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4. Meet Dad

"Jack, who you brought here?" Sam was ready with his gun too, aimed at Ben.

Jack looked his side, and grinned, "He's... your son, Dean..."

"Huh?" For a moment Dean wasn't sure what he heard. Was the boy joking? At this moment? But when he looked at the tall boy beside Jack, and the boy looked at him, he numbed.

"Hey, Dean, it's me..." Ben smiled not sure.

"Ben...?" Dean froze, couldn't believe his eyes.

Ben's heart beamed, Dean still recognized him. "Yeah..." he grinned nervously. Would Dean mad at him?

Dean was still not sure with Ben's appereance. Didn't Cas has wipe the memory of him on them, so Ben and Lisa never know him or even remember him at all? He looked to Sam and Cas with confusing. Both Sam and Cas were also surprised.

"You still remember me, Ben?"

"Of course, Dean, you live with me and Mom."

Dean looked to Castiel, "Cas, didn't you _?" he questioned the angel.

"I did," Castiel firmly confirmed.

"But?" Dean still not believed. He then pulled out his bottle and opened it, then he splashed it to Ben.

"Dean!?" Jack jumped with the act.

Ben gasped with the sudden splashed to his face.

"Sorry, Ben, its holly water, just to make sure..."

"I'm not a demon, Dean..." Ben wiped his face.

Dean bit his lips.

"It's really me..." Ben insisted.

Dean swallowed. "And you said you are my son?" Dean pulled down his gun. Guess, it's really Ben.


"No...no..., I'm not your father, Ben. Even I want to, but your are not my son, not in biologic way."

"Yes, I am. I have prove." Ben pulled out a paper, and handed to Dean.

Dean looked confuse as he took it, "It couldn't be, your mother did some test when you're baby. She confirmed me." He then read them.

"Yeah, and there's a mistaken. I got doubt and I missed you so much. Then I looked out again by my self. And..., surprisingly ..., you are my dad."

Dean swallowed as he saw the result and looked to Sam.

Sam shrugged, didn't know what to say. Guess it's true.

Dean turned to Castiel, "But how did that happened?" He then remembered Jack who took Castiel back. "Did you do it, Jack?" as he turned to Jack. "How did you know about Ben?"

"What?" Jack frowned. "No. I didn't know about him, Dean, I swear."

"We were accidentally met," Ben stepped up. "Like we were supposed to meet."

"What? How?" Dean needed a great explanation.

Ben gulped within looking to Jack. "Uuhmm, I got robbed and Jack saved me..."

"You what?"

"Yeah." Ben smiled ashamed.

Dean looked to Jack.

"Well, I guess my son is really a good boy..."Lucifer's voice interrupted them. He clasped his hands proudly.

Jack whipped up to the man behind Castiel. Cold blood rushed to his spin. That voice..., he knew that voice...

"What a perfect reunion today, a father and son reunion?" Lucifer smirked happily. "You meet your son and I meet my son too," he looked to Jack and starred him proudly. "Hellow, Jack," and he showed his red eyes.

Jack paled. It's him... He finally meet him.

"Father...? Lucifer?"

"Yup. One and the only..." Lucifer smirked with pride. "Nice to finally meet you, Jack, I've been looking for you," as he walked down the stairs.

Sam moved over to cover up Jack, and Dean as well-he covered them three. And Castiel holding Lucifer's hand.

"Hold you there, Lucy..., you are not getting near him..." Sam pointed his angel blade to Lucifer.

"Owh, why, Sammy...? It's my boy...," Lucifer whinnied. "Get off of me," Lucifer loose Castiel grip, keeping his steps downstairs.

"Not before we sure you wouldn't hurt him..." Sam stated.

"I'm offended, Sam," Lucifer mocked. "Why would I hurt my son? And didn't you know that he more powerful than I am. I couldn't hurt him..."

Jack was still looking at Lucifer, and tried to get know him. Was he really a devil? Was he a Satan, an evil?

"Yeah, you'll using him!" Dean snapped angrily.

"Owh, come on!" Lucifer whined get annoying. He looked to the brothers. "Can we stop this...? He's my son, for 'dad's sake." He sighed desperatley.

"Its okey, Sam, Dean...," Jack stopped them. Calmly he approached his father, and looked at him warmly.

Jack smiled welcoming him, "Father..."

Lucifer grinned happily and to his surprise, Jack hugged him.

At the moment Lucifer was not sure what he supposed to do. Hugging. It's not his kind, and no one ever hug him before, or even he hug someone.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel watched them awkwardly.

"You can hug him back, Luce...," Dean told coldly. "If you know how to hug..." he added.

Hesitated Lucifer hug Jack back. For the first time he hugged someone.

