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"Fellow Ozians, friends. We have been through a frightening time and there will be other times and other things that will frighten us, but if you let me, I would like to try to help. I would like to try to be..." she inhaled quietly, "Glinda the Good."

"Good news!" The Ozians cried out in joy. To herself, Glinda repeated the farewell she had said to Elphaba, the last time they had seen each other. "Who can say if I've been changed for the better, but..." the good witch thought she'd hear her friends voice speak it with her, but decided it was only in her head. "Because I knew you... I have been changed..." her words drowned in the crowd's cheer, yelling that no one mourns the wicked.

She wasn't wicked. Glinda knew Elphaba had only been a victim of the circumstances and people's beliefs, but even after having shared most of their past with the Ozians, no one would change their mind. She knew that she alone would keep on believing that her best friend is in fact a good person. Was... Glinda sighed heavily.

Realizing she was still out in public, she forced a grin onto her face and waved to the people below her. Slowly, she floated out of sight in her bubble, retreating from the glances on her. Inside the palace of the Emerald City, she let her bubble pop, landing softly on the marble ground.

Ages seemed to pass as Glinda stood there, her eyes wandering over the former ruler's throne room. She had sent the pseudo Wizard away, after finding out he was nothing but an imposter and, most shockingly, Elphaba's real father.

The good witch blankly stared across the room, her racing thoughts ceasing as she felt her legs give in. Falling onto her knees, Glinda started sobbing, feeling as if her throat was clogged and her eyes burned from the tears she was holding back. She caught herself on her hands, inhaling shakily and watching the tears pour down onto the floor, while the precious Grimmerie slid away a few inches on the ground. She clenched her fists, trying to hold back the upwelling tears and stay silent for no one to notice.

No one but her knew the reason she was mourning. And no one would understand it. She was a public figure, the good witch. She was expected to encourage the people and lift their spirits. Glinda sat back on her heels, kneeling on the floor and throwing her head back to keep the water from flowing down her cheeks. She calmed her breathing after a few minutes and stopped crying, though the sorrow never left her heart.

Popping the bubble, she had unconsciously formed around herself, the good witch stood up.

Clenching her wand, Glinda softly landed in the court of the castle of Kiamo Ko. This was the place where she had said her last goodbye to her best and only real friend. She had told the servants at the Emerald City's palace, she would be journeying to her parent's home in Gillikin country, which she was indeed planning on doing, but not until she had checked on something that wouldn't give her a good night's rest.

Puffing out her chest, the young witch straightened herself to feel braver and walked forward. At first, the solitary palace had seemed completely empty, on second glance however, movements and noises were notable from within the shadows. Glinda felt an ice-cold shiver run down her spine upon hearing noises from up above her. Not daring to lift her head, she peaked upwards, uneasily biting her bottom lip. Eyes stared at her from the shadows, cast across the courtyard by one of the front towers. Silently whimpering from fear, Glinda hurried through the giant double doors, jumping up and down and shaking her hand after having touched the spiderwebs on the damp wooden gate. The heavy door fell close behind her and the good witch was just able to pull the hem of her large dress away.

A deep sigh escaped her lips. Why again was she putting herself through this spooky ordeal? Glinda bit her lower lip again, pushing her doubts and fears away and trying to gain more confidence. The heel of her shoes echoed with each step through the castle, resounding from the walls and making the young woman feel even more left alone. At least there was no one watching her anymore, right? Holding her breath, Glinda listened carefully for any sound that wasn't her own. She went on, leaving the entrance hall behind and making her way up the stairs of a tower. She guided herself with one hand constantly touching the wall, in order not to get too close to the windows she passed, as the blonde still feared the creatures outside in the darkness, with their creepy noises and glowing eyes. Her other hand was lifting up her dress in front of her, in order not to fall over it.

The steps echoed louder. Wait, louder? Glinda's eyes widened upon hearing other footsteps on the cold stone besides her own. Gripping her dress even more firmly, she pulled it higher to press on faster. The steps behind her quickened, following untiringly.

Glinda finally reached the highest level of the tower, crossing the room to get away from the stairs. It was a room, as round as the tower itself, smelling musty of the old books in the shelves all around. Would she fit behind them with her dress to hide? She hectically glanced around. She could always fly away, right? If it weren't for those eyes in the dark, the sorceress thought with dismay, another shiver travelling down her spine.

Her pursuer had almost reached her, so Glinda only clutched the wand in her hands, holding it in front of her in a defensive motion. He gasped, while she jumped in surprise, giving an involuntary shriek.