Finding Father

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Set season 13, after "Thombstone" and missing scene "War of The Worlds"

1. Leave The House

"I'm gonna find him, Mom." The eighteen year old stated as he shoved his clothes into his duffle bag. His mother stood helpless by the door.

"I believe he doesn't want to be found, Ben."

Ben pulled his phone charger from the wall and threw it into his bag aggressively. "I don't care. He's my father. How could you hide that from me?"

"I didn't hide it, Ben!" Lisa Braiden sighed desperately, "I didn't know it was him."
She didn't know that Ben had taken a DNA test to find out who his father was, and to discover that it was him; the man that she loved but had to let go. That loving man chose to leave, and after eight years Lisa had finally accepted that loss and never thought of him again. Clearly though, Ben had not.

"Maybe it's not that you didn't know it was him, but more like you didn't want it to be him," Ben replied angrily over his shoulder, still refusing to look at his mother.

"Ben..." Lisa sighed trying not to rise his emotion, "I did want him to be, if not, why did I allow him into our lives; he lived with us, shared everything with us."

Ben's still packing pace slowed as Lisa continued,

"Ben, I let him get close to you, I wouldn't do that lightly. I wished that he was your father Ben, but believe me, when I took the test it said that it wasn't him."

Ben turned to his mother. "Then who was it? And how does that mistake happen?"

"I don't know!"

Ben's face fell.

"I'm sorry Ben... I wish I knew back then, Baby... deep down I think I knew."

"But you still let him go..." Ben tried to hold back tears as he tiredly sat down on his bed. Lisa walked from the door and moved beside him; wrapping her arms around her child.

"I had to, Ben... he wanted to leave and I couldn't stop him. He didn't want us in his life"

"Did you want to?" Ben asked, "To be a part of his life I mean.

"Part of me wanted it yes, but I knew we would be a burden for him and I couldn't take that. His life - you know his life - and we could have put him in danger by having us around.

"Yeah, but I'm not a kid anymore, Mom, I'm eighteen! I can fight, I can defend myself; I wouldn't be a burden."

"Ben, you don't understand-"

No, Mom, you don't understand!" Ben moved off his bed and walked to his desk. "I grew up without a father, and yeah it was just one year that I had him, but for that year I finally felt that I had a dad. That man, the one I wished to be my father but I thought wasn't became my idol; but now I know he is my father, and I don't want to let him go again" Ben turned at looked at his mother determinedly. "Mom. I have to find him."

Lisa bit her lip as she stared at Ben, knowing she couldn't stop him. Looking at her son standing in front of her Lisa realised that he wasn't a little boy anymore; he was eighteen, an adult, and he had the right to find his father.

She took a very deep breath. "Ok, Ben... I won't stop you. I know I can't. I hope you'll find him, and I hope you're not disappointed."

Ben smiled. "Don't worry, Mom, I'll find him, and I know he'll still be the Dean Winchester we knew."

Lisa sighed and smiled. "Okay. Come here..." She opened her arms and Ben moved towards her. Lisa hugged her son tightly. "I'm sorry, Baby, you shouldn't go through this... I know it's been unfair for you. Forgive me..."

"It's okay, Mom... you've been great to me, but now I want to have my father back"

Lisa nodded as tears welled up in her eyes. "Yeah, you do that, son... I know you'll find him" She hugged him even tighter and Ben reciprocated. Ben held on tight as he knew that this would be the last hug he'd have from his mother for a long time.


Dean Winchester looked over to his brother who kept staring at the laptop. "Any sign?"

Sam shook his head, "Nope. Not yet, I've put an EPP on every single hunter we know, but, Jack is off the grid." He couldn't hide his dismay. Sam really had hoped he could keep Jack safe in the bunker with them, he wished Jack felt safe and comfortable with them; especially since they have Castiel back. But he didn't, and they couldn't keep him here. The boy was more human after all, and humanity brings guilt. The accidental death of the guard really shook the kid; so he decided to leave by himself, and that made Sam worried. Jack was still new to this world, he'd be no more than a couple of months old; he's so pure and naive. Anything could happen to him, using his innocence for bad things. Sam wished he could turn back time and say something to the boy.