Jack smiled happily.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel looked to each other. Well, it happened now, Jack meet his had.

Lucifer smirked evilly. "We need to talk, Son." He snapped his finger and they dissapeared.

All of them gasped in shock. Not see it will coming.



"JACKK! Son of a *****, you Lucifer!" Dean shouted in anger. Not believing it happened. Lucifer took Jack away. "Told you not to believe him, Cas! I never once believing on that evil!"

Castiel paled, once again he got fooled by Lucifer. He really shouldn't never trust him. And now they're loosing Jack again. And this was bad, sooo bad. Owh, God, what he's got in too. Was looking for Jack is a mistake?

"Cas, tracked him!" Dean ordered furiously.

Sam sighed hopelessly. Lucifer has got Jack, no doubt he would be easily manipulated by his father, and he will become bad and evil like his father. He failed on saving Jack.

Ben still stood there, not sure what's happening. But he was sure, it's a big thing and very bad.


Four of them jumped with the sudden appearance between them with a shout.

Jack was back, with Lucifer. Jack eyes still flared .

"We can talk here," Jack stated fiercely, holding his father hand tight. "I'm not going anywhere!"

Lucifer gulped, and grinned sheepishly at them, "Hey, look who's back...? Hell, he's really powerful..."

Dean, Cas and Sam swallowed looking at them. Jack could drag his father back? Wow, cool. Never thought about that.


Dean watched Lucifer in the circle of fired holly oil. That's the only that can trapped an angel, included Lucifer. His eyes didn't left from Lucifer who still smirked evilly.

Jack looked at his father as well. That man had been starring at him with a manipulated smirk. His father. Guess, what Dean and Sam said about his father was true. He's not a good person.

"C'mon, Jack, you let them trapping me here?" Lucifer tried to convince his innocence kid.

"You want to talk, Father? We'll talk...," Jack replayed.

Lucifer sighed hopeless.

"I'll better check Ketch," Sam said. He remember they still have a prisoner here. And he better be stay far away from Lucifer.

Dean just nodded.

"You came back here soon, will you, Sam...," Lucifer shouted teasing, as Sam walked to the door. "I've already miss you, my soulmate," with a laugh..

Sam sighed, tried to ignore the devil. He kept walking

Jack gave a questioning look at the brothers.

Dean shrugged. "They two had history."

Sam didn't commented, till he's out from the tall and large dungeon.

"Ben... Damned it," Dean sighed. "What a perfect time he showed up." He turned to Castiel, "How that happened, Cas?"

"I don't know, Dean. I believe it happened when I lost my grace, and turned to be human. The spell must be disappeared as well."


Jack looked at Dean. The tall man looked so disappointing. "You don't like Ben, Dean?"

"Huh?" Dean turned to Jack. "No..., not like that, Jack..., I just want him and his mom safe. Not living in these crazy life."

"You don't want to hurt them..."

Dean smiled, "Yeah, something like that."

"I left, coz I'm scared to hurt all of you, but you are still looking for me, Dean ..."

"Coz you are better with us," Dean made an excuse.

"Then, probably you better with him too..."

"Huh?" Dean frowned. What just had he say? "You have smart-mouth, Kid, where did you learn? Sam?" Dean shook his head. Two Sam would enough to let him got an headache.

Lucifer giggled behind the fire, "What a touchy speech... What have you done to my son, Dean...?" he said mockingly.

"Make him to be a good man," Dean snapped.

Lucifer rolled his eyes disgust. "What a lame. He's supposed to be bad, Dean... like meeeee..."

"But I don't want to!" Jack snapped.

Dean smirked. "Good one, Jack." He sighed, "I'll beter get out from here. Cas, watched him out. And be careful with that evil in there," he pointed. "Don't get fooled again."

"Okay, Dean..."

Dean nodded, and walked out the dungeon. He needed to see Ben.

Jack turned back to his father. "Okay, Father..., let's talk..."


Dean went back to the common room, and saw Ben sat alone there. The boy must be felt lost. He observed from the back, Ben had so much grown up, he's not 12 years old boy anymore. But still, he couldn't take Ben to his life. It's too dangerous. Owh, God...

He took his breath before approaching him. "Hey, Ben..."

Ben jumped up, and looked at him. "Dean." His smile beamed widely. "Owh, sorry, Dad..." He had to start to get used to it.

Dean had to smile. "No, it's okay, you can still call me Dean." He's not sure being called 'Dad'. "Mhm..., I'm sorry for this incident, Ben, and make you feel neglected here..."

"No, it's okay. I understand. I just never thought Jack is Lucifer's son. I knew he has great power, but archangel's son...?"

"Yeah..." Dean smiled.

