why?"

"I was just thinking that you and I have things in common ourselves." The blonde grinned his amusement. "We were both too blind to see or perhaps too proud to admit our own mistakes. And apologize before they were gone."

"Hn." Unbeknownst to Quatre the other man was already unbuttoning his shirt. "You seem to have opened my eyes in time."

"Yes, but I fear it may be too late for me." The blonde did not feel upset, however, merely thoughtful. He let Heero pull his shirt tails out of his trousers as he continued to unbutton the garment. "I suppose I could write to him and apologize, but I don't want to. Maybe, one day, if and when we happen to meet I will do so in person."

"What's the likelihood of that happening?" there was a touch of concern, though carefully veiled, in the brown haired man's tone.

"He lives in the colonies."


Finally registering what was happening, Quatre helped the other man out of his T-shirt, savouring the scorching heat of his naked skin under his fingers. He allowed himself to nuzzle and kiss the expanse of his throat. The proximity and the smell of another were a comfort and a luxury he had gone too long without. Heero seemed to comprehend for he just held him there as the blonde breathed him in.

"Do you know what to do?" Quatre asked gently when he pulled away to meet the other man's eyes.

Heero smirked disarmingly. "I've an idea."

"Come." He nodded and took him by the hand.


"I called your office yesterday." Iria was telling him as soon as she stepped into his penthouse. There was an insinuating edge to her voice and the blonde man could easily guess where she was headed. "Surprisingly, you weren't there."

He gave her a smug smile. "Are you happy?"

"Only if you are." She said cautiously though Quatre could see she was holding her emotions at bay. It was only when she had shown up at his door that afternoon that he had realized he had done what she'd been telling him to do for years – take the weekend off – and at his own volition this time, not for anyone else's sake – as he had done for Relena – but simply to enjoy himself.

"I am." He admitted with little difficulty and a widening smile. "And if things continue to work out between Heero and me, then I think Saturdays away from the office will become common place."

Iria looked around somewhat curious somewhat wary. "He's not still here, is he?"

"No…" Quatre's smile widened. "But he was here 'til after lunch."

"Oh, so he did spend the night."

"Two nights, actually." He did love surprising her. "And a whole day."

"A day and a half, you mean." She chastised him good humouredly, then grew serious as she took a seat on his couch. "I'm happy for you." She said. "Have you told Duo?"

"All the sordid details." He sighed. "Or he wouldn't stop pestering me."

She laughed at his half-hearted complaints. "Don't worry. I won't ask for any details. I can see you're happy and that's enough for me."

"Will you be staying for dinner? We could order a pizza."

"Sorry, I'd love to, but I must be back at the hospital. I'm on call tonight."

"Iria…" he gave her the same long look she'd been giving him for… Forever. "Must I do to you what you do to me? Must I keep telling you to take some time off?"

"Quatre…" she sighed unable to think of any good excuse and offered him an apologetic smile.

"Maybe we should dress you up for a change and take you to a club so you can meet someone."

"Meet someone who makes me take my weekends off?" she teased him.

"No. Meet someone who makes you want to take your weekends off."