"The kid really spun off." Dean saw his brother face. He knew Sam took the blame on Jack taking off, but the truth is that Dean knew that it was his fault Jack left. He had been so hard on the boy. Saying that he is a monster and that he would be the one who killed him if he turned bad. Now they lost the nephilim boy. Lucifer's son. The kid with - only God knows - how much power. The boy who feared to be turned bad like his father. The boy was still adjusting, learning about what he is and what he can do. Jack was just a kid. Maybe Sam was right, the boy was just a little kid in an adult form with God's juice power; and they failed to keep him safe.

"We'll find him. I mean there's gonna be a sign at some point, right?"

"Yeah." Sam wanted to believe that.

"The Kid caused tsunami when he hiccuped. And Castiel is looking for him. Jack will answer Cas' call." Dean really wanted to make Sam feel better, even though he knew he couldn't.

Sam felt unsure, "I don't know, maybe the kid is covering his track."

"Don't worry, we will find him." Dean still assured him.

"Yeah, hope so."


"I knew, if I'm staying, I could hurt you. And I can't, you're all I've got."

"I'm sorry, I have to leave."

Jack shut his eyes tight, and pulled his legs up to his chest. The words kept haunting him. He knew he had to leave, that's what he believed; but why did it seem so hard? He still felt unsafe. Was this the right choice? Should he leave? Or should he turn back?

It had been couple days since he left the bunker, leaving the only people he knew, the people that really care about him. Sam, Cas, even Dean. Jack had shut off his signal to anyone so he couldn't be tracked. Now, he's on his own. Alone. Jack never felt more vulnerable. He had moments to explore everything in his new world, but he tried to minimize the interaction. He knew he had the power - they said so- but he hadn't know how big it would be, what could he do? And what is he gonna do with this power? Would he turn dark like his father, become evil? Was he really a monster? Sam believes he's not, and so does Cas, and of course his mom, and even Dean. Still he wasn't sure.

For the last couple of days Jack tried to have as little interactions as he could with other people; he didn't want to make another mistake that could in turn hurt them. No, he couldn't take that risk again. Though being alone and isolated wouldn't be good either... So what's the point to be alive?

He took a very deep breath, and tried to ignore everything. This was what he chose, maybe this was what he gets. Jack tried to sleep again and forget that he's hungry. He had no food left, he had no money. Sometimes he used his innocent face to get free food. But tonight, he just wanted to sleep. Alone. In a dark alley. Aah, he missed his bed.

"Hey, rich boy... you have money... give us money!"

"Leave me alone-"

"Don't be an ass"

"I said leave me alone!"

"Yeah, or what?"

Jack stirred from the voices. Down at the end of the alley way he could see them; some guy being jacked or possibly robbed by two men. Jack peered at the scene ahead of him, then he tried to ignore it. He could've help the poor lad. The last time he tried to save someone... it end in death.

Thump. Jack heard fists colliding with flesh.

"Leave me alone!"



Jack still tried to ignore the noises and the young man's groans of pain; even though he knew someone was being beat up. Jack wanted to help, but he was scared.

"Jack, there's one thing that Dean respects, it's effort. So come along, help us out, let's go be the good guys..."

Jack's eyes snapped open with Sam's words. "Be a good guy, Jack. Meaning help people."

He rose up and walked towards the fight.

"Hey! Leave him alone...!" Jack shouted, cutting their attention which stopped the beating.

All three looked at him. The two men doing the beating paused to look at Jack. One was bald, the other with long, greasy hair. The greasy one was holding onto the young man, while the bald one had stopped his fist mid-punch to the boys gut.

"Leave us, kid, it's none of your business. We don't want to hurt you, pretty boy," The baldy spoke with a smirk.