"But he's good lad. He's kind, nice kid."

"Yeah, we tried to make him more human than his father."

Ben smiled. "You did it."

Dean smiled. He looked at Ben.

"So, how's your mother, Ben?"

"Mom? She's fine..."

"And she doesn't have a problem with this? You looking out for me?" So far Dean remembered, Lisa had accepted that she and Ben couldn't be part of Dean's life. She even got had a new boyfriend, a doctor-but turned out got killed by demon. That before demon possessed and hurted Lisa, till he finally to call to erase their memory of Dean Winchester for good.

"No, and she can't stop me. I'm 18 now, I can decide."

"Wait you're 18?" Dean stopped him.

"Yeah, just graduated," Ben smiled.

"Wow, graduated, congratulation. Guess I missed your graduation, then...," Dean smiled warmly.

"It's okay." Ben grinned. He pulled out his cellphone and showed couple pictures. His graduation pictures; with his friends and of course with his mom.

Dean bit his lips, seeing Lisa on the pictures. She's still beautiful... His heart suddenly beat so hard. Erghm, guess he's still have a feeling for her. Always. But no..., he couldn't give a good life for her.

Dean pulled himself up right away. "18, huh? I feel old now."

Ben laughed a bit. "You still look fine."

Dean laughed too.

"Ergm.., I'm sorry for leaving you and your mom like that, Ben. With that car accident story,"

Ben bit his lips, "What accident? You left us right after Sam came to our house."

Dean went to think, "Huh? Really?"

"Yeah..., we went to Uncle Boby's house, then after that you decided to go with Sam, leaving us for good."

Dean bit his lips. Could Ben didn't remember about demon possessing his mom, and stabbed her belly? And the vampire incident that he almost hurt Ben and Lisa? Well, good for that. Better that way

Dean took a relieve, "Ah, yah, you right."

"Well, look at you, Ben..., you've grow up. Fine lad there. And I can't believe you are mine." Dean smiled proudly.

"Yeah...,"Ben smiled.

Dean was still looking at Ben, but not sure what to say. Ditched him again was the last thing he want to do, but Ben came in the bad time. They're dealing a big problem here; angel's family: Jack, Lucifer, Asmodeus... He didn't think could afford to take care and protect another he loves, again. He had full ride.

He sighed, "Look, Ben_"

"Dean," Ben cut him right away. "Please don't mad that I'm looking for you. I just want to meet my dad, Dean. You are the only father I always imagine and I ever wanted. And when the truth reveals that you are my father, I lost, I need to see you. And mom, she has nothing to do with this. Just please don't ditched me," he starred with plead eyes.

Dean sighed, "Ben..., ditching you again is the last thing I wanna do. And I'm glad you are my son, I really do, but at this moment, its not a good time, Ben. My life, Sam's life..., you know it's never easy, so much dangerous. And now there's Jack with us, with Lucifer. It wouldn't go well, and I don't want you to get hurt. That's why I left you and your mom."

"Yes, I understand why you left, Dean, but I'm not a child anymore. I can fight, I can defense my self, you can teach how to shoot."

Dean giggled. "And you still got robbed till Jack had to save you?"

"Hey, that's not fair," Ben pouted. "But that's the point, Dean, you have to teach me more."

"Uhuh?" Dean was still smiling, not approving yet. "And you want to shoot? Jack can't even shoot a gun."

"Yea... but he can throw people across the room..."

Dean laughed. "Yea, he did."

"Well, teach me anything, Dean. I want to be with you Dean, I want to be like you. Please, Dean... pleasee..." he pleaded with those one good dog puppy eyes.

Dean bit his lips. Owh, God, he has Sammy's eyes. Is that genetic?

"Err.., I don't know, Ben..." Dean was still not sure.

"Please, Dean...?" He kept starring at him with those mojo.

Dean tried so hard to keep resist, he finally failed. He knew he would never win with those eyes. Not Sammy's, not this one. Damn!

"Okay. You'll stay. But promise me..., if everything went south and bad, you have to leave, go home. Don't make your mom sad."

Ben bit his lips. Couldn't believe what he just heard. Dean letting him to stay with him.

"Okay..., deal...," Ben smiled happily.

"I'll decide when you should leave, and you leave, no arguing..."

"Fine, no problem."

Dean took a deep breath, and nodded. "Okay." Believing he just made something he would regret.

"Come here...," Dean opened his arms.

Ben smiled gladly, never thought it will came. He went to his father's arms. "Dad..." and hugged him.

Dean hugged him tide. "I'm glad you are mine, Ben..., I'm glad."

Ben just smiled. The happiest day in his life. He tears fell to his cheek. He absorbed the love, father's love. That he always dreamed and missed. He got his father back.


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