"Well I don't want you hurting him," Jack replayed softly.

The baldy snorted and strided over to Jack, but before he could get in his first punch Jack sent him into the wall with one swift hand motion. Not too hard though, he wanted to be careful not to hurt people.

With the thumping noise of the baldy against the wall and his groaning from the impact the poor boy took his chance; loosening from the grip of the greasy man he turned and punched the bad guy hard. Greasy hair collapsed onto the concrete. He was out cold.

"Hey, you okay?" Jack approached the boy. He didn't see that baldy had try to get up and aim his gun.


Jack looked up and heard the blast that sent the bullet out. Fortunately, he could see the bullet. And just like at Mia's house, with his power he forced the bullet to other way, and it hit the wall.

"What the hell!?" The man was shocked, but he didn't give up. He tried to shoot again, this time it went right into Jack's chest. He didn't flinch. The bullet didn't even hurt him.

The baldy shot the boy again, again, and again, but didn't effect him.

"Hell, what are you? A superboy? Or a monster!"

Jack closed his eyes and prayed that he wouldn't kill the man, before waving his hand and flying him into the wall again.

Jack looked at the now two unconscious men on the ground. He checked on them, and sighed relieved, they were still alive. He turned to the boy. "Are you hurt?

The boy was still shocked, staring at him with open jaw.

Jack nodded. He realised that he had just showed his power to a regular person, and he knew he shouldn't. The boy was probably freaked out now.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. But are you hurt? Your lips..."

The boy gulped, and touch his lips. It's bleeding. "Yeah, a bit. But it'll be okay."

Jack smiled relieved. "Good. Well, you safe now, you can go. And I better leave too. Take care." Jack started to walk. He needed to find another place to sleep now.

"Hey, wait!" The boy raced to him.

Jack stopped and looked at him.

"I haven't said thank you." The boy said as he stood in front of him.

The boy was a bit taller than Jack, and he looked firm.

Jack smiled gently, "You're welcome," then he started to walk again.

"Hey, wait up! What are you? Who do you think you are? Superman or something; some kind of hero who just leaves after saving people!" The boy called out in frustration.

Jack stopped and turned back to him. "I don't know what you mean, or who this 'Superman' is... But I prefer not to get close with people."

"What?" The boy looked confused and offended. Then he sighed. "Who are you?"

"I'm Jack..."

"Well, okay, I'm Ben." The boy smiled. "Grateful to meet you, Jack. And with that power..." He then remembered that the two bad guy were still unconscious on the ground. "C'mon, we better get away from here."

Jack didn't protest as he was dragged out from the alley.

"What are you, dude? And those power? Are you demon? Angel?" Ben asked curiously as they walked further away from the alley.

Jack went silent. "I'm human." At least he was half human.

"I doubt that." Ben sighed. Due to his life experience with Dean, he had met strange creatures. Jack was probably one of them. Well, maybe this lad could lead him to the hunters, they must known Dean Winchester. Ben had been looking for Dean for a few weeks now and still no leads; and now he felt so humiliated being robbed. He couldn't even defend himself against two people. Thankfully someone had saved him.

Jack shrugged.

"Okay." Ben sighed. "Whatever you are, thank you again, Jack, you saved my life back there."

Jack smiled, "You are welcome."

Ben smiled and looked to his saviour. He looked so young, no older than him, and he was thin and pale.

"You look pale Jack, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." But then they heard growl from his stomach.

Ben tried to stifle his giggled, he didn't want to embarrass the boy. "Are you hungry?"

"Mhm... yes, I'm hungry now..."

Ben laughed. "Alright! Let's get some food then! I haven't eaten either. Don't worry, I'll buy for you," he smiled enthusiastically, "It's the least I could do, since you saved me and all."

Jack smiled again, "Okay."

Ben smiled happily. They walked to the nearest dinner. Somehow he believed, this Jack would lead him to his